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Chapter 4: Coinciding with Prediction

Yet, silence returned anew to Yujing Residence in several seconds.

For a luxurious villa district, its structure surely was not constructed shoddily.

So, how did the villa collapse in a blink of an eye

Shaken back to reality, Shen Yuanye hurriedly called the police, then an ambulance.

Even though the police officers would probably arrive late, it was definitely better than not calling them at all.

Who knows whether the security at the entrance had even noticed this situation

Currently, there was a hollow wall separating her from the inside of Yujing Residence, so it would not be easy for her to enter.

Hence, she could only run back to where she came from and inform the entrance guard.

But after taking a few steps, Shen Yuanye halted in her tracks.

She could still remember the two shocking pictures clearly.

Presently, they seemed to be playing in turn before her eyes like a film.

Looking at the partition in front of her, Shen Yuanye gritted her teeth and prepared herself to climb over the wall.

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That, coupled with the nightfall, it was no wonder she did not notice the hole when she came by previously.

Without pausing to care about her image even now, Shen Yuanye literally climbed through the hole.

Half a minute later, she entered Yujing Residence.

Since it was a matter of life and death, she dragged the shovel and rushed towards the collapsed villa.


“Mengran……” A weak voice resonated across a dark space.

Even though he was being confined in a narrow space, Zhang Wentao was instead preoccupied with Li Mengran’s safety.

Even so, all he could see before him was nothing but darkness.

Not met with any response for a long while, Zhang Wentao’s heart sunk, then he gritted his teeth and shifted himself a little with much difficulty. 

Soon after, he could no longer move even if he wanted to.

It was only then he began to use his hands to grope about in the darkness.

After coming in contact with all the broken stones scattered over the floor, he finally found Li Mengran’s hand at the end of his search.

Raising his voice, Zhang Wentao yelled, “Mengran! Mengran, wake up!”

Probably he was loud enough, as the other finally answered him.

It was just that this reply made him feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

“Wentao, my leg……hurts……my stomach hurts as well……” 

In a split second, Zhang Wentao panicked.

Gradually, he moved his hand downwards, along her body.

Sure enough, his hand bumped into a piece of slate that was pinning her on her leg.

No matter how he tried, he simply was not able to lift the slate by an inch.

At the same time, Li Mengran’s voice assailed his ears.

Gritting his teeth, Zhang Wentao seemed to be on the verge of crying out.

At the time of the incident, both of them just happened to be in the washroom.

Initially, the washroom was pretty spacious, but after the collapse, the slate pretty much covered a large portion of the area.

In the heat of the moment, both of them rushed to hide in the corner of a wall.

Little did they know that Zhang Wentao would be jolted away from Li Mengran by the collapse, and that piece of slate would fall on Li Mengran.

Zhang Wentao’s eyes were rimmed with red as he kept comforting and talking to Li Mengran, not allowing her to fall asleep.

Everyone knew that if anyone were to fall asleep under this sort of situation, it was tantamount to hopelessness.

Furthermore, he was unsure why he was currently stuck in his current location and could not move his body at all.

Otherwise, he would be able to move the slate away with his two hands.

Out of a sudden, Li Mengran spoke, “Wentao, you have to……have to live well.”

Her voice sounded so weak and feeble as if she would stop breathing in the next moment.

Upon hearing that, Zheng Wentao scolded, “What the h*ll are you talking about! We are definitely getting out of here.

Also, the police will be here soon, so don’t be afraid.

Trust me.”

However, Li Mengran did not respond.

To the outside world, these two were always at each other’s throats over some trivial matters. 

But, no one knew that it had been two and a half years since they had registered their marriage secretly and had been hiding it ever since.

Even now, they were expecting a new member to be joining their family soon.

“Don’t sleep.” When he did not hear anything, Zhang Wentao hurriedly exclaimed, “Do you hear that Someone is coming! We’re going to be saved!”

“……Really” asked Li Mengran. 

Zhang Wentao knew he was not able to fool her for much longer, but he would continue to do so for as long as he could, so long as Li Mengran was still alive.

At the same time, he would also attempt to search for other ways to save themselves.

Yet, Li Mengran believed his words and asked, “Are the……security guards here”

A slow, bitter smile creased Zhang Wentao’s face, for there were not any security guards, as he could not pick up on any sounds……

Just as that thought crossed his mind, he could not help but freeze.

“……Is anyone there”

A sound resounded from the outside, and it was neither his hallucination nor was it Li Mengran who was hearing voices.

Switching on her flashlight on her phone, Shen Yuanye searched the place with her shovel in hand.

At present, she simply could not locate the exact spot where the accident in the picture had occurred. 

In desperation, Shen Yuanye could only shout, “Is anyone in there”

Initially, she wanted to buy something that could lift the slates, but the supermarket did not sell them.

Besides, for her, as a normal human being, to purchase things like steel rods would definitely be deemed as suspicious.

Only, the shovel would be something more practical.

Shen Yuanye yelled, “If someone is there, please respond!”

“Yes! Yes! There’s someone here!”

Under a surge of surprise, Zhang Wentao replied three times in a row.

Holding Li Mengran’s hand to his chest, he rubbed her hand carefully and coaxed, “Mengran, do you hear that Someone’s coming!”

It was currently winter, so the weather was getting cold.

At first, they had the air conditioner switched on since they were at home.

That was why the clothes both of them had on were somewhat thin.

Now that something bad happened, cold air began to seep in through the cracks, freezing their bodies entirely.

It was alright if Zhang Wentao was cold, but he was afraid Li Mengran was freezing.

Now that she was pregnant, she could not afford even the slightest incidents.

However, she was already frightened in the first place, and now she was injured as well…… 

He shouted at the top of his voice, “We are down here!”

Finally, Shen Yuanye was able to hear something.

Biting her phone in between her teeth, she headed straight towards the direction of the sound.

Fortunately, this side of the villa had not collapsed completely, as half of it still managed to retain its shape.

Even so, the place the sound came from was the place where the degree of the collapse was the most severe.

At the sight of it, the heaviness in her heart became slightly more profound.

Lifting the slate by an inch with her shovel, Shen Yuanye suddenly stopped and asked, “Are both of you here I need your exact location so that I can help you remove the slate.”

Zhang Wentao answered hurriedly, “Yes, we are! I’ll help you from below! So, please go ahead and dig!”

Meanwhile, his other hand was always placed on Li Mengran’s side, as he dared not release his grip.

However, he would continuously knead it to prevent her blood from circulating poorly.

As for his free right hand, he lifted and placed it on the slate above his head, pushing it upwards.

Once she found their precise location, Shen Yuanye rammed the shovel into the crack and slowly lifted it upwards.

It was always better to have the help of an external force than to rely on oneself.

Soon after, Zhang Wentao felt the slate was beginning to loosen up slightly on his end and was overjoyed.

While giving Li Mengran the good news, he continued to exert force in pushing the slate upwards.

Approximately a minute later, they managed to lift and push the slate to the side by a little.

At the sight of their progress, Shen Yuanye could not help cheering inwardly: Great! 

Stepping on the shovel with her foot, she managed to push the slate even further away this time, revealing a space below it.

With some effort, Zhang Wentao managed to squeeze half his body out of its confinement.

Rather than to waste time talking to Shen Yuanye, Zhang Wentao snatched the shovel from her hands and went to dig downwards.

“Mengran, just wait a little longer!”

His unyielding strength, coupled with extraordinary determination, allowed Zhang Wentao to move several pieces of slate, which were stacked upon each other to create that small space below, away in no more than half a minute.

Staying on the side, Shen Yuanye could not help but illuminate the recent matters that happened inwardly, unable to say a word.

Sure enough, the prediction on Weibo is true!

The collapse in this area was pretty severe, but she lucked out——she was able to get Zhang Wentao out.

It just so happened that this district was divided into a triangular district, so she was able to go ahead and dig freely. 

As she was lost in thought, Zhang Wentao, who was engrossed with digging, had already jumped into the narrow space.

His voice reverberated from the narrow space, “Please help me out!” 

Shen Yuanye promptly squatted down and extended her hand into the dark hole to meet soft and silky smooth skin. This should be Li Mengran.

In the picture, Li Mengran’s legs should have been injured.

Since she was prepared, Shen Yuanye’s actions were very gentle.

Working together with Zhang Wentao, they carefully moved Li Mengran out of the narrow space.

Under her phone’s flashlight, she could see Li Mengran’s face was drained of color, and her light-colored jeans littered with bloodstains.

Even though there were not many bloodstains, it still made her scalp turn numb.

Shen Yuanye removed her overcoat at once and put it over Li Mengran’s body.

Observing Li Mengran’s countenance, Shen Yuanye leaned over and informed, “I have already called for an ambulance, so they should be here in no time.

You’ll be alright soon.”

Li Mengran’s eyes cracked open and gave Shen Yuanye a faint smile.

“Thank you.”

Jumping out from the narrow space below, Zhang Wentao heaved a sigh when he saw the overcoat on her.

Immediately right after, he turned towards Shen Yuanye and thanked her solemnly. 

As a matter of fact, he himself was also injured, but it could not be compared with anything else.

After saying so, he carried Li Mengran in his arms and placed her in a safe place.

Soon after, the sounds of the ambulance sirens resounded from afar.

Not far from where they were, the security guards’ cars also made their appearance.

At first, Shen Yuanye wanted to run away with her shovel, but it was already too late for that now.

There might be a chance that she would be regarded as a suspect if she got caught, so she had no choice but to follow them around.

A lonely look flashed across her face as she laid in Zhang Wentao’s arms, rubbing her stomach with her broken hand and a slight frown on her face.

In hopes of comforting her, Zhang Wentao lowered his head to kiss her temple.

Subsequently, he turned towards Shen Yuanye, who sat alongside them, while hugging her shovel.

“If Mengran turns out to be fine this time, our family of three must reward you!”

His words were both powerful and resonating.

Shen Yuanye could not help but be in a daze.

“A family……of three She’s pregnant” 

Zhang Wentao lifted the bottom of the overcoat, which was already stained slightly with blood.

It revealed Li Mengran’s leg, which was impaled by the reinforcing steel bars protruding from the slate.

Fortunately, Zhang Wentao protected her right before the accident, or else the depth of the penetration would be even more severe.

What worried him the most was a portion of the blood on her body might be due to a miscarriage……

Zhang Wentao nodded his head.

“Yes, it has been two months already.”

As he said so, the security guard came over quickly and informed, “I truly apologize for only finding out about this now.

However, the ambulance will be arriving in a matter of seconds, so they’ll bring you to the hospital immediately!

By this time, Zhang Wentao could not be bothered with the people from Yujing Residence.

Apparently, the collapse this time was human-induced, as someone had placed explosives at the side of his washroom in his villa.

That was why the collapse in that area was so severe.

Soon, the ambulance arrived. 

The nurses and doctors rushed towards them and moved Li Mengran onto the stretcher, while Zhang Wentao followed behind them closely.

As soon as all of them boarded the ambulance, it drove away from the scene at full speed.

Following behind were the police cars, who had just arrived at the scene.

As for Shen Yuanye, she stayed right where she was motionlessly, as she was not able to regain her composure.

Since she gave her overcoat to Li Mengran earlier, she was currently wearing only a sweater.

Gradually, she began to feel chilly as the cold air was blowing right through the only layer she had on right now.

Even so, thoughts of Weibo and Zhang Wentao kept whirling around her mind.

From the discovery of the collapse to the time both Zhang Wentao and her rescued Li Mengran, her phone indicated that only a span of five to six minutes had passed.

How quickly things had expedited.

If she did not show up at this place as shown in the picture, it would take some time before Yujing Residence’s security found out about this, then make their way here and dig them out.

As for their deaths, it was due to the slate, coupled with the possibility of a miscarriage, for Li Mengran to die before Zhang Wentao.

That way, it would have coincided with the predicted results.

In just a short span of several minutes, she might have saved three lives.

The author has something to say:

As you can see, the prediction in Weibo is a changeable outcome.

But of course, Yuanye is not a savior.


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