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Chapter 53: How unlucky the next week.

After Cheng Feiqiong told them about the seven days, he didn’t say much more.

Liu Xuyang had originally wanted to ask him to calculate Liu Yue’s future fortune.

He and Lin Siyu had prepared the day before.

It didn’t matter if she was an ordinary person or not.

But who knew He had heard such a result today, and he couldn’t accept it.

He believed it, but he just didn’t want to see it.

Liu Xuyang smiled bitterly, “Cheng Lao, is there any way to save her.”

Cheng Feiqiong shook his head, “Fate is all destined; life and death depend on heaven.”

No matter what he and Lin Siyu said, he didn’t change his words.

Liu Xuyang also realized it, and finally sent him out.

Cheng Feiqiong couldn’t bear it, and when he left, he reminded, “A villain is making trouble.”

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For the time being, Shen Yuanye could only get so much information from Weibo.

She had to wait a while to see if there was any new information, and she could only temporarily put this matter to the back of her mind.

Liu Li obviously didn’t let her rest.

The endorsement ad for red wine was supposed to be shot earlier than the perfume.

Shen Yuanye also drank this brand of red wine, but mostly when she was invited by Sun Ai.

She liked the Suanna brand very much, so she had no objection to this endorsement.

Two days after signing the contract, she was notified that she could start shooting, and the other model was also ready.

Shen Yuanye was either exercising or reading the book that Cheng Feiqiong gave her in the past two days, so she wouldn’t be anxious about the Lius’ affairs.

If the shooting went well, the second day after the shooting was when Liu Yue originally fell ill.

Suanna was a foreign brand.

It had only been in the domestic market for two years.

Its reputation had not reached the level of those old brands, but it was still not to be underestimated.

On the 30th, she was sent to the studio by Lu Yue.

This was the first time she filmed a formal endorsement, and it had to be broadcast on TV, so everything had to be professionally done and well put together. 

The people in the studio were busy.

When they saw her, a staff member came up and said, “Miss Shen, you are here.”

Shen Yuanye said, “Just arrived.”

“The lounge is inside.

Do you want to go in and rest for a while, and the stylist will put makeup on you later.” The staff pointed to a room inside.

The attitude was quite good, so Shen Yuanye also took a few more glances.

The entertainment industry is definitely in the top three places where the saying “Using dog eyes to look people low” frequently appears, and if you don’t have a reputation or backstage, you will be trampled.

“Has Pan Chenhe arrived “Shen Yuanye changed the subject.

Pan Chenhe was the male model she was cooperating with this time, but unlike her, the other party was already well-known and had endorsed several products.

The appearance was handsome, and the figure was even better, so there were many fans on Weibo.

She had read his information beforehand, and he seemed to be a nice person to get along with.

As she was talking, a noise came from behind her.


Pan is here.” The other staff greeted him, putting on a smile.

The staff member standing in front of Shen Yuanye was a bit embarrassed.

Before he said anything, Shen Yuanye said casually, “Take me to the lounge.”


The people behind her had already passed her.

Besides the tall and fair face, there was an assistant holding a box.

Shen Yuanye retracted her gaze and entered the lounge.

There were two rooms in the lounge.

She and Pan Chenhe each had one.

In all fairness, the brand side has already done very well.

It wasn’t like Shen Yuanye hadn’t experienced cold treatment before.

The room was not soundproof, and there were intermittent conversations from outside.

There was also the laughter of Pan Chenhe’s magnetic voice and the female staff’s response.

Shen Yuanye looked at herself in the mirror, her heart calm.

Soon, the door was pushed open.

The person in charge walked in, “Chenhe, this is your partner, Shen Yuanye.

Isn’t she pretty”

Shen Yuanye stood up from the chair.

She was originally about 1.78 meters tall, plus she was shooting today, so she was wearing high heels, which directly raised her height by a lot.

She was taller than the other party and, with her cold face, her imposing manner was very overwhelming.

Shen Yuanye said politely, “Hello.”

Pan Chenhe was only about 1.85 meters tall.

In such a comparison, there was no advantage at all, but he put on a smiley face and said, “Hello, I hope we will shoot smoothly later.”

Shen Yuanye smiled lightly.

It was just getting to know each other, and Pan Chenhe went next door to get prepared, and the stylist also came in to her room to prepare for the shoot.

The endorsement of red wine, naturally, had that type of high-end gorgeousness.

The dress Suanna prepared this time was quite beautiful, not inferior to those from Fashion Week, with a backless fishtail skirt and dark red tassels hanging down to the ground.

Under the spotlight, the surface faintly reflected a little golden light, which made the whole dress look gorgeous and exquisite, and exuded the taste of luxury.

The size was made for Shen Yuanye, so it fit perfectly after wearing it.

As soon as the stylist turned around, she saw Shen Yuanye coming out, and her eyes widened.

“You are so suitable.”

The phrase “so suitable” was far too simple.

The expressionless expression of the beauty in front of her gave her a sense of oppression, as if she had seen a queen of high society.

As if she was to be deeply worshipped.

It was such a faint expression that, after a little makeup, it would definitely be extremely charming.

The stylist blushed with excitement, “Turn around and let me take a look.”

Shen Yuanye nodded and turned around, holding her dress.

The bare and white back instantly appeared in the stylist’s sight, and the sexy and beautiful spinal sulcus disappeared at the waist from top to bottom and was hidden by the dress.

It made her want to go up and rip the dress.

After hearing no sound for a long time, Shen Yuanye turned back suspiciously, “There is no problem with the dress, right”

“No problem!” The stylist looked away with difficulty, swallowed, and said,”… Let’s put on makeup.”

She couldn’t wait.

Her best skill was makeup, and Shen Yuanye always paid attention to the maintenance of her skin.

Plus, her facial features were outstanding, so it was easy to put makeup on.

It was just hooking up a bit.

Even if Shen Yuanye did not have make-up on, she had already done the look.

A long time later, the stylist took a deep breath and said, “Okay.”

She had turned Shen Yuanye’s hair into the kind of curls popular in Europe and the United States, and when she scattered it on her round and white shoulders, she revealed a touch of sexiness.

Last time Shen Yuanye was escorted by Liu Li to get burgundy hair, this time it happened that the stylist didn’t even need to change the color.

The stylist asked, “Let’s see if there is anything that needs to be changed”

Shen Yuanye looked in the mirror for a long time, her lips raised, “No, it’s fine.”

Such approval was the best compliment to the stylist.

The director had come to knock on the door yet, so Shen Yuanye still had time to read the script.

For fear that they would not understand it, the script for the endorsement was very simple, and all the actions that needed to be done were written on it.

They would take photos first, and then shoot the video.

Although it only took a minute or two to air on TV, it took a long time to shoot and edit it.

She could imagine the process.

About ten minutes later, someone knocked on the dressing room door.

Only then did Shen Yuanye put down the script, get up in her dress, and leave the lounge.

There was a lot of staff in the studio.

Hearing movement and a few breaths, they all looked at the source, and they were stunned.

The director was very satisfied and said, “That’s how it works.”

As he was talking, the door to the lounge next door also opened, and Pan Chenhe appeared in the studio with his assistant.

The suit he put on made him look more elite.

The director clapped his hands and said, “Chenhe is fine too.

Okay, let’s take some pictures first, and then shoot the video after the break-in is complete.

It will also go smoother that way.

The staff quickly gets busy.

Taking photos was very easy for Shen Yuanye, but doing some actions with a male model would be a bit more troublesome.

This was the first time she had been photographed with a male model since her rebirth.

Because there was a slightly closer posture in the script, the director also asked them to create a sense of ambiguity when taking photos, “Get closer.”

Shen Yuanye would inevitably run into the other party, but Pan Chenhe was very polite.

After shooting a dozen or so shots, the director was finally satisfied and said, “Okay, let’s take the last one, and then let’s start shooting the video.

Are you two already familiar with the script”

Shen Yuanye and Pan Chenhe both responded affirmatively. 

The two of them standing in the same place was very eye-catching.

Many staff members were taking pictures with their phones and talking in twos and threes.

By the last photo, Shen Yuanye had also relaxed a lot.

Pan Chen put his arms behind her, and the director shouted loudly in front of her, and Shen Yuanye tugged at the corner of her mouth, revealing a smile.

However, she froze slightly in the next moment.

She felt the movement of the hand at her waist change.

Because of the dress, her back was naked.

At that moment, a finger was looped on it.

This feeling was unfamiliar to Shen Yuanye.

In her last life, before she had been reborn, she had pushed the male model she was shooting with because of such an action, and it was photographed and sent to the most searched topics on Weibo for slander.

After her rebirth, she immediately deleted the video, and this incident did not occur.

And now, she had unexpectedly encountered such a thing again

Obviously, the other party was going even further and wanted to go on.

Shen Yuanye would never tolerate such a thing.

She stretched one hand behind her, pinched it, and twisted it.

Pan Chenhe hadn’t known she would do so and shouted.

She just walked away for a distance, moving away from him, and stood there with a cold face.

The director did not expect that the two people would be separated by such a distance the moment the shutter was pressed.

The picture’s feeling suddenly disappeared, and he was a little unhappy when he was puzzled, “Yuanye, what’s the matter with you Wasn’t it okay just now “

Shen Yuanye just said, “I was a little uncomfortable just now.

It may be a problem with the dress.”

There was a reason for it, and the director didn’t say anything.

An accident with the dress was very troublesome, and the stylist soon stepped forward to take her to the lounge to check it out.

When Shen Yuanye passed by Pan Chenhe, he smiled at her, as if nothing had happened just now.

Her expression became colder, and she left the studio without even looking back.

After returning to the lounge, the stylist was going to check, but Shen Yuanye refused, and said, “I’ll go to the changing room to take a look.”

The stylist nodded, “Okay, you must tell me wherever there is a problem.”

Shen Yuanye picked up her phone on the dressing table and went into the changing room.

According to Cheng Feiqiong’s knowledge, one’s luck would show up on the face.

If the fortune was not good, that is, if the flow of luck was not smooth, then the ophryon would have a dark feeling.

As soon as she saw Pan Chenhe today, she had seen it, but she hadn’t said anything.

To put it simply, Pan Chenhe would be unlucky soon.

But she hadn’t learned to the end, so she didn’t know what bad luck he would encounter.

If Cheng Feiqiong had been there, he would have seen it at a glance.

The Weibo predictive function was of great help at this moment.

She wanted to know when Pan Chenhe would have bad luck next week and what exactly the manner of the bad luck would be. 

She would make him even more unlucky.


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