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Chapter 54: Be careful of the dog poop.

The filming stopped, and the staff began to put things away.

After Shen Yuanye and the stylist left the studio, Pan Chenhe followed and took his assistant back to their lounge.

As soon as he entered the room, his face went cold.

The assistant saw his expression, and then saw him rubbing his hands all the time, and asked caringly, “Brother Pan, what’s wrong with your hand”

Pan Chenhe said coldly, “It’s okay, just twisted by that woman.”

Unexpectedly, it was a tough one.

He had just touched her for a while, and she came back so ruthlessly, almost making him cry out on the spot in pain, but fortunately, he was not injured.

It was just a young model who had just debuted.

Where did the courage come from

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The assistant, naturally, dared not refuse.

Shen Yuanye intended to make him even more unlucky, but the specifics depended on what would happen to Pan Chenhe in the coming week.

Pan Chenhe shouldn’t be visiting Weibo now, so it was okay for her to follow him secretly.

His death photo was of him at a young age, which was how he looked now.

The black and white photo made Shen Yuanye vent a bit of her anger, but the other party’s death date was pretty far away, so it was useless.

She looked down directly at the calendar.

As expected, she was right.

In the next week, Pan Chenhe had five full red dates.

Although these reds didn’t have a deeper shade, which was a normal level, they were also unlucky enough.

Shen Yuanye went in one by one.

[May 1, 2018·Level 1 Danger] Stepping on dog poop.

[May 3, 2018·Level 1 Danger] Drunk driving.

[May 5, 2018·Level 2 Danger] Arrested.

[May 6, 2018·Level 1 Danger] A public apology.

[May 7, 2018·Level 1 Danger] Slapped.

Shen Yuanye clicked on each date and saw it from the beginning to the end.

In the end, she couldn’t help feeling that Pan Chenhe was really unlucky.

These days, the possibility of stepping on dog poop is rare, so why was he so unlucky

Shen Yuanye exhaled as she watched the series of events, feeling that even if she didn’t do anything, the other party would be even more unlucky.

She clicked on the other two white dates.

There was nothing on the first day, and on the second day, there was an invitation to a party.

Shen Yuanye had heard of this evening.

The date for the party was the 7th.

It seemed that this evening would be very important to Pan Chenhe, but relating it to the slap that night, he was really unlucky.

She felt that she didn’t have to do anything.

He was unlucky all by himself.

However, in order to show the other party some attitude, Shen Yuanye decided to remind him “kindly”.

It was not difficult for Pan Chenhe to suffer in this matter.

With a general idea in her mind, she unfollowed Pan Chenhe, quit Weibo, and opened the door of the changing room.

The stylist asked, “How is it What went wrong “

Shen Yuanye shook her head, “It’s nothing, maybe my senses went wrong at that moment.”

She said so, but the stylist still checked her carefully before letting her go, “Okay, let’s go out; the director is waiting.”

The director waiting outside did wait a bit anxious because everything was normal in the original filming, but it seemed that something went wrong with the dress halfway through.

If it were actually a dress problem, it would be really troublesome.

Seeing Shen Yuanye coming out unharmed, he also breathed a sigh of relief and shouted, “After three minutes, start shooting.”

Soon after Shen Yuanye arrived at the position, Pan Chenhe also came out of the lounge.

The two looked at each other.

Perhaps it was because she twisted his finger before.

Although Pan Chenhe saw her smiling, the expression in her eyes was not so friendly.

Shen Yuanye smiled at him.

Pan Chenhe was taken aback.

He didn’t understand what she meant by her sudden change of attitude.

He couldn’t figure it out in his heart, but then he thought about what happened before.

It should be because this little girl felt that she had done something wrong.

This was a good start.

Pan Chenhe’s smile grew bigger, and he decided not to do anything during the filming later.

After the filming was over, he would make an appointment to go to the hotel to have fun.

This was the best way.

The director called over: “Come here, Yuanye.

Have you memorized the content of the script”

Shen Yuanye replied in a good mood: “Already remembered.”

The director was very satisfied with the answer and said: “Okay, let’s start shooting.

Let’s try it out once, and it will save us trouble.

Suanna’s red wine was targeted at the high-end, and so the advertisement was also, naturally, high-end.

The content of the script was not difficult; that was, Shen Yuanye and Pan Chenhe used a small plot to highlight the elegance and deliciousness of red wine, and the background was also very gorgeous.

At first, it was Pan Chenhe’s solo part, and then Shen Yuanye suddenly appeared in his sight.

Pan Chenhe was attracted to her, as it should be.

After they came together, the red wine was brought out.

The final shot required Shen Yuanye to drink.

The video shooting went abnormally smoothly.

At the last shot, Pan Chenhe was no longer in the shooting range, while Shen Yuanye was holding a goblet, shaking the red wine inside, and taking a sip.

The lens gave a close-up of the lips, which reflected the color, very sexy.

Not far away, Pan Chenhe stared at her and licked his lips.

As expected, he didn’t see the wrong person.

This was a tempting creature.

He whispered to the assistant next to him: “Has the information been found”

The assistant nodded slightly.

Shen Yuanye’s information was very easy to check.

At this point, there wasn’t any other person around the two people, so they lowered their voices, and the staff not far away could not hear them clearly, thinking they were discussing things.

“Her information was not difficult to find, and she is an orphan with no background.” When the assistant said this, she also sighed in her heart.

Pan Chenhe looked at the information she gave.

There was not much information about Shen Yuanye.

She was born in an orphanage before, then went to university to start making money on her own, and later entered the industry as a model, and she only started to pick up at the beginning of this year.

Her friends were not of status, and there were not many.

Pan Chenhe touched his chin.

He thought this Shen Yuanye was very powerful, but it turned out that she was not, which really made him feel less challenged.

But thinking of her face just before the shooting, he was still moved.

Among the models he had worked with before, this Shen Yuanye was the most attractive, and her strong temperament was no big deal.

Just a little training was all it took and it would be fine.

“Good!” the director shouted.

The staff started to pack things up, while Shen Yuanye left the studio and ran into Pan Chenhe standing there on the path.

Pan Chenhe stepped forward and said, “It was very good just now.”

Shen Yuanye stopped and stared at him.

“Are your hands okay”

When it came to this, Pan Chenhe’s expression was distorted, his fingers still hurt, and he didn’t know how much energy she used.

Shen Yuanye pretended not to see it, and said, “There have been more dogs in Beijing recently.

Be careful of their poop.

The sudden concern went into Pan Chenhe’s heart.

Why did she start talking about that He thought about it again, asking him if his hands were good just now.

It should be that she regretted and was caring about him, right

But when a beauty spoke the word “poop” in front of him, it was really detrimental to her image…

Shen Yuanye said nothing and entered the lounge.

She had kindly reminded him, and she didn’t know if Pan Chenhe realized it.

The next day, Pan Chen got up and went to the company.

There was a car in the parking garage under his apartment.

It was bought by his family.

It was not expensive, but it was enough to take it out.

The assistant called, “Brother Pan, when will you be there”

Pan Chenhe replied, “Immediately.”

The company is not far from the apartment; just a few minutes, as long as there was no traffic jam.

When he thought of this, he suddenly remembered that he was late this morning.

It happened to be the time when the office workers went to work.

The road was probably crowded.

Thinking of this, he gave up driving.

Thinking about it again, Shen Yuanye’s reminder made him grin again.

No matter how strong her temper was, she was attracted to him.

Pan Chenhe felt that his charm was a little bigger.

However, he was out of the company in ten minutes, and many girls were waiting in the distant streets, guarding their idols, and they would take a photo when they saw a handsome guy.

Pan Chenhe walked forward voluntarily, paying attention to his own image all the time, until he stopped, as if he had encountered a strange thing under his feet.

Then, looking down, his expression suddenly changed.

Two paparazzi squatted not far away.

“Did you photograph anything”

“No, there hasn’t been any news lately; it’s not interesting at all.”

“The studio asked us to hand in something once a week.

We haven’t done it yet.

The other team has already posted something.

Let’s hurry up.

The two of them talked for a long time, and they took many photos at the door of the company.

They were still talking about them, and they couldn’t remember what they had taken after the filming.

They didn’t stop taking photos until they got back into the van and stopped sighing.

His partner was still talking about it, but the other person looked at his camera and finally fixed on a few pictures, “I feel that I have captured something extraordinary.”

The people beside him leaned in, “What”

The man handed the camera over, “This man, have you seen his expression and actions We can go back and make a ghost video or an animated gif.

People on the Internet now like these weird things, and there would be tens of thousands of reposts.

The person next to him asked, “What is he doing”

“You didn’t see this” The man took the camera and zoomed in on the picture.

“Did you see it He stepped on poop.

He has bad luck.”

“Stop talking, this is news with a weird flavor…”


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