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Chapter 57: I will let Shen Yuanye pay for what she did.

Pan Chenhe’s assistant habitually opened Weibo in the morning, and only when she clicked on the most searched topics did she see the tenth hot search topic.

She also laughed, ready to go in and see what was going on.

Who knew that Pan Chenhe’s name appeared in the first popular Weibo, and who would it be if not Pan Chenhe in the animated picture

Her expression changed and she didn’t know what to say.

If he knew about this, he would be very angry.

But this animation and video are really funny.

The assistant took a deep breath, organized herself, cleaned up, and went to Pan Chenhe’s apartment.

When Pan Chenhe was woken up early in the morning, his face was very unpleasant, and he didn’t have a good temper: “It is early in the morning, and there is no work today.

Why are you here “

“Brother Pan! Have you seen the news on the Internet ” The assistant was worried.

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“Ebyv dlop” Vyd Ubldbl vssj bla rbsdl.

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Jsvb qsaoyaekdt yde nsxxldvkdt bye lmnllele 20,000, yde vbl dwxcla sq zkjlp bye yzalyeu alynble xsal vbyd 50,000.

Rv kp nsdnlkhyczl bso rsrwzya vbkp kp.

Vyd Ubldbl yzxspv vbalo vbl rbsdl swv, “Mbl ryryayggk alyzzu pldv kv swv”

Fllkdt bkx zkjl vbkp, vbl yppkpvydv jdlo vbyv bl pbswze byhl jdsod kv y zsdt vkxl yts, ps pbl eked’v pyu xsal.

Rv fwpv ps byrrldle vbyv vbl ytldv bye fwpv awpble vs vbl yryavxldv yde pyke, “Ubldbl, vblal kp yzalyeu dlop ycswv vbyv ydkxyvle rknvwal sd vbl Rdvladlv, yde kv pllxp vbyv vblu byhl vyjld ynvksd.”

Vyd Ubldbl pyv esod, “Uyd ol pvkzz ryu qsa kv”

Tl ldvlale vbl nsxxldvp, yzz zywtbkdt yv bkx.

Lsdl sq vblx xldvksdle svbla yprlnvp sq bkx.

Mldp sq vbswpydep sq nsxxldvp olal zkjl vbkp.

The agent shook his head: “Since the other party asked for one million last time, if we take the initiative to pay for it this time, it will definitely be more than that.”

Paparazzi were like this.

Pan Chenhe’s face became gloomy, “Then sue them for blackmail! Or post a draft saying that this is a picture edited, not true.

‘How is that possible People who are not knowledgeable would see that we took the initiative and fell behind.

” The agent disagreed with this method, saying “It’s better to follow the flow.”


If the draft was found to be fake, it would seem like a mistake for it to have been caught, and the whole Internet would laugh at him.

He couldn’t wash it away, even if he jumped into the Yellow Springs.

(EDN: The underworld was called “Diyu” in Chinese mythology, meaning “Yellow Springs.” It was believed that souls who were judged and punished accordingly would be administered “Tears of Oblivion,” which would erase all memories of what happened in Yellow Springs.

“What follows the flow Didn’t you see me being laughed at by the whole Internet “


“Did you not see that no one really scolded you” The agent smiled at him and said, “Your fame was immediately mentioned.

Have you ever been in the top ten searches before You don’t need to buy it this time.


Even if that was said, Pan Chenhe still found it difficult to accept it psychologically.


If you could be well-known, who wouldn’t want it But now that he was famous for stepping on dog poop, this was too damn wretched, and it didn’t meet his previous expectations at all.


“Think about Zhang Yuan.” The agent reminded


Zhang Yuan was a little star for the same company.

He didn’t have any fame before, so he played some small roles, not as good as Pan Chenhe.


But then someone took the pictures of his small roles and edited them into all kinds of weird animated pictures, and he suddenly became popular all over the Internet.


Almost anyone who liked to use emoticons would have their own emoticons of him.


Zhang Yuan’s reputation had also increased greatly.

Not only had his contract changed, but even the roles he played were changed from small to big, and now he could play supporting roles.


The agent persuaded: “It’s not really black history anyway, it’s just stepping on poop.

People will forget it after looking at it, but we can take advantage of this opportunity.


Pan Chenhe took a deep breath, “Fine.”


His background was not great, especially for the way he usually treated small models like that.

However, psychologically, he still hoped that he could be more famous.


After all, in the entertainment industry, fame means everything.


Pan Chenhe wanted to use this incident to increase his reputation, but he didn’t know that it was far from simple.


He thought this was the end.

Who knew that another set of pictures would be released in the afternoon


Originally, this was on the hot search.

At the time of the big fire, Qian Rong and Sun Xuan of Yunqi Studio struck the iron while it was hot and directly released the second post.


With the tag, it was very easy to search.


This set of animations was weirder than the first one, especially with Pan Chenhe rubbing his leather shoes back and forth on the ground, which was quite funny.


The video was even more horrible.


With friction music, this action was played back and forth for nearly a minute, and the leather shoes were almost worn out.


“Hahahaha I thought the last one was the end, but I didn’t expect that there would be a version 2.0.

Pan Chenhe contracted my jokes this week, hahahaha! “


“So he stepped on the poop and rubbed it on the ground.”


“Suddenly, I feel that he doesn’t have good quality.

The dog doesn’t have good quality and looking at Pan Chenhe like this, it ruined his image…”


“This picture is really magical.

Just put wheels on his soles.

Pan Chenhe will be able to slide directly hahahaha! “


“My skateboard shoes rub and rub.

Why is Pan Chenhe so funny”


There was another round of new popularity on the Internet.


Pan Chenhe was so angry when he saw the news, but he couldn’t post on Weibo himself.


So he went to buy a few Weibo accounts, and when he logged in, he spat at them, swearing one sentence after another.


Such a fight was to fight till night.


At first, everyone was just watching the excitement, but then someone came out to ruin the fun, and all of a sudden, it became a big hit.

All of them besieged him.


Until a person suddenly said, “Looking at how you are filled with righteous indignation, are you Pan Chenhe himself”


Pan Chenhe didn’t dare say anything more, because he didn’t know what to say after the fight with the netizens.


“F*ck it!” He threw the phone on the ground, making a loud noise.


He took out a few bottles of wine from the cabinet and drank them alone.

The more he thought about it, the more depressed he became, the more he drank, the messier it became, and it was midnight before he knew it.


On this phone, Weibo was logged in, and there were private messages and mentions from time to time, as well as comments, all of which talked about the animation and video.


Pan Chenhe picked up his phone and immediately left the apartment.


It was late at night, and the cold wind outside made him wake up a little bit, but his depression did not decrease at all.


He went straight into the garage and drove the car, ready to take a stroll outside.


There was no one on the road late at night, and Pan Chenhe was drunk, so he stepped harder on the pedal, and the speed naturally rose.


Finally, he felt a little refreshed.


However, when it came to the next intersection, Pan Chenhe was stunned.


There were several traffic police standing at the intersection in front, checking the passing vehicles.


He hurriedly looked at the back, but luckily there were only a few cars, so he shook his head in confusion, and just prepared to reverse the car and leave.


How could the traffic police not notice him They directly chased him.


In less than three minutes, Pan Chenhe was stopped by the side of the road and was also escorted to check for drunk driving.

“I didn’t drink.”


The traffic police sneered: “There is so much wine smell, and you didn’t drink it.”


When Pan Chenhe went out, he had only drank half a bottle.

The degree was not high or low.

It was not very high when checked, but he had reached the level of drinking and driving.


Then he was arrested.



Qian Rong and Sun Xuan were happy with the news of Pan Chenhe and were prepared to come up with a few more series of animated pictures in one go.

Who would have thought that when they tracked him, they found another big story


Almost at the same time, they posted videos and pictures on Weibo.


Although zero o’clock had passed, there were many young people who hadn’t slept.

Recently, they had been paying attention to the incident of stepping on dog feces, and this new information soon came out.


“I knew it.

Just by looking at his movements, I knew that his quality was not high.”


“Drunk driving is too bad!”


“Good thing they arrested him.

Drunk driving harms others and hurts yourself.

Only two days ago, a celebrity was driving drunk and hit a person, and he still did it even though he knew.


Fortunately, no one was injured, but otherwise he couldn’t shirk the blame!


When Pan Chenhe was still at the police station, the incident had already sprung wings and flew, once again taking place on Weibo.


No matter if it was a celebrity or whoever was arrested for drunk driving, the image is bad.


As a well-known brand, Suanna would naturally not allow the spokesperson to be such a model, even if the shooting was over.


So, after some discussion, their official blog directly announced the result.


Suanna V: After discussion, Pan Chenhe violated the provisions of the contract due to his image being inconsistent with this wine endorsement, which is a breach of contract.

Therefore, the previous filming is invalidated, and follow-up matters are under discussion.

@Pan Chenhe


Pan Chenhe’s endorsement flew.


When Shen Yuanye read the news from the Internet, she felt quite refreshed.


Weibo predicted correctly, as expected.

Pan Chenhe was really unlucky.

She “kindly reminded” and he didn’t even take the advice.


Sexual harassment was the most disgusting thing to her, and now she had finally vented her anger.


Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with her.

Even if the male model is changed, the female model will still be her, which means she will film again.


When Liu Li heard the news, she felt a bit sad.

“I didn’t expect Pan Chenhe to look for trouble and drop such a good endorsement.”


Shen Yuanye replied, “Suanna should confirm my new partner later.”


“It should be determined within a week.

You don’t have to worry,” Liu Li said.

“You should stay away from Pan Chenhe, so you don’t end up getting caught up in the fire.”


They had filmed endorsements together, and the paparazzi may have used this to gain popularity.


Shen Yuanye smiled, “I’m not famous.”


But this matter really made her guess right.

No one came to interview her, and no one even mentioned her on Weibo.


No matter what, Pan Chenhe, unfortunately, did it.


Compared to what he did before, this was already a small punishment, and it was not done by Shen Yuanye herself; it was destiny.




When Pan Chenhe was released by his agent, their faces were gloomy and ugly.


“Your image is damaged.

Suanna unilaterally said that you breached the contract, and the endorsement is gone.” The agent told him about the current situation: “The video of your drunk driving has been uploaded on the Internet, and the bail is only temporary.”


Pan Chenhe didn’t speak, but his expression revealed everything.


The agent also sighed, “How do you go drunk driving This is a proper black history that has been found, and the acceptance by netizens is very low now.


“I accidentally drank too much.”


Pan Chenhe got into the car and said, “Who knew there would be a traffic policeman at that intersection There was not one before.

I didn’t have time to turn around.


It’s too late to say now.

The agent said, “You can only be released on bail for one day.

It is true that you are drunk and driving, so you will be detained.


It meant staying in the police station for a few days.


Not only that, but the driver’s license had to be detained for six months and fined.


Pan Chenhe was upset.

Stubble grew on the face that hadn’t slept all night, and the dark circles under his eyes were also exposed.

He was instantly decadent.


It was all that woman, Shen Yuanye’s, fault.


He exhaled foul breath.

It was really a crow’s mouth.


Speaking of dogs, beware of poop.

Wasn’t it cursing him for stepping on poop


Her curse had really come, and now, because of the drunk driving in this incident, his good endorsement has flown.


After returning to the apartment, he thought it was fishy.


After thinking about it, he called his assistant: “Go and check where Shen Yuanye lives.”


“It’s difficult for people who don’t live in that community to get in,” the assistant said before telling him where she lived..


Pan Chenhe spittled out.


He hung up the phone, put on his clothes and a mask, and went straight to the outside of the community.


Why couldn’t he go in He didn’t believe that Shen Yuanye would stay in there all day and not come out.

He thought that as long as she came out, he would have a solution.


For security and community reasons, there were not many outsiders around this community.


Pan Chenhe also got into convenience by pretending to be a passerby, sitting in a shop opposite the community, staring straight into it.


It wasn’t until five o’clock in the afternoon that he finally got his spirits back.


I thought you weren’t coming out anymore, he thought to himself.


The graceful and tall figure gradually emerged from the inside of the community, and even if it was far away, the white and delicate face could be vaguely seen.


With a sneer, he left the shop and swaggered across the road.



“Did you go out yet” Sun Ai urged


Shen Yuanye brushed her hair tossed by the wind, “I’ve already gone out, just crossed the road, and I’ll talk to you later…”


Before the words fell, a hand suddenly stretched out beside her.


She felt her heart tighten and turned her head.

Pan Chenhe’s gloomy face came into view.

Even if he was wearing a mask, she could still distinguish him..


Pan Chenhe pulled himself up and grabbed her.


Shen Yuanye almost choked on her breath.

She held tightly to her phone, picked up her satchel, and threw it towards him, but was stopped by the other person’s hand.


Pan Chenhe’s hand was already on her wrist, the force was astonishing, and the pain was unbearable, causing her to exclaim in a low voice.


But the next moment, the shackles on her body were loosened.


Pan Chenhe’s scream rang in her ears.


Before Shen Yuanye had time to raise her head, Pan Chenhe, who was still arrogant just now, fell to the ground and snorted a few times.


She took a few steps back quickly, away from him.


Shen Yuanye looked forward, and the familiar cold person came into view.


Jiang Pan was not wearing a uniform, but a black shirt. He was a tall and slender man, with distinct lines between his eyebrows, and his eyes were as black as ink.


He should have helped her.


Pan Chenhe got up from the ground, cursed, and kicked towards Jiang Pan, but was hit by Jiang Pan in the chin, and the sky was spinning again and again.


Jiang Pan was merciless and clasped him with his hands; his knees were pressed, and the smooth movements were as if they were making a movie.

Pan Chenhe directly lost the ability to resist and was caught by him.


The sleeves were slightly rolled, as exquisite as a nobleman, and the slender hands twisted Pan Chenhe’s wrists, which formed a sharp contrast with the embarrassed person underneath.


When Shen Yuanye stared momentarily speechless, having yet to come to her senses, Jiang Pan also raised his eyes to look over.


The two naturally looked at each other.


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