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Chapter 59: Fortunately, they listened to what Master Shen said.

Lin Siyu thanked Cheng Lao’s apprentice more than once in her heart.

In the beginning, because Cheng Feiqiong would refuse to come again a second time, she thought about asking her apprentice to come out.

She thought she wouldn’t be as strong as her master, but she would have some ability.

Unexpectedly, the murderer was caught directly.

This person was actually her mother-in-law, Yueyue’s grandmother.

Lin Siyu hadn’t hated her mother-in-law before, regardless of the way in which she thought.

Patriarchy was a common problem in the older generation, and Liu Xuyang’s mother’s patriarchal way of thinking was not serious.

She hadn’t been out for many years, and Liu’s mother did not say anything bad to her, but urged her to do things more often and thought of various methods.


Later, after treatment, and she finally got pregnant, Liu’s mother was also very happy, and she often brought a variety of her own domestic hens to stew for her to eat, without talking anything bad.


In all fairness, Lin Siyu thought her mother-in-law was fine.


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Liu Chanjuan and he are three years apart, and because their father died very early, his mother made money to support the family, and his younger sister was cared for by him.


Later, Liu Xuyang went from the small mountain village and then came to the big city.

He had the ability to not only marry Lin Siyu, who was also a little rich at the time, but also fight with her to get the Xuyang Mansion.


This mansion was a famous landmark even in Beijing.


However, Liu Chanjuan did not go to school after junior high school and decided to go to work.

By the time Liu Xuyang started making a lot of money, he was almost 30 years old.

At that time, Liu Chanjuan was married and had a son.


It was just that her husband was not very good.

Not only did he gamble, but he also got arrested for prostitution, and he had paid for someone to get him out.


It was his own sister, so Liu Xuyang would help them out a little bit.


But he didn’t expect that he would be feeding a white-eyed wolf!


What kind of sh*t fortune-teller said that Liu Yue would restrain the lives of her parents and siblings Mr.

Cheng didn’t say that when he came.


And his mom believed it!


He used to think that although his mother was a bit more traditional, she still had her son in her heart, and she was pretty good towards Lin Siyu.


Who knew that it was this ignorance that almost killed their child


Mother Liu hadn’t figured out the facts at all, but now she was caught by her son, and she stubbornly said, “… Chanjuan didn’t say anything.”


Liu Xuyang’s expression looked even more ugly, “At this time, are you still trying to hide things for her Mom, are Yueyue and I of no use in your heart “


Mother Liu quickly denied: “How come”


Seeing that Liu Xuyang’s complexion was becoming more ugly, she didn’t hide it.



Liu’s mother only went to elementary school and dropped out of school in the third grade.

Later, she married at the age of eighteen and had Liu Xuyang and Liu Chanjuan in her twenties.


But her husband died when her children were about ten years old, and all the burdens of the family were on her.


Fortunately, this son was upright, had excellent grades since he was a child, and even got admitted to a prestigious university and married a woman in the city.


Although Liu Xuyang developed later, Liu’s mother still liked to live in her former home.

She kept her own place to grow vegetables, raise chickens and ducks, and was at ease alone.


It was her biggest regret that her son and daughter-in-law had never had children.


Lin Siyu was over forty years old.

She was worried that her daughter-in-law would not be able to give birth.

She had been worrying about this problem all the time.

Fortunately, there was good news in 2017.


After Liu Yue was born, she came to the city from the countryside and brought a few chickens for her daughter-in-law to supplement.

Although she was a daughter, it proved that her daughter-in-law was fine.

It was possible to have a grandson in the future.


Originally, she was going to live with her son, but Liu Chanjuan told her that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would be troublesome now, and mothers were prone to depression and trouble.


So she decided to live in her daughter’s house after some consideration.


Although her daughter had just a small house, she still had a comfortable life with her son giving them money.


On the day of the full moon, Mother Liu returned to her daughter’s house from Liu Xuyang’s house and found that Liu Chanjuan was talking about something with a middle-aged man.


After listening to it for a while, she realized that the other party was a master.


Liu Chanjuan asked a few things, and the other party had calculated correctly.

Later, she suggested that the master tell Liu Yue’s fortune-telling, and Liu’s mother also brightened her eyes.


She knew the time of Liu Yue’s birth and reported it to the master directly.


Soon, the master gave the answer: her granddaughter had come to restrain her parents and siblings.


Not only that, but her son should have three children, but once she exists, the next child will not be born.


After Liu’s mother had heard him calculate the previous things correctly, she naturally had no doubts about this answer, and she was filled with worries instead.


She was not afraid that Lin Siyu would give birth to a daughter, but she was afraid that there would be no more children in the future.


Lin Siyu’s age as an elderly parent was completely unimportant to her.




“… Chanjuan said that her hospital has newly developed drugs that will allow the child to leave safely and without pain…” Mother Liu whispered, “I asked for a little from her…”


She still didn’t dare look at Liu Xuyang.


Liu Yue was awakened by the quarrel and began to cry.

Lin Siyu hurriedly went over and hugged her in his arms, standing by the window, not wanting to see her again.


But she will not leave either, because she wants to hear the truth.


“Do you believe in such an unthinkable thing” Liu Xuyang lowered his voice and said, “Chan Juan wants to kill Yueyue.

Can’t you tell me, Mom”


Mother Liu was awakened at this time.


She raised her head to look at him, her face wrinkled, “I was fooled by this matter.

It’s not about Chanjuan.

Don’t blame her.”


Mother Liu naturally knew her son’s character and knew that he would definitely not let it go.


Liu Xuyang’s heart was about to explode.

His lungs exploded upon hearing that she was still defending his younger sister.

He closed his eyes and said, “Mom, don’t you know that this is illegal”


Mother Liu had never been exposed to such a thing.

How did she know


Liu Xuyang was disappointed and said, “I will call the police.

Liu Chanjuan will tell the police what she did.

Mom, you can’t escape.

Fortunately, Yueyue is fine.


Mother Liu murmured a few times but did not say the whole thing.


After speaking, he walked to the window and saw that Liu Yue in Lin Siyu’s arms was already asleep, and his wrinkled face finally eased.


Fortunately, they had listened to what Master Shen said.


Lin Siyu turned her head and met Liu’s bewildered eyes, feeling cold in her heart.


It was such an ignorant grandmother who almost killed her own granddaughter, and it was still unclear how serious the matter was.


Lin Siyu had never thought of Liu Chanjuan’s viciousness.


She had been taking good care of her little sister-in-law.

Liu Chanjuan’s husband was too terrible, and she even persuaded her.

At that time, Liu Chanjuan also agreed to divorce.


Lin Siyu found a lawyer who specialized in divorce cases for her.


Within two days, the lawyer told her that Liu Chanjuan didn’t plan to get a divorce and had scolded him with a straight face.


After that incident, Lin Siyu never mentioned the divorce again.


But in her spare time, she would also take Liu Chanjuan to buy new clothes for the season or whatever she wanted.

As long as it was not outrageous, she would agree.


The two got along fairly well.


Unexpectedly, it was this kind of sister-in-law who would do such a thing with her niece.


Needless to say, that fortune-teller must have been used as a trustee; it was too easy to deceive Liu Xuyang’s mother.


Lin Siyu’s complexion condensed.


The home surveillance was destroyed, and now it seemed that Liu Chanjuan had done it.


How did Mother Liu, an old woman who was nearly seventy years old, understand anything about this Liu Chanjuan had not only lied to her but also undermined surveillance in order to keep things going.


The last time she came to the house, Lin Siyu had never taken this matter to heart.


Surveillance at home was usually a display.

If there was no major event, it was basically impossible for them to look at it, so if Liu Chanjuan broke it that day, she wouldn’t know.


Liu Xuyang said, “I have already called the police.”


Lin Siyu nodded.


Liu Xuyang said the matter was serious, and the police came quickly.


With the new surveillance video testifying, Liu’s mother was naturally taken back to the police station for investigation.

As for Liu Chanjuan, she couldn’t escape.


Lin Siyu looked at her safe and sound baby girl, with her forehead resting on her face, and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.


She was really afraid that her husband would protect his mother, but fortunately he did not.


People like Liu’s mother were most afraid of the police, so she told the whole story when she went inside, without missing a word, and with a lot of details.


As for the medicine, it was also turned in.


A few hours later, Liu Chanjuan was arrested by the police at her home, for not only instigating others but also bringing new medicines out.

She was charged with several crimes.


Lin Siyu stayed with the child at home, while Liu Xuyang went to the police station.


Liu Chanjuan was taken to the interrogation room.

The depressive space made her heart beat faster, and she knew that what she did had been exposed.


She secretly scolded her mother that she couldn’t do anything well and couldn’t be counted on for this matter.


If she had given enough medicine at one time last time, it would not have come to this point.

It was all because Mother Liu was too softhearted.


Two policemen sat at the table and asked coldly, “… Above, Liu Chanjuan, do you have anything to say about this”


Liu Chanjuan lowered her head, her hair covering most of her face, and said, “I did it, and I instigated my mother.

She didn’t know anything, but was fooled by me.


“You stole the medicine secretly from the hospital”


“Yes.” Liu Chanjuan confessed.


A few years ago, Liu Xuyang found her a job as a nurse.

The last time she heard two doctors discuss a new medicine, she became concerned.


The medicine had a healing effect, but it was a deadly poison for a newborn baby.


The policeman asked again: “Why did you do this”


Faced with this problem, Liu Chanjuan was silent for a long time before speaking.


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