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Chapter 6: You Still Haven’t Followed Me

Shen Yuanye declared, “I’ve read both yours and Li Mengran’s fortunes.” 

Strictly speaking, she was not lying.

The phone was hers.

The Weibo account was also hers.

She had even seen the future of both Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran——so to say, she had indeed read their fortunes.

In a blink of an eye, Zhang Wentao regained his composure and asked in a deep voice, “How is our fortune Were we supposed to die today”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye’s brows furrowed slightly.

Recalling all those situations in the picture, they elicited sighs of sorrow from her heart.

Softening her voice, Shen Yuanye divulged, “Both you and Li Mengran would have died today, and she would pass on a little earlier than you.”

Zhang Wentao ridiculed, “Do you think I will believe this”

“It’s your business whether you believe me or not.” Shen Yuanye had never imposed her words on anyone, so she continued, “You should probably concentrate on finding the real perpetrator.

If he’s able to do it once, he’ll be able to do it again.” 

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The power of the media was indeed formidable.

In merely two hours, the news of Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran admitting to the hospital made the headlines swiftly, be it on browsers or Weibo.

Some marketing accounts speculated that both of them were at each other’s throats for such a long time, and finally, neither of them could endure it any longer.

Hence, they came to blows this time, sustaining injuries and getting hospitalized.

In the comments, a fight had also erupted between the fans of these two celebrities.

“Can’t Zhang Wentao be more chivalrous Please don’t tell me he hits women!”

“Where on earth has Li Mengran ever offended Zhang Wentao It has already been a year, yet there’s still no end to it! How is it that Zhang Wentao is always targeting Li Mengran”

“What exactly has our Mengran done to Zhang Wentao For him to treat her this way, and even now, landing her in hospital!”


In her new apartment, Shen Yuanye was currently looking through these far-fetched speculations on her phone, nearly laughing out loud.

When it came to secret marriages, this factor was probably a hassle——fans.

Just as she was about to close Weibo, she received a phone call.

“Is this Miss Shen, Shen Yuanye”

Just by the way this person sounded, Shen Yuanye was able to identify the caller.

It was the police officer who was responsible for questioning her that day.

Also, he happened to be the same officer, whom she lodged the report of someone stalking her.

“Miss Shen.

Regarding Mr.

Zhang Wentao’s case, it appears that it has nothing to do with you.

Hence, you can be at ease now.”

With that, Shen Yuanye responded with a sound of acknowledgment.

Subsequently, she asked casually, “Have you caught the perpetrator”

“Yes, he has been caught.

Thank you for your cooperation at that time.”

“You’re welcome.

As for the stalker I mentioned the last time, have you found out who it was yet”

The other party paused for a moment before he answered apologetically, “Due to a lack of surveillance cameras in the small district that you lived in, we are currently checking on the nearby surveillance cameras.

However, the other party might have come prepared, as we are unable to find any suspicious individuals in the footage.

Don’t worry, Miss Shen.

We’ll continue this investigation, but in the meantime, please stay safe.”

Rubbing her glabella, Shen Yuanye responded, “Yes, I got it.

Thank you.”

Who would have thought this man would be so difficult to find Also, she did not even know why he would want to harm her, as she had never made any grudges with anyone.


“That’s right.

He’s a fan of Mengran.”

With that, Li Xue began to recount the news she had obtained from the Public Security Bureau.

“Apparently, he had a problem with the way you treat Mengran.

Over time, his resentment for you erupted.”

Standing opposite her, Zhang Wentao asked, “And so, he wants to kill me”

Li Xue nodded and explained, “He had made a full confession.

As for the reason for doing what he had done, it was indeed that.

Also, he built a bomb illicitly, but because it wasn’t done according to the standards, the explosive force wasn’t that massive.

Hence, this is also the reason why both of you were able to narrowly escape death.”

The moment she received this piece of news, she became astounded.

The entertainment industry had never lacked any crazy fans, but as for fans of such degree, this was the first one. 

Upon hearing that, Zhang Wentao fell silent.

Seated by the glass window, Li Mengran was currently reading a book.

Ever since she learned that her child was alright, she felt very much relieved.

However, he did not inform her of anything else.

Returning from his trance, Zhang Wentao declared, “Let’s sue him.

At the same time, release the news about Mengran and me.”

He had mulled over this matter for a long time.

At that time, the two of them were on the rise, and even Mengran was just a step away from attaining the ‘Empress of Pop’ title.

If they were to release the news of their marriage back then, it would have a massive impact on her popularity.

However, it never occurred to them that the moment they began to conceal the truth, they would have to wait till this day to reveal it.

What’s more, something like this occurred as well.

Just as Li Xue turned around, Zhang Wentao questioned, “Umm…… About that Shen Yuanye who saved us, she has nothing to do with this, right” 

“No, she doesn’t.” Li Xue recalled, “I’ve checked the surveillance footage, and she had truly only shown up at the side of Yujing Residence.

Also, the police officers stated that her actions coincided with her statement.

In the footage, it was indeed after the dark shadow had flashed past that she entered Yujing Residence through the place he came out from.”

Li Xue marveled, “This is too much of a coincidence! If it weren’t for her, by the time the security came, both you and Mengran probably would have……”

To a certain extent, it was indeed a coincidence. 

With that, Zhang Wentao remained silent.

In actual fact, he now began to somewhat believe in what Shen Yuanye had said the other night.

Otherwise, how would anyone be able to explain why she would suddenly appear in that area, especially when she had nothing to do with that fan.

Rubbing his chin in thought, Zhang Wentao asked, “Sister Li, she has yet to sign a contract with any companies, right”

“You’re thinking of letting her join our company” Wrapping her head around the idea, she began to give it some thought.

“Her appearance is really compatible and refined.

As compared to the majority of the female celebrities in our company, she is definitely more outstanding.”

There were relatively fewer models in the company, as most of them were actors.

Regardless of their status, there were not many who shone brighter than she did, in terms of their figure, visage, and aura.

Shen Yuanye was certainly a budding model.

Zhang Wentao nodded in agreement and said, “Since she has nothing to do with this and had rescued me, Mengran, and our child, why don’t I do her a favor that will cost me nothing”

Li Xue contemplated for a moment before answering, “Based on her appearance, she shouldn’t be someone who makes trouble out of nothing.

When I head back, I’ll run this idea by the company and have a word with her in a couple of days.

If she’s willing, she’ll be receiving better treatment.

If she isn’t, we’ll see whether we are able to provide her with a chance to become famous.”

Since it was such a big deal for one to save another’s life, it was no excuse for him to do nothing at all.

Moreover, it was not that big of a deal for him to provide her with this sort of chance.

For all we know, she might just make her mark in the future.

Who’s to say what the luck in the entertainment industry was like 

Zhang Wentao’s mouth curved into a smile, as he agreed, “Alright, let’s do that then.”

Regardless of whether she was able to tell fortunes or not, it would not do him any harm.

What’s more, he would be able to take this chance to see how she would be like in the future.


At noon, Shen Yuanye received news from Su Yun that it was time for her to go for the magazine cover shoot.

Fei Shang was very courteous, as they sent a car over to pick her up and send her straight to the bottom floor of their building.

Today, Shen Yuanye did not dress too casually.

After all, the place she was heading to was somewhere where numerous models and stylists would appear.

Not only that, but she was also there to shoot pictures for a magazine cover.

Therefore, she could dress neither too casually nor too conspicuously. 

That was why she wore a white overcoat over a black turtleneck and a tricolor plaid long skirt today, as this outfit matched her figure just perfectly.

“Miss Shen, right Please follow me.” Someone had long been waiting for her in the lobby.

Shen Yuanye nodded in response and followed her, surveying this magazine’s building from the corner of her eye.

From the looks of it, their fashion sense was strong, and even the models on those magazine covers hung along the hallway were renowned in the industry.

Yet, this magazine was only founded several years ago.

It seemed like they had a real eye for talent and found countless models.

With this in mind, Shen Yuanye could not help but feel her heartbeat sped up slightly.

Now that her rebirth had given her a chance to start over again, she must ensure that she would seize all opportunities available to her this time.

In a while’s time, her life would be similar to that of these models, where she would begin a new stage of life. 

Finally, the girl led Shen Yuanye to a door.

“Editor Su is inside.”

“Thank you.” 

Pushing the doors, Shen Yuanye walked in to see row upon row of clothes racks, all of which were exquisite and aesthetic.

“Yuanye, come here.” Su Yun appeared from behind.

As Shen Yuanye walked over, Su Yun explained, “We’ve selected several outfits for you.

As for anything specific, we’d have to see the actual outcome once you’ve tried on the outfits.

We’ll then decide on the makeup afterward.”

Currently, several people were busying around the place.

With a faint smile on her face, Shen Yuanye made a slight response and did not say much.

“You have too little content on your Weibo page.” Out of a sudden, Su Yun seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Nowadays, celebrities use their Weibo pages to engage in work.

How is it that your Weibo page has so little content”

The moment the words left her mouth, Shen Yuanye pursed her lips.

Ever since her rebirth, she went on to keep the content she had on her Weibo page hidden.

There was not much content on it in the first place, and after doing so, there were even fewer posts on her Weibo page.

On top of that, she had not been posting anything on Weibo recently.

Watching Shen Yuanye’s countenance, Su Yun explained, “Even if you don’t like it, you still have to pretend that you do.

When the time comes for this issue to be published in the month after next, we’ll be doing our marketing campaigns online, and a video clip will also be required.

So, you’ll have to cooperate with us.”

Staring at Su Yun with a fixed look, Shen Yuanye suddenly grinned and replied, “I know.”

“That’s great.

Nobody would set themselves against fame, isn’t that right” Su Yun laughed for a moment before continuing, “You still have yet to follow me on Weibo, right I’ve seen that there isn’t anyone in your following list, so you don’t plan on following anyone on Weibo in the future, do you”

Of course, there were this sort of celebrities in the entertainment industry.

After all, the media are overly fond of chasing winds and shadows1.

With just a list of accounts to follow, it could bring about tons of drama: so-and-so fell out with so-and-so, fell in love with so-and-so…… 

However, Shen Yuanye was unable to say straightforwardly that she did not follow people on Weibo.

If by any chance, Su Yun noticed Shen Yuanye followed someone on Weibo when she was attempting to see the person’s future, wouldn’t Su Yun’s impression of her be completely tarnished

With that, Shen Yuanye smiled apologetically.

“I’ve not logged onto my Weibo account for several days.”

While they were at it, she pulled out her phone and went into her private messages inbox.

From there, she clicked into Su Yun’s Weibo page, revealing a pinned post of her outstanding styling designs in recent years.

Shen Yuanye could not help praising, “The style Sister Yun uses for your Weibo page is really unique……”

With that, she reached out and tapped on the follow button.

In a split second, her phone screen went black.

With her heart in her mouth, Shen Yuanye kept her eyes glued to her phone, awaiting to see what sort of news would appear.

All of a sudden, she looked up at Su Yun. 

As if not noticing the changes in Shen Yuanye’s phone, Su Yuan said, “Before I became an editor, I was working as a stylist.

If you happen to have any comments, please feel free to tell me.

For this issue’s cover, we must create a spectacular one.”

Just as Shen Yuanye was about to nod her head in response, she saw that Portrait of the Deceased.

In that black and white picture, Su Yun had the same middle-age appearance.

Even if she was already 40 years of age, she still looked intellectual and graceful.

Whenever the corner of her lips quirked up, her face shone with a sense of indescribable beauty. 

However, as soon as Shen Yuanye’s gaze fell on the dates on the right side, the words she wanted to say were stuck in her throat.

Name: Su Yun

Date of Birth: 25th April 1978

Date of Death: 18th January 2018

Each time Weibo displayed this news, it would only appear for no longer than one minute.

If she wanted to look through the news again, she would have to unfollow and follow the person’s Weibo page again.

However, it would be a waste of time for her to do that.

Since one minute was not a long time, Shen Yuanye continued to scroll down.

Immediately right after, that picture appeared before her eyes.

Judging from where the picture was taken, Shen Yuanye could tell that it was at a swimming pool.

As shown in the picture, the actual shooting range only covered one side of the pool.

As the main subject, Su Yun could be seen floating on the water surface with her eyes closed.

Dressed in a one-piece swimsuit, it outlined her curvaceous figure, and various faint marks were shown on the exposed areas of her body.

Apart from this, there were other people in the background, who were in all sorts of poses.

They either had strange countenance or alarmed expressions.

No matter how she looked at the entire picture, it still looked so strange to her.


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