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Chapter 60: Why be so ruthless!

Everything was already out in the open at this point, and it was useless for Liu Chanjuan to conceal it.

She calculated so much… it was, of course, all for Liu Xuyang’s money.

They were brother and sister, but there was such a big gap.

When Lin Siyu and Liu Xuyang were eating delicacies from all the best places, she was eating chaff with her husband in a ruined house.


Lin Siyu wore high-end clothing brands and went to various beauty salons, while she wore ordinary clothes to wait on patients.

One day or two was fine, but after a long time, she felt unbalanced.

She felt as though it was unfair.

She was Liu Xuyang’s own sister, so why was she living an ordinary life while Liu Xuyang had no plans to change her life at all.

Every time he gave her such a small amount of money, she couldn’t pay off her husband’s gambling debts.

Originally, what Liu Chanjuan thought was that since Lin Siyu hadn’t had a baby in her forties, she probably couldn’t give birth.

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Liu Chanjuan didn’t want to see this happen.

She thought about it, and then she and her husband worked together to prepare for Liu Yue to have an accident.

Anyway, it was the easiest thing for a baby to have an accident.

In this way, Lin Siyu probably did not want to have a baby anymore because she was sad and everything would belong to her son in the future.

She could also enjoy the blessings.

Liu Chanjuan happened to be on duty in the hospital, so she stole the medicine.

She couldn’t do the matter herself, and she was afraid that she would be suspected, so she started to think that Mother Liu was more likely to approach Liu Yue, and she was not likely to be suspected.

But Mother Liu would definitely not agree with this approach.

So she asked one of her husband’s gambling friends to pretend to be a master of fortune-telling and cheated Liu’s mother with just a few words.

Everything that followed developed as she thought.

The only accident was that Mother Liu couldn’t bear it, so she only fed a small amount of medicine to Liu Yue, who was just hospitalized and didn’t die directly.

She was still waiting for the second attack but was caught…


Liu Xuyang heard her clearly outside, especially when he heard her unrepentant tone.

It was even more painful.

He turned his head and said to the policeman, “Just follow the rules and don’t let her go.”

Although Yueyue had not been killed yet, the existing evidence and testimony could completely convict Liu Chanjuan.

As for Lin Siyu, she didn’t even want to see her.

Liu Chanjuan was taken out of the interrogation room by the police.

She saw Liu Xuyang on the side and begged for mercy: “Brother, I didn’t mean it, so let me go! I really didn’t mean it! “

“You tell the police.” Liu Xuyang didn’t change his face at all.

Why didn’t she think that he was her brother when she wanted to kill his daughter When the matter was exposed now, she wanted to beg for mercy

Isn’t Yueyue all right Why do you have to be so cruel to me So many years of relationship… ” Liu Chanjuan changed her words to, “I already know my fault, brother!”

Hearing this, Liu Xuyang’s teeth hurt.

Now Yueyue was fine.

If he hadn’t found out the truth this afternoon, who knew what situation Yueyue would be in

Liu Xuyang was too lazy to talk nonsense with Liu Chanjuan, and he left the police station after instructing the police a few things.

Back in the car, he thought for a moment and decided to call Shen Yuanye.

If it weren’t for her this time, how could he have caught them so quickly Maybe it would have taken Yueyue another accident to know the truth.

Fortunately, the phone quickly connected: “Hello”

“Master Shen, I am Liu Xuyang.” Liu Xuyang said quickly, “I have caught the culprit, and I really appreciate your help this time.”

Compared with Chen Long before, he was much more sincere.

Shen Yuanye didn’t ask too much, “Well, that’s good.”

Seeing her so cold, Liu Xuyang touched his nose and said, “Master Shen, do you have anything you want I will do my best to satisfy you!”

She had helped so much, he couldn’t ignore that fact.

“I’ll tell you when I figure it out.” Shen Yuanye pondered for a moment before finally saying it.

Liu Xuyang was afraid that she would not tell, and felt relieved when he heard this, “If this is the case, then I will wait for Master Shen’s call in the future.

As long as I, Liu Xuyang, can do it, I will do it!”

After hanging up the phone, he also sighed a few times.

There were still many benefits to befriending a real master.

If you encountered problems in the future, you could ask for help.

After all, it was not easy to ask someone with a status like Cheng Feiqiong.

It was all luck for him to invite Cheng Feiqiong this time.


At that time, after Pan Chenhe confessed to his crimes, Shen Yuanye didn’t want to listen anymore.

She suddenly remembered an incident from the past and turned her head to ask: “I called the police last year.

Someone was following and tracking me, but the police still have no clues.

This matter had always been a lump in her heart.

It was impossible for her to give up her career as a model.

That was to say, as long as she became famous, the other party would have various ways of knowing her actions.

The enemy was in the dark, and she was in the light.

Shen Yuanye herself felt that she could not beat an adult man, not to mention that she had already had contact with him before she was reborn.

However, she received a call from Liu Xuyang before leaving the police station, and only then realized that he had resolved everything.

In fact, when she saw the words “Mother Liu was arrested” written on the Weibo calendar, she was really surprised.

She couldn’t figure out why the grandmother did such a thing to her granddaughter.

But now that you think about it, it was easy to get into trouble with money.

Liu Xuyang owned the Xuyang Mansion, which was such a big target. Who didn’t want riches right there

Fortunately, the child was okay.

Shen Yuanye didn’t want to see a child who had only been in this world for a little more than a month die so unexplainably.

After leaving the police station, she immediately took a taxi back to the apartment.

The recent news of Pan Chenhe was spread on the Internet, and even the fact that he went to the station after he was released on bail today was exposed.

It seems that the paparazzi were tracking him.

Shen Yuanye was happy to see such a situation.

It was Pan Chenhe’s own fault.

But Suanna’s movements were fairly fast.

After Pan Chenhe was caught driving drunk, they posted a Weibo with the unilateral termination of the contract.

After he was detained, they found a replacement model within two days.

Maybe it was because they wanted to brush off the previous impression.

The new male model had a much better image than Pan Chenhe.

Not only was he tall at 1.9 meters, but he also looked very good, at the level of small fresh meat.

Shen Yuanye searched for him but found no black history.

However, he had a lot of sister fans.

All of them treated him like a younger brother.

They called themselves older sisters online and in comments on Weibo. 

Shen Yuanye was interested.

In the entertainment industry, sister fans and girlfriend fans were the most common.

The former option was common among teenage stars, and the second option was in young, fresh meat males.

Unexpectedly, the new partner was still the younger brother of many fans.

The pictures posted on the Internet were very beautiful, and he was still a bit face-controlled.

This new partner was much more pleasing to the eye than Pan Chenhe.

She hoped the shooting would go smoothly.

As for Pan Chenhe, he would soon receive a court summons.

Over the weekend, the endorsement was re-shot.

Suanna was also unlucky.

A good endorsement ran into Pan Chenhe.

He just stepped on dog poop, which was fine, but then he was drunk driving, and he blocked his career path.

Shen Yuanye waited peacefully for the new partner to come.

And the director in charge of shooting was still that director, and the staff was still that staff from before.

Even the stylist had not been changed.

When Shen Yuanye went in, she felt like she wanted to laugh.

But it was easier to come in this time, as she had already been there once.

The stylist quickly set her up, just waiting for the male model next door to do his style.

The male model was called Lu Yuanfan.

He was only twenty years old this year, younger than she, but had been debuted for two years and had more seniority than she.

The stylist said, “I heard he has a good reputation.

It should be easy for you and him to shoot.

Shen Yuanye closed her eyes and replied gently, “Yes.”

It had been tens of minutes after the styling was done.

When she left the lounge, the door of the lounge next door opened just right.

Lu Yuanfan had changed into a suit with an exquisite appearance.

He grinned obediently and smiled at her: “Sister Yuanye.”

“Hello.” Shen Yuanye responded.

Since Lu Yuanfan had been in the circle for two years, he couldn’t be just the simple appearance of a white rabbit that he had on the surface.

But the two of them had no grudges, so she didn’t need to point it out to offend others.

It was really easy to work with Lu Yuanfan.

He worked very seriously, and all the shots could be done quickly, and if they needed to be retaken, it only took at most twice.

Even if something went wrong, Lu Yuanfan was the first to apologize.

The humble and serious appearance made the people present full of praise.

After five o’clock in the evening, when the filming was over, Shen Yuanye went back to the lounge, changed back to her original clothes, called Luyue, and opened the door.

As soon as she looked up, she saw Lu Yuanfan standing at the door.

She didn’t wear high heels today.

She was just a little bit shorter than him when she was wearing ten-centimeter high heels during the shooting.

Now she was half a head short of him.

Sister Yuanye, are you alone” Lu Yuanfan looked at her and asked.

Shen Yuanye shook her head, “My assistant is outside.”

Lu Yuanfan looked down, feeling a little disappointed, “Oh, then I won’t waste your time.

I hope we have a chance to cooperate again.

This is my phone number.

He handed over a piece of paper.

Shen Yuanye didn’t have time to refuse, so she put the sticky note in her hand.

When she wanted to ask, Lu Yuanfan had already turned and left.

Although it was a bit bad to be too self-loving, Lu Yuanfan’s actions really made her feel…

When Lu Yue’s reply message flashed on the phone, she threw away her thoughts, put the phone in her pocket, and walked out of the studio.


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