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Chapter 66: Not comparable to a human life.

Shen Yuanye was browsing Weibo at home when she saw the news of a new deceased person.


There are a lot of media people who were watching this matter.

As soon as an incident occurred, all the press releases were issued, and the major marketing accounts would post them again, increasing their popularity. 


There was no impermeable wall in the world, and there were people that saw the dead bodies and sculptures.

The police couldn’t hide the news and could only let them go.


But if the rumors were too serious, they would come out to reprimand.


As for refuting rumors, they had to wait for the outcome of the matter to determine whether it was right or not.

At present, they could only reprimand this practice.


The new deceased was discovered by a few children.


Today was Friday.

The extracurricular practice teacher at the school took the class to the suburbs to play.

A few children walked far and saw the stone sculptures that were fun and brought them back to the gathering place.


It was hard to take care of many children at once.


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“Rv’p nallru vs jkzz vos rlsrzl, yde R osdela kq vblal yal svbla hknvkxp.”


“Hurry up and sentence him; my scalp is numb.”


Most people in the comments almost think that the Wei Minghe mentioned by the marketing account is the murderer, and another wave of abuse rushed to his Weibo.


Wei Minghe’s mobile phone was confiscated, so naturally, he couldn’t reply.


Shen Yuanye thought for a while, and then she stayed up until early in the morning, especially, and then went to follow Wei Minghe.


If he was an accomplice, then the Weibo prediction would give a clue.

If he was not, then there should be a hint in the back.


In short, she should follow now.


If she had followed him when the matter was just revealed, and in case any fan had nothing to do and saw her follow him, it would be hard to explain.


So when all the eyes were on the newly deceased, it was better for her to follow in the middle of the night.


Anyway, she hadn’t become very popular yet, and she shouldn’t have paparazzi and marketing fans staring at her in the middle of the night.


Wei Minghe smiled mildly in the death photo.


She can’t tell at all that he is a man who can make amber sculptures out of living sparrows.


Shen Yuanye didn’t have a good opinion of him, but given the importance of this matter, even if she hated him, she still had to keep looking.


Name: Wei Minghe


Date of Birth: July 3, 1980


Date of death: April 15, 2055


It seems that he will be alive for quite a long time.


Shen Yuanye was mentally prepared and slid to the calendar table below.


Every day for the next week would be white, which also shows that his luck was still good and no bad luck had happened.


She went in one by one.


From the 21st to the 24th, he was interrogated.


But if the color above was white, that is to say, this interrogation was beneficial to him.

If he was a murderer, it would not be beneficial.


Sure enough, when she clicked on the 25th, it showed “Successfully got rid of suspicion”.


When the 26th was reached, “Went home” was displayed directly.


For the time being, it seems that Wei Minghe had nothing to do with the people behind this case.

Otherwise, the police would not have let him go.


As for the future, Shen Yuanye didn’t know.


Weibo’s calendar could only predict the time of the next week.

If there was a sudden reversal in the future, it was hard to tell.


The death panorama below shows the old man in the hospital bed.


Shen Yuanye only glanced roughly, and after confirming that he wasn’t the murderer, she copied all the information in front of her, and it gradually disappeared and turned into a normal Weibo.


She couldn’t help but sigh.


A few months ago, she was not accustomed to this feature and even rejected it.


But now that nearly half a year has passed, she has been able to use the functions of Weibo proficiently and is still looking forward to the next new upgrade.


The first upgrade made such a big change in functionality, and for the second upgrade, she did not know what magical changes would happen.


Shen Yuanye would like to know.


Thinking of this, Lu Yuanfan jumped into her mind again.


It just so happened that a photo of him was refreshed on Weibo, which was posted by a fan, a refined picture.


Shen Yuanye couldn’t help but say: “There is going to be an accident in June, and he’s still smiling so happily, he does not have a sense of crisis at all.”


Lu Yuanfan in the photo still smiles delicately.


She clicked in, taking advantage of this opportunity to also follow Lu Yuanfan, ready to see the new situation again.


The date of death was still June 25, and the photo remained the same.


But the color of the calendar below had changed.


Last time she couldn’t see anything.

They were all white dates.

This time it was different.

The first four days were white dates, and the next three days were all red dates.


She clicked the white date in front.


What was shown was nothing more than going home and interviews.

There was nothing special, and another one turned out to be that he ate something delicious.


Shen Yuanye was also speechless.


She turned to the day on the 25th.

The red date on that day was darker, which also showed that things on that day were not simple.


[April 25, 2018·Level 3 Danger] Went to Qingshan Village.


With such a short line, and it wasn’t even clear that Lu Yuanfan was harmed.


Shen Yuanye stared at this line and fell into deep thought.


The level of danger of level 3 was still quite terrifying.

If it acted on a person, it was a matter of hospitalization in minutes, but now it had become to a degree with this place.


It meant that this was either dangerous on the way to go, or dangerous in this place.


Shen Yuanye didn’t know what the danger was, so she clicked into the remaining two days.


[May 26, 2018·Level 1 Danger] No water.


[May 27, 2018·Level 1 Danger] No food.


The next two days were not terrible, but the events of the previous day suddenly seemed not so simple.


There must be something in it.


Would Lu Yuanfan be so miserable


Shen Yuanye sighed again.


She continued to look down at the 360° panoramic view, but it was a pity that, like the last time, she didn’t find a special place, but she could only see that the sculptor’s technique was very good.


And Lu Yuanfan died very pitifully…


She moved her lips, thinking of the smile on Lu Yuanfan’s face during the conversation the other day.

She suddenly found it very pitiful, and she couldn’t bear it.


Although the accident happened in late June, there were already signs.


In Qingshan Village, Shen Yuanye knew this place.


She had passed by there when she went out to play with Sun Ai.

There were not many people living there, mostly left-behind elderly people, and there were only a dozen households in total.


What was Lu Yuanfan going there for


Weibo specifically marked the name of this place, indicating that it would not be his home.

Otherwise, it would only say, “went home”.


The difference was obvious.


She searched the Internet for the words “Lu Yuanfan” and “Qingshan Village,” but found no related news, indicating that this place had no public relationship with him.


The more she thought about it, the more strange it became.


Shen Yuanye decided to go to Qingshan Village by herself to see.


Of course, she would not go into Qingshan Village, but rather a viewing platform a few hundred meters away from Qingshan Village that specialized in watching the sunrise and sunset.


The viewing angle there was quite good and allowed one to look down on the village.


You couldn’t see the activity from the viewing platform in Qingshan Village, but you could see what Qingshan Village looked like from the viewing platform.

Although it was not clear, you could use tools.


That was how she and Sun Ai had gone before.


There were telescopes on the viewing platform, but in order to avoid being noticed by people, Shen Yuanye bought a second-hand telescope, and the package will arrive on the afternoon of the 24th.


It was not impossible to just pretend to relax.


Shen Yuanye found it difficult to be indifferent now.

Maybe it was probably because she had watched too much life and death and saw that someone was still alive, but on Weibo, they were already dead.

This gave her a strange feeling.


Lu Yuanfan was eagerly attentive to her, but he didn’t do anything bad.


Moreover, she didn’t know if the murderer in the sculpture case was this person behind the scenes.

It seemed as if he was killing people indiscriminately, and no one knew if things would happen to them as well.


Lu Yue called the night before: “There will be class tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock.”


Shen Yuanye thought about the fact that she would be a detective tomorrow and hesitated: “Okay, I’ll see if there is enough time tomorrow.”


She would go if it was not too late, and she would forget it if it was too late.


A class was not worth a life.


Lu Yue’s identity was that of an assistant, so naturally, she didn’t ask anything.

She just responded by saying, “Okay, if you want to go, just call me.”


Getting along for so long, it can be considered that they were a little familiar.


Shen Yuanye replied, “Mhm.”


She didn’t sleep well that night.


Because she didn’t know when Lu Yuanfan would go, Shen Yuanye went there before the sun was up.


She was ready to watch the sunrise and was not wasting time.


It was exactly six o’clock when she arrived at the viewing platform.

The sun had already risen, and its light was bathing the entire viewing platform.

The scenery was picturesque.


Fortunately, no one came today.


Shen Yuanye occupied the viewing platform alone.


She took out the second-hand binoculars and pointed them in the direction of Qingshan Village, and also took out the high-definition camera she had previously borrowed from Sun Ai.


Once she found something strange, she would take a photo.


What she would say would not be true until she looked at the photos.


The viewing platform was several meters high and beautifully built.

It was also on a small hillside.

To the east was the sunrise, to the west was a field, and then there was the direction of Qingshan Village.


Shen Yuanye looked at it, and she could see the village clearly.


She seemed to be doing a survey for the first time in her life, and there was still a little vanity in her heart, but when she thought about the prediction, she didn’t feel much.


At half-past nine, the sun was hanging high in the sky, warm.


Shen Yuanye sat on the side, bored, and browsed her phone, watching the surrounding scenery at the same time.

The name by which the observation deck was called was suitable.


Anyway, she couldn’t be seen from Qingshan Village.


Shen Yuanye fiddled with the binoculars and looked at it.

She moved from the end of the village to the head of the village.

When she was about to leave, she saw someone.


Lu Yuanfan appeared at the entrance of the village alone.


Shen Yuanye really wanted to know how he was made into an amber sculpture.

Could it be that he was caught here And then they didn’t let him eat or drink


It seems logical, compared to Weibo.


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