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Chapter 68: Name changed by parents.

There were hundreds of sculptures found in the house, and there were even many semi-finished products.


Another large room was turned into a warehouse.

The long glass cabinet was more than three meters long and contained the completed sculptures.


Compared with the stone sculpture outside, the amber sculpture was more delicate.


Several young people in their thirties were also taken out.


They had originally wanted to escape, but unfortunately, they couldn’t compare with the well-trained criminal police.


Liu Heyang walked over, “Captain, that apprentice is not here.”


“Go find him.”


Jiang Pan walked into the house by himself.

Much like other houses in Qingshan Village, this one was also decorated with simple tiles.


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Jiang Pan nodded, “They still have a den; chase them down.”


Liu Heyang asked, “What”


Jiang Pan just pointed to a large open cabinet in the room with some bagged items exposed inside, covered with stones.


Liu Heyang walked over, shocked on the spot.


After a long time, he turned around and said, “Unexpectedly, they were actually selling organs.

Then the backing would be a big deal.

No wonder they dared to kill and hide in the sculpture.


Because of huge profits, many crimes like these were being committed now.


Many people sold their organs for money, and then traffickers used them to sell them to those who needed them, thereby obtaining high profits.


This line had existed for many years, and it would never end in the country or abroad.


Unexpectedly, they had actually found a group this time.

They didn’t know how many people were behind them or how many people there were in total.


Liu Heyang immediately said, solemnly, “Captain! I’ll go to investigate Wei Minghe’s apprentice! “



Not far away, Shen Yuanye watched Lu Yuanfan being rescued.


She had even thought that he was an accomplice, but when she thought about it, she felt as though that was impossible.

He should be the victim.

Sure enough, they were caught today.


She didn’t know if it was the murderer’s bitter trick.


Shen Yuanye’s phone rang, and she answered upon realizing it was Lu Yue.


“Miss Shen, do you need me to pick you up”


Shen Yuanye only then remembered that there was still class at three o’clock, and it was two o’clock now.

She quickly reported an address and waited patiently for her to pick her up.




It didn’t take long to bring the group of people back to the bureau, and the information gradually became clear.


“His name is Lu Yuanfan, and he is a model.

The old couple are his parents.

” Liu Heyang has already investigated.

“The injury is not serious, and he will wake up soon.”


Lu Yuanfan’s information was quickly placed in front of them.


“The old couple were deceived.

One of the suspects was a child of their neighbor, who wanted to use them to deceive Lu Yuanfan.


“Because they can get free organs this way.”


“They are new to selling organs, and there is no suitable route because there are many underground shops and they are unwilling to disclose the information, so they figured out a way to customize the sculpture and put the organ into it after processing.

It’s easy to pass.


“Moreover, this also conceals their behavior, and outsiders won’t know their true purpose.”


Liu Heyang quickly said what he had investigated.


The interrogation was separate, and several people participated.


There were those who didn’t say anything, but there were also those with a slightly weaker will.

After holding out for a period of time, they finally answered after repeated questioning.


The reasons for the deaths of the two deceased were also stated.


The first deceased was because they went to the viewing platform to play and then went to Qingshan Village to eat.

At that time, they had just begun to use it as a stronghold to release their organs.


There was no sculpture at the time, and the deceased accidentally found out about them and was silenced.


This was the first murder.


So they were very rough.

They were originally going to bury the corpse directly in the mountains behind, but who knew that the next one to sell their organs was actually Wei Minghe’s apprentice


He sold a kidney.


After the sale, he actually wanted to join them.

After a period of time, he did join the team, but they did different things.


Originally the body of the first deceased, his idea was to place it in the sculpture.


At first, they didn’t agree, but when they thought about it, if they concealed this, they would be able to transport organs in a very upright manner.


Small batches had been too frequent and dangerous.


At first, because they had no raw materials, they listened to Wei Minghe’s apprentice and placed an order for Wei Minghe and paid on delivery.


The address was another place.


Therefore, when the police asked the truck driver about the destination of the delivery, nothing was found because it was far away from Qingshan Village.


Later, during this period, Wei Minghe’s apprentice made a lot of sculptures himself.

He also experimented with them and found them to be very useful.


Because of the problem with the adhesive used, the bonding area would not be inspected as long as it was not conspicuous.


When driving on the expressway, they would encounter one or two searches at most, but they were all sculptures, so there wouldn’t be any real problems.


In this way, a total of nearly 100 cases of provincial organs were sent out within a few months.


One could imagine the huge profits.


As a result, not long after a month, the second deceased died on the operating table.


Such things were signed privately and could not be leaked out.

They were all illegal and criminal acts.

Once they were known, they would go to jail.


So they were prepared and dealt with it in the same way.


Wei Minghe’s apprentice was responsible for the sculpture.


But he was very cautious, and he was often not with them since he was usually a solitary person.

This was the reason he was not involved in this arrest.


Jiang Pan looked through the documents and said, “We know the person, which is good.

Go immediately ask the majors to check the places where they go out.

He probably hasn’t left the province yet.


Failure to leave the province meant that there was a great chance of arrest.


Liu Heyang also nodded, “I’ll go out immediately to let other people pay attention.

Don’t let him go.”



The news that Lu Yuanfan was hospitalized was not hidden.


After all, the two of them were cooperating in endorsements, and these things must be known to both parties to avoid work-related problems.


Others didn’t know the reason for the hospitalization, but Shen Yuanye still knew very well.


This matter was still being reported on the Internet.


However, because the information about the arrests in Qingshan Village was not released in advance, the media only learned that the police had arrested people after the incident.

They didn’t even know where they were arrested.


But this did not prevent them from reporting it.


So a large number of netizens seeking the truth appeared on the official page of the Jianghai District Police.


Shen Yuanye had been browsing about this incident at home, wondering when Jiang Pan would give the truth about who the murderer was.


The Internet was very concerned about this case.

Now that people have been arrested, the Jianghai District Police have refuted the rumors.

They finally realized that they had scolded the wrong person.


So a large wave of netizens went to Wei Minghe’s Weibo to apologize.


The apology was something, but he was still condemned for using a live sparrow.


She knew that Lu Yuanfan was hospitalized, and since she had been his partner, she decided to visit.


Lu Yuanfan was not a person of suspicion anymore, so there was no police attention paid to him.


When Shen Yuanye arrived in the room, he was surfing the Internet on his mobile phone.


The dazzling whiteness in the room made him look even whiter, and the gauze was wrapped around his head, which made people feel distressed.


Although Shen Yuanye did not feel this way.


“Sister Yuanye.” Lu Yuanfan called obediently.


Shen Yuanye still felt awkward.


Ignoring the smile, she asked politely, “Is the body okay”


Lu Yuanfan replied: “I should be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.”


Shen Yuanye was not a talkative person, and Sun Ai was the one with whom she talked to most.


She and Lu Yuanfan were not very acquainted.

The reason for coming here was to know what he was hiding.

But except for Lu Yuanfan’s violation, the strange feeling was gone.


Shen Yuanye was a little frustrated.


“Sister Yuanye, why didn’t you add my WeChat” Lu Yuanfan asked suddenly.


Shen Yuanye didn’t expect that he would have been struggling with this question of adding friends and replied a little embarrassingly, “I haven’t posted on WeChat recently.”


Lu Yuanfan didn’t expose it either, but his expression was a little disappointed.


The two people didn’t have much in common.

Shen Yuanye sat there for a while, and the person on the hospital bed didn’t bother her.


Half an hour later, Shen Yuanye recovered and said, “I should go.”


Lu Yuanfan raised his head now and waved his hand, “… Bye, see you next time.”


Shen Yuanye was thinking that she would not be able to get any information from him again, otherwise she would have gotten it a long time ago.


The voice of a nurse was heard outside, and the sound of footsteps gradually approached.


Shen Yuanye turned to leave.


When closing the door of the room, she suddenly turned her head and called, “Liao Yuanfan!”


No one answered.


Lu Yuanfan froze for a while, caught the important words, and asked, “Who is Liao Yuanfan Is he your friend”


Shen Yuanye shook her head, “You.”


Lu Yuanfan didn’t seem to reveal any secrets, saying, “I don’t have the surname Liao, nor do I have any relatives or friends with the surname Liao.”


Shen Yuanye stared at him.


He didn’t look like he was faking it, and he was unfamiliar with the name Liao Yuanfan.


This situation caught Shen Yuanye by surprise.


No matter how hidden a person is, calling their real name will reveal clues because that name must have been used for many years, and they must be conditioned to use it.


But Lu Yuanfan looked like he had heard other people’s names.


This situation was more like that he has never used this name.


Unless he changed his name when he was young.


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