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Chapter 7: Disclosing the News of Marriage

In the picture, Shen Yuanye was certain that Su Yun was dead.

Through the recent Li Mengran and Zhang Wentao incident, Shen Yuanye discovered that the main subject in the picture would inevitably die. 

Just like that picture on Mengran’s Weibo page, Zhang Wentao was still alive and making a desperate attempt at saving her, yet she was dead.

Whereas, in Zhang Wentao’s picture, he was the one who was dead.

As for how Su Yun died, it was difficult for Shen Yuanye to ascertain.

Even so, all she knew was that it had to do with the picture background being set at the swimming pool.

With regards to whether the murderer was a person or an object, it would depend on the situation.

However, what she really found odd was that there were at least five people who appeared in the picture.

Sweeping her gaze over the picture casually, she spotted six people.

Apart from Su Yun, there were six people in the background of her picture.

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Out of the nine designs that Su Yun had created, seven of which were on overseas websites and had been reviewed during the time of their release.

The corners of her lips curved into a gentle smile as she replied, “Thank you, I’m flattered.”

Unsure of how to bring up the matter occurring next month, Shen Yuanye could only push it to the back of her mind first.

Anyway, she still had a month’s worth of buffer time, so she would be able to find a way to get it done.

“Go try on some of these clothes first.

We’ll only be starting the shoot tomorrow.”

Obediently, Shen Yuanye entered to try out the clothes. 

The clothes that Fei Shang prepared were naturally pretty good.

Glancing at some of the notes, she found that they were all new products, which would release in two months.

Alongside with her magazine issue.

Removing a set of clothing from the pile, Shen Yuanye changed into it and blinked at her reflection in the mirror.

Her face instantly flourished with a brilliant smile, as a thought entered her mind——the road she was currently traveling in this life would be very much different from that of her previous life.


Even though Shen Yuanye had only headed back and forth a couple of times, Su Yun was very satisfied with the overall presentation.

It was as if Shen Yuanye was by nature a clothes hanger1 Not only that, but her face was also suitable for many different fashion styles.

Regardless of it being sweet, mature, or sexy, she was able to pull them off with ease. 

On top of that, all these were even under the premise of her not having her makeup done.

With that in mind, Su Yun herself was somewhat looking forward to seeing what Shen Yuanye was like when her face was adorned with makeup. 

Initially, it was through the recommendation of a small editor under her that Su Yun decided to approach Shen Yuanye.

Even though she was not entirely sold with the spreads and covers of those small magazines, she was fundamentally impressed with the model herself.

After looking through all her pictures, Su Yun went to make contact with her personally.

Over the years, she had scouted numerous models——some loved stirring up trouble that their popularity began to wane, some broke into the international fashion scene, while others were still muddling along.

Well, everyone had their own path in life.

As such, Su Yun was intrigued to know how Shen Yuanye would make her mark in the future after being scouted by her.

Ultimately, would she be successful or a failure

And so, she had conveyed her intentions very clearly.

Without saying much, Shen Yuanye knew Su Yun intended to give her guidance, so she patiently listened to Su Yan’s instructions.

At the moment, she was only a rookie here.

Hence, she could only listen.


With just trying on all the clothes and making some adjustments, it took them a good several hours.

By the time they left the building, it was already past 6 in the evening.

Hence, it was already dark outside and streetlights were already lit.

Subsequently, Su Yun and Shen Yuanye went to have dinner together, during which they spoke a lot about things relating to the modeling industry.

Then, she had someone send Shen Yuanye back to her apartment.

Soon after, the car stopped before her apartment.

As she prepared to alight from the car, Shen Yuanye suddenly recalled the image she saw in the prediction on Su Yun’s Weibo page after Shen Yuanye had followed her earlier this afternoon.

At that thought, bouts of nervousness clawed at her heart slightly.

Noticing that she was slow in getting out of the car and remained silent, Su Yun could not help but turn to look at Shen Yuanye to ask, “What’s wrong Is there something you would like to tell me”

Turning towards Su Yun, Shen Yuanye organized her wording before stating seriously, “Sister Yun, there’s something very important that concerns you.”

“Me Whatever could be so serious” Su Yun was rendered stunned.

Concerning her What did Shen Yuanye have to do with her matters

Meeting Shen Yuanye’s eyes, Su Yun stared at her with a pair of thoughtful eyes.

If she were spouting nonsense, there was no way for her to be covering her traces.

But of course, Shen Yuanye was not lying in any way.

“Sister Yun, it’s best for you not to go swimming these days.

It doesn’t bode well for you.”

At this juncture, she could neither reveal her special skills nor make things up.

However, if she were to put it too casually, Su Yun would never believe her since she was someone who had been in the fashion industry for so many years.

After giving it some thought, Su Yun commented, “Even though I’m not sure what made you say so, I wouldn’t be swimming anytime soon.”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye grinned, “That’s for the best.”

Looking straight at her, Su Yun shifted and leaned against the backrest.

Immediately right after, she softened her tone and questioned, “What makes you say that What will happen if I were to swim”

The moment she relayed her caution, Shen Yuanye knew this would come up.

After all, she suddenly dropped a bomb like that on her, so Su Yun must definitely be skeptical about her words.

Well, any regular person would think that this was very bizarre.

Likewise for her, if someone were to say something like that before her, she would also feel weirded out.

Even so, not a single trace of fear flashed across Shen Yuanye’s face, but instead, she dealt with Su Yun’s questioning head-on.

“I’ve learned a bit of fortune-telling.

To be honest with you, Sister Yun.

It’d be better for you if you don’t go to places like the swimming complex within the next two months.

But if you don’t believe me, there’s nothing more I can do.”

When it came to this sort of thing, she had never forced it on anyone.

Rubbing her fingertips in thought, Su Yun remained silent.

It was only after a while that she declared, “It’s getting late.

You should head back.”

Without saying more about it, Shen Yuanye nodded and alighted from the car.

It was already dark outside, and the area was only illuminated by the streetlights.

Watching Shen Yuanye’s back slip into the distance, Su Yun asked, “Do you think she’s telling the truth”

Upon hearing that, the driver hesitated for a moment.

“It’s hard to tell when it comes to this sort of thing.

However, there isn’t any reason for her to say that.

If she wanted to scare someone, she could have at least chosen someone else.

Wasn’t this just her asking for trouble”

“Nevertheless, she came to me.” Su Yun said with a laugh.

After saying so much, Shen Yuanye just wanted her not to go to a swimming complex…… 

Yet, she had no plans of going to a swimming complex anytime soon, so she was unsure why Shen Yuanye suddenly came up with such an idea.


Shen Yuanye knew Su Yun did not believe her.

Well, when it came to this sort of supernatural stuff, any regular folk would not believe in it.

It was only because Shen Yuanye saved Zhang Wentao, so he had no other choice but to believe her. 

If Su Yun insisted on going for a swim, Shen Yuanye could not possibly tag along anyway.

No matter how powerful she was, if someone were to do something to Su Yun, there was no telling whether Shen Yuanye would lose her own life in the process.

However, Shen Yuanye was not a fool.

For now, it was up to Su Yun whether she believed it or not.

If Su Yun still insisted on going, all Shen Yuanye could do was just watch.

As soon as she returned to her apartment, Shen Yuanye began to feel her body relaxing.

Grabbing a pack of yogurt drink from the fridge, she laid comfortably on the sofa.

Nothing beats being at your own home.

You can do whatever you want.

With that, her phone began to ring.

Sun Ai raised the roof after Shen Yuanye answered her call.

“Have you seen the news”

Chewing on the yogurt drink pack, Shen Yuanye mumbled, “I just got home, so what’s the news Please do tell.”

Like a machine gun, Sun Ai blathered on and on without stopping, “Zhang Wentao announced his marriage! Do you know who his partner is Do you know who it is It’s Li Mengran! Apparently, they have been married for over a year! Oh my god, Li Mengran is even pregnant! Do you think I’m dreaming right now Are they really together”

Taking a sip of yogurt, Shen Yuanye answered, “It’s true.”

After experiencing that accident, she figured they would definitely announce this marriage sometime soon.

After all, the police discovered that the real perpetrator was a fan of Li Mengran’s, and it was due to these two being at each other’s throats that he carried out such a brainless act.

Most importantly, they have already secured their status in the industry and received awards.

As such, it was pointless for them to continue keeping this a secret.

Also, it would be even more troublesome once their child was born.

“How are you so calm about this It’s Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran!” Sun Ai babbled, “What I had guessed the last time was correct.

Zhang Wentao does like Li Mengran! Li Mengran turned out to be pregnant.

It’s no wonder Zhang Wentao didn’t let her do this or that.

Now that I think about it, he does seem like a good husband……”

With that, she began talking to herself over the phone.

As she listened, Shen Yuanye finished the rest of her yogurt drink in one breath and decided to take a look at what the situation on Weibo was like later.

There was no way for her not to go online for an entire afternoon and fall behind in the process, right

The moment she ended the call, Shen Yuanye logged into her Weibo account decisively.

Sure enough, the top few hashtags on Weibo’s most searched topics were all related to this matter.

Below that were fans blowing up this news.

After clicking into it, regardless of whose fan it was, they were all cursing at him.

Once she had taken a look, Shen Yuanye then clicked into the top-ranked hashtag in the most searched topics.

From the beginning till the end, several marketing accounts released the same press release, and so much so that they had included a screenshot of Zhang Wentao’s and Li Mengran’s most recent Weibo post.

At 2 p.m.

this afternoon, Zhang Wentao made the news of his marriage public on Weibo, attaching his marriage certificate, as well as his wedding photos with Li Mengran.

Both of them looked like a perfect couple in the picture.

Usually, Li Mengran was seen as a mature and powerful woman.

However, when she stood beside Zhang Wentao, she seemed to have softened quite a bit.

Leaning against each other, both of them appeared to be very happy.

After he created the post on Weibo, Li Mengran went on to repost it.

With that, it had cemented the news of their marriage. 

However, netizens either could not believe the news or were cursing at the paparazzi for being incompetent in the comments.

How was it that they still required others to reveal the news themselves

The majority of the comments were from the fans of both Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran.

On the one hand, a portion of them felt that there was some unspeakable secret between both of them.

Now that it was unveiled, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of their chests.

But on the other hand, another portion, who used to think that them being at each other’s throats would affect their fanbase, was alright now since their idol was pregnant.

As such, no matter what, they would want to extend their blessings to the little baby.

Whereas, only a small portion was not in favor.

Meanwhile, Shen Yuanye was enjoying herself thoroughly as she watched things pan out on Weibo.

Their reveal did not engender a massive impact——that’s to say, because their status as ‘Film Emperor’ and ‘Empress of Pop’ was secured.

If this piece of news was made public a year ago, perhaps their careers would have been messed up.

Since Zhang Wentao had countless girlfriend fans, numerous would unfollow him all at once after this reveal.

Even so, he simply did not care much about this, as he had actual skills and did not rely on his popularity.

Besides, this accident happened so unexpectedly, so no one saw that coming.

With this in mind, Shen Yuanye heaved a sigh.

She also wished to be as famous, but unfortunately, she was only preparing to shoot for her first actual magazine cover.

Who knows what the future would hold

Now that her Weibo account gained the skill to predict death, she was unsure whether it was a blessing or a curse.

Following Su Yun on Weibo again, she, once again, began to examine that picture closely to search for clues.

This time, she focused on the others in the picture.

Hence, Shen Yuanye leaned a little closer.

In the picture, most of them either had their eyes closed or had their backs towards her.

However, several people who were facing the “camera” held a distorted countenance.

On closer inspection, they did not seem to be alive.

With that, a loud clap of thunder shattered the peace in her mind.

……Could it be that all the people in that pool were dead

The author has something to say:

This is not a horror novel!!!

Please look at the sincerity in my eyes!


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