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Chapter 74: Shen Yuanye, who are you trying to seduce

A one-minute death video can reveal a lot of information.

Although Zhao Qiulu passed away in old age, this video is not helpful to her.

However she can still experiment with new features.

After checking the timing of the clock next to her, Shen Yuanye clicked on the video.

The background of the video is a room she saw when she hadn’t updated it yet.

Zhao Qiulu, as the host, was lying on a rocking chair.

Although the video cannot be rotated at will and see all the general structure of the background like a 360° panorama, it can give people an intuitive reality.


In the video, Zhao Qiulu originally closed her eyes, until the sound of footsteps sounded, she finally opened her eyes slowly and stared at the front.

Soon, a middle-aged man appeared in the video.

After that, another middle-aged woman came in.

The two stood beside Zhao Qiulu, looking at each other with vigilant eyes.

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Mbkp kp vbl lde sq sdl xkdwvl.

The video once again restarted from the beginning, the cover still looked like Zhao Qiulu closed her eyes, and she clicked in and it started playing again.


Shen Yuanye knew about this function quite well.

The person who was followed by her was within the shooting range one minute before the moment of death, and the end was exactly when she died.

Such video functions are quite powerful.

If there is a one-minute video of the death, the possible murderer could even be shown.

Unlike the previous photos with only that little amount of information.

What can be revealed in one minute is much better than just a photo.

Finally, Weibo returned to its normal appearance.

The time shown on the clock told her that 10 minutes has passed, probably because it takes more time to read illustrations and Weibo.

This amount of time, it was enough.

Shen Yuanye quietly followed Zhao Qiulu again.

She re-checked the picture of “meeting with a female netizen”, and within a minute, she got the information she wanted most.

The coffee shop where Zhao Qiulu met with the female netizen is at No.

18, Renmin Road.

The consumption level of this coffee shop is quite high, and it is very distinctive.

The owner has returned from abroad, which is why Shen Yuanye knows it.


She and Sun Ai have come here for coffee before.

Since the other party is here for an appointment, of course, she has to come to see who the female netizen is.

 Fortunately, there is a clock on the wall in the picture shown by Weibo.

Although it is only half of it, the time shown is between 2:30 and 3:00 in the afternoon.

In case she went too late, Shen Yuanye went there at half-past one.

There are no rooms in this coffee shop, what they have are these small compartments instead.

They have screens and green plants placed in them, bringing a sense of liveliness to the air.

When Shen Yuanye arrived, there were soothing songs being played in the background of the shop.

There were also not many people inside.

She glanced around roughly and quickly identified the table where Zhao Qiulu and the female netizen would be sitting at later, the orientation of it was the same as the picture.

Shen Yuanye pretended to sit in that position casually.

She then covered the newly bought voice recorder in her pocket and stuck it to the edge of the table.

It is posted on the side closest to the outer walkway, they shouldn’t be able to find it.

After she was done, she turned around diagonally, with her back to the door.

It is definitely impossible to hear clearly.

Her purpose is to find out when the female netizen comes in later.

She can see the other person in this position, and as long as she pays attention, she will not be found.


Leave the rest to the recorder.

At 2:25, Zhao Qiulu appeared first.

The warm light of the coffee shop gives people a sense of vagueness, which forms a sharp contrast with the brightness of the outside world.

This vibe makes people like it.

Shen Yuanye sat there and saw a familiar girl again after half a year.

When the video was deleted, the girl was very dissatisfied.(TLN: This is referring to the scene where Shen Yuanye reincarnated.

She was in a bad situation and caught this girl who was recording her.

If you guys recall, Yuanye forced her to delete the video, and that girl became very angry.)

Unexpectedly, she possessed such a small temperament.

She felt a grudge against her and did such a thing.

No wonder she forced Shen Yuanye till death in her last life.

Within a few minutes, the clatter of high heels sounded.

A tall woman came in, her face full of arrogance.

She then sat on the opposite side of Zhao Qiulu casually, looking at her lightly.

Then, she asked: “Have you considered it”

Zhao Qiulu looked at the designer clothes on her body and nodded, “I have thought about it, is it true”

It turned out to be Li Xinyi.


The last time the two met was when they graduated, and then it was Sun Ai’s message that Li Xinyi had a rich stepfather and was going to be a star.

Although there is no splash.

Shen Yuanye thought she had offended someone accidentally, but she didn’t expect it to be her.

The table nearby fell silent.

Then Li Xinyi smiled, “Of course it is true.

As long as you tell the situation clearly and are willing to come forward, that card is yours, and the 50,000 yuan in the card is also yours.”

Zhao Qiulu is just an ordinary worker.

Beijing has high consumption, and often there is not much money left after paying the rent.

For her, fifty thousand yuan is more than a huge sum of money.

Think about it carefully, it was just coming forward to prove that Shen Yuanye is not very good, and it is not something illegal or criminal.

Zhao Qiulu nodded: “Okay, I agree.”

“I will prepare everything.

You only need to post the situation on Weibo.

The video marketing is good, and money is not lacking.” Li Xinyi said.

Zhao Qiulu listened naturally, “I know.”

She didn’t think about it originally, but who knew that she saw the hot search Shen Yuanye on Weibo that day, and she suddenly thought of the incident six months ago.

Shen Yuanye deleted her video and warned her in front of so many people, not preserving her countenance at all.

She didn’t know that her phone would automatically save and back up in the cloud album.

It would be useless to delete the mobile phone album.

Zhao Qiulu turned up the video.

She thought that if she could be popular, she might become a Weibo big star, and then it would be easy to make money.

It didn’t take long for her to be privately messaged by this person.

It was a small account of the other party, although she does not know who it is, they just gave her the money.

She does not care who she is, as long as she does not commit any crimes.

The thought of that card made her heart feel hot.

After rebirth, Shen Yuanye didn’t really have anything special that she really wanted to do.

However, finding the culprit that caused her to die was one thing she must do.

She searched up Li Xinyi on Weibo.

Although Li Xinyi was not popular, her Weibo search praised her.

At first glance, it was just a follower navy she bought, which was not convincing at all.

Her own Weibo has one million fans, but the latest Weibo has only a few dozens of comments, which can be seen what her popularity is.

The reason why it is so easy to find her is really thanks to her real-name certification and her company.

Otherwise, where would she confirm it

After a long time, she felt that Li Xinyi’s face had become even harsher.

Such a person may be proud for a while, but oftentimes, their future will be very unsatisfactory.

Shen Yuanye followed her quietly, and soon the message appeared.

The posthumous photo showed the appearance of an elderly woman, and she immediately turned to the right.

Name: Li Xinyi

Date of Birth: August 31, 1995

Date of death: September 4, 2045

She actually only lived for fifty years.

Although she was not a person that had one of the shorter lifespans that Shen Yuanye has followed, she was still surprised.

After all, the saying that the scourge will last for thousands of years is correct.

She focused on Li Xinyi’s calendar line and wanted to know what would happen to her in the next week, if it was bad luck, it would be best.

There were no special events in the first few days, and she either bought bags or clothes.

Her days are so chic.

Shen Yuanye clicked the sixth day and finally saw a different place.

The picture that appears is in front of a villa, but Li Xinyi and a middle-aged woman are standing at the door, and several people are putting a seal on the door

The words above indicate that it is a court seal.

So amazing

Shen Yuanye quickly looked at the words:

[Li Xinyi’s stepfather went bankrupt and the property was mortgaged to the court, she cried bitterly at the door]

Li Xinyi was able to dominate other people because of her wealthy stepfather.

So once he went bankrupt, she would hardly have any abilities to support herself.

Shen Yuanye clicked on the last day.

The picture is in a dilapidated house, which can be seen to be very narrow, like a basement.

The housing prices in Beijing are so high, and the rent is also quite expensive.

Li Xinyi’s stepfather went bankrupt, so the property must be returned to the bank or someone else, so there was no money to live in a better place.

[Li Xinyi’s mother left her stepfather, and the two depended on each other, living in this small house, the road ahead is slim, who knows what the future will be]

For the first time, so many words appeared on Weibo, but they all described Li Xinyi’s miserable life, which made Shen Yuanye want to laugh.

She was satisfied with seeing this, and quit Weibo without watching the death video.

The two people on the opposite side happened to be leaving.

Shen Yuanye got up and walked over.

Both people were stunned when they saw her, and soon thought of what they were talking about here, and they were afraid that it would be exposed.

Shen Yuanye approached the table.

Seeing that their attention was all on her, she took the recorder calmly without them noticing.

Li Xinyi frowned and asked with an ugly face: “What are you doing here”

Although it’s not a big deal to hear it, the video is a foregone conclusion.

Shen Yuanye can’t turn the sky over no matter how talented she is.

Zhao Qiulu was still playing drums in her heart just now(TLN: playing drums in her heart means that her heart was pounding.), she bowed her head and prepared to leave.

Shen Yuanye stared at her, and Zhao Qiulu stayed rooted on the spot.

She turned to Li Xinyi, not really smiling: “Li Xinyi, if you have time to spend money on me, it is better to go home and see your dad.”

Li Xinyi sneered, “Do you want to seduce my dad Are you a poor person finally wanting to hook up with someone from the upper class Can’t bear to live a poor life”

Shen Yuanye was disgusted by her thoughts, “Then see you in court.”

Li Xinyi immediately looked at her hand and bag, suspicion flashes in her eyes, is there really any evidence Unlikely, right Just her listening is useless, no one would believe her.

Shen Yuanye raised her lips, “I hope you will still have money to hire a lawyer by then.”

Fearing that Li Xinyi would not understand, she added: “I heard that the cheapest lawyer in the imperial capital costs 100,000 yuan.

Looking at you, you may not be able to afford it.”

Cheng Feiqiong taught her how to look at fortunes from facial features.

Li Xinyi’s cheekbones are protruding, and there is no meat wrapped around them.

They look like they are exposed, and the bridge of the nose is relatively collapsed.

It shows that she is easy to anger and likes to attack others without reason.

Isn’t this exactly the same as her character

Li Xinyi frowned, “What a joke!”

How would she not be able to afford a lawyer’s fees

All of her clothes and a bag add up to far more than one hundred thousand yuan.

Let alone a lawyer, she can hire a team of lawyers.

Shen Yuanye ignored her and left the coffee shop.


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