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Chapter 8: Why Don’t You Go Swimming

At the thought of this point, Shen Yuanye was shocked to the marrow, so much so that she nearly dropped the pack of yogurt drink on her leg.

It was only after she was able to wrap her head around that thought that she took a deep breath and locked her phone.

How was she able to save so many people whom she does not know 

Opening her eyes, Shen Yuanye tried her best to calm herself down.

Almost half an hour later, she was finally able to convince herself.

Since she was not a savior, she could not possibly save everyone’s lives.

If she were to stumble upon it, it was alright for her to step forward and rescue them.

Similarly, in the current situation, unless she were to inquire every single person as to who it was and have them not go swimming on the 18th.

However, was this even possible

At this thought, the corners of Shen Yuanye’s lips curled into a wry smile.

If she were the one who was approached, she would also have thought that person was out of his mind, let alone the others.

At this juncture, it was every man for himself.

Hence, Shen Yuanye decided not to look at her Weibo any longer, so she went on to uninstall it on her phone.

Since she would not need to use Weibo anytime soon, she would reinstall it again once she grew accustomed to it. 

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Even so, Shen Yuanye knew clearly what she was capable of.

At the moment, the only presentable thing in her portfolio was Fei Shang’s magazine cover that had yet to be taken.

So, how was it possible for them to be interested in her

At that thought, she asked bluntly, “How on earth did you find me I’m certain it wasn’t merely from seeing my old pictures, right Is it Film Emperor Zhang”

Liu Li, who was on the other end of the line, choked up for a moment before smoothing her furrowed brows swiftly.

This isn’t a stupid one, and she appears to be alright. At last, Liu Li was able to set her mind at ease.

She chuckled and replied, “Now that you have already guessed it, it won’t be necessary for me to hide it any longer.

Yes, it is Wentao.

So, why don’t you think it over I believe you should know of our Hua Yi’s position in the entertainment industry and we have abundant resources.

Since our company has very few models, if you were to perform well, you will definitely be our top model.” 

That was easier said than done.

Of course, Shen Yuanye knew things would definitely not pan out as easily as she put it, but she had to say she was very tempted.

Also, there was no need for her to let go of the olive branch that Zhang Wentao had sent her way. 

If she were to wait till the next time, who knows when that would be

When that time came, it would be far too late.

On top of that, Shen Yuanye was also not a fool.

As soon as she formulated her sentences, Shen Yuanye asked, “I will sleep on it first, but I’ve heard that Hua Yi will be announcing new jobs next year, right”

With a smile, Liu Li answered, “That’s right.

Well, you are pretty smart.

When Wentao was recommending you, he did put in loads of good words for you.

Even so, I do recommend you signing the contract next year.”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye felt reassured.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Yuanye gave it some thought and installed Weibo on her phone again.

As soon as she had located Zhang Wentao’s Weibo page, she sent him a private message to thank him.

Since she did not have his phone number, that was all she could do now.

After sending the message, Shen Yuanye once again attempted to follow his Weibo page.

Come to think of it, she had never considered whether uninstalling the application would cause this hidden function to disappear.

However, after following Zhang Wentao’s Weibo page again, a black screen still appeared on her phone, just like before.

Thus far, a black screen still appears whenever she follows Zhang Wentao’s and Li Mengran’s Weibo pages.

As such, Shen Yuanye was not sure whether she could see their future again.


Zhang Wentao was in the hospital when he saw the private message.

At this moment, Li Mengran went into meditation.

Whereas, he had canceled all the interviews and events in his schedule, so he was practically hangin’ around in the hospital.

Apart from chatting with her, they would sleep together.

Subsequently, they would browse through their fans’ comments on Weibo.

Although they would often say it did not matter, how was it possible for them not to care in the slightest Both of them were very concerned as to whether their fans would continue to support them.

Clicking on a comment, Zhang Wentao read aloud, “I knew it! Zhang Wentao used to stare at Li Mengran every time, so there must be something fishy going on! Who would have expected that he had already taken her home! Amazing!”

He used a very comical tone, causing Li Mengran to snicker.

Arcing her eyes in a smile, she teased, “If they were to know you are like this, they would definitely regret it.”

Zhang Wentao winked at her and refuted, “It’s no use regretting it now.”

Returning to his official Weibo page, he pondered for a moment before searching for Shen Yuanye’s official Weibo page.

As soon as he saw how empty it was, Zhang Wentao clicked his tongue twice.

Immediately right after, he received her private message.

After replying to Shen Yuanye’s private message with two words, Zhang Wentao informed Li Mengran, “Looks like Sister Li has made the arrangements.”

Upon hearing that, Li Mengran touched her stomach.

“She has really saved us this time.

In actual fact, I’m inclined to believe her when she stated that she could tell fortunes.

You do know that plenty of things, similar to this, occurred in the entertainment industry.”

The most extreme case happened to be rearing little ghosts1 .

Zhang Wentao did not refute her but merely said, “Telling fortunes……If she was indeed able to do it, that must have been a sort of fate for her to have chosen us amongst others.”

Li Mengran insisted in a velvety voice, “It’s no big deal for you to guide her more often in the future.

Since she had saved our baby and me, I must thank her personally upon my discharge from the hospital.”

Concurrently, she would like to see what sort of wonderful person Shen Yuanye was.

Obediently, Zhang Wentao responded, “Alright.””

With how things had panned out, he was also very grateful.


From late December to early January, Shen Yuanye finally finished the photoshoot for the magazine cover.

Although the news pertaining to Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran were still often found on Weibo’s most searched topics for more than half a month, it had substantially reduced in numbers as compared to before.

The CP2 fans of the two seemed to have emerged overnight, as they began to collate a variety of media, such as posts on various platforms and old pictures of the two persons before analyzing one after another.

The fans gave their all to detect any traces left behind in photos uploaded at different times.

There was one time when Li Mengran left behind a silhouette picture when she went somewhere.

Yet, the professional fans were able to capture the wrist of a passer-by who was at the side.

On top of that, it just happened to be Zhang Wentao, as a short length of the watch on the wrist was revealed, as the watch had appeared in pictures that Zhang Wentao was in before.

It was just that no one took details, like this, to heart in the past, so much so that the marketing accounts and paparazzi could not be bothered to delve into it. 

Even when Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran first met two years ago, he had once mentioned his ideal type in an extremely small interview.

Through this, Li Mengran was dug out in an instant.

Some would say it was very direct.

Undoubtedly, it used to anger Zhang Wentao’s petty-minded and obsessed fans.

However, they had, all of a sudden, turned into single dogs3 who had been fed with dog food4.

Soon after, Shen Yuanye no longer paid attention to them.

Since this was her first actual photoshoot for a magazine cover, she was very cautious in completing all her tasks for fear that something might go wrong.

Having gone through several styles, the photographer had taken several rounds of photos before they were able to finalize the final results.

In the midst of it, they had even gone to the extent of reselecting the hairstyles and clothes.

At the moment, she had yet to see the finalized photo, but she was certainly looking forward to it.

Looking forward to the release of her magazine cover in early February.


By late January, the series of work for the magazine was completed.

Hence, Su Yun took a few days off.

With the perks of her position, all she needed to do was give instructions, as there were countless people who would get the job done.

As such, there was no need for her to run up and down.

Ever since she took a chance to relax a year ago, she had begun to work around the clock ever since.

Not even after two days of holidays, she subsequently decided to go for a vacation.

Lin Huixin was Su Yun’s best friend.

Ever since both of them got to know each other, they had always kept in contact frequently.

Su Yun and Lin Huixin would often go on shopping trips and have afternoon teas during the weekends, including discussing all sorts of latest things.

But most importantly, their interests and hobbies were very similar.

Getting to know that the busy bee, Su Yun, had decided on her own to go on a holiday, Lin Huixin immediately gave her a call.

“You really have given yourself a holiday”

Su Yun just happened to be preparing some fruit salad when she heard Lin Huixin’s question, so she merely answered with a sound of agreement.

“Next month’s issue is almost done, and it’s also nearly the end of the year, so it’ll be a waste if I don’t take a break.”

Coincidentally, she would be able to use up this year’s annual leaves this time.

Upon hearing that, Lin Huixin laughed out loud.

“That’s good.

Since you are on holiday, why don’t I set up a gathering and introduce someone to you” 

This best friend of hers was currently 39 years of age, yet she had no boyfriend.

The most recent relationship she was in was five years ago, which made her feel very terrified.

Even a little fresh meat5 is fine too. 

However, Su Yun refused directly, “Hold it right there.

I don’t want to get married, and my current life is going very well since there was not anyone meddling in my affairs and also asking me for anything.”

Leaning up from her bed, Lin Huixin said sourly, “I knew you were going to say that.

I won’t introduce anyone to you, alright However, let’s go play with me and some of my new friends.

You should have probably heard of it.”

Lin Huixin was someone who often attends parties.

Even so, Su Yun knew her personality very well.

Whomever she approved were usually of good disposition, and there would not be any unique ones.

With this in mind, Su Yun agreed, “Alright, you arrange the time.”

With that, Lin Huixin stated decisively, “Alright, I will notify them and update you again tomorrow.

This time, we will make sure to enjoy ourselves thoroughly.”

The next day, Su Yun received a message from Lin Huixin.

Three days later, a group of eight made their way to an overseas island.

Since it was so cold in the country, they had to travel somewhere warmer to relax. 

As for Su Yun, she kept fidgeting impatiently and acting pretty lazily all day long.

When the others went out into the sea, she would either lay down under a beach umbrella to read some magazines while drinking some beverages or bask under the sun.

The day simply went on so free and easy.

Stopping by Su Yun’s side, Lin Huixin asked, “Why aren’t you swimming”

Pressing her sunglasses downwards, Su Yun replied, “I don’t feel like moving.”

At the mention of this word, ‘swimming,’ Su Yun could recall what Shen Yuanye told her last month.

Shaking her head, the corners of her lips quirked up.

When she could not figure it out, Lin Huixin questioned, “What’s so funny”

Su Yun then filled her in about the matter before asking, “What do you think this girl is thinking What would she tell me about this”

Swinging her legs, Lin Huixin answered, “You never know, she could be trying to attract your attention.

After all, you are an editor-in-chief.

Look, don’t you remember her right now

Even if that were true, this was still her first time encountering this sort of trick.

With that, Su Yun did not say anything, but she somewhat agreed with Lin Huixin inwardly.


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