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Chapter 81: To serve the people.

The high-rise buildings in the urban area appeared as the car drove quickly, the air gradually becoming noisier.

Seeing that Zhou Lu was not in the mood to speak, Shen Yuanye didn’t ask any questions.

Plus, Jiang Pan and Liu Heyang were in the car.

But when they drove onto the road that led to the police station, Zhou Lu took the initiative to say, “…He is not my fan.”

Her voice was a little hoarse and low.

If Shen Yuanye hadn’t been paying attention to her, she would not have heard her say that sentence.


“Since he is not your fan, how come he kept photos of you” Shen Yuanye asked her doubts, “Has he been plotting for a long time”

Judging from everything before, it doesn’t seem like the fat man had an abrupt intention.

Zhou Lu only passed by that area to visit her parents once a month.

The fixed time was unknown to most people, even the people in the company.

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He hadn’t killed anyone yet, so he wouldn’t be sentenced for as long a time.

He did illegally detain Zhou Lu, though, so the sentencing for that would be inevitable.


If they hadn’t found Zhou Lu, the consequences would have been even worse.

Seeing that Zhou Lu was in a better mood, Ren Lulu started to ask questions and take notes for a record.

Shen Yuanye continued sitting beside her, acting as if she wasn’t there.

She discovered the entire process through Ren Lulu’s questions and Zhou Lu’s answers.

Zhou Lu had indeed driven to the small town herself.

She was going to go home to visit her parents, so of course she was alone.

But her car suddenly broke down on the route home, and the car had stopped on the bumpy road.

She called a tow truck and decided to wait there.

After a while, a fat man came on the road, saying that he was her fan.

He requested an autograph from her and, if possible, a few photographs with her.

Zhou Lu may look arrogant all the time, but she is very kind to fans.

The fat man also looked quite shy, so she had agreed.

She had turned around to get a pen from her car since she always carried these kinds of items with her.

But as soon as she turned around, she was knocked unconscious.

Zhou Lu had not installed a dashcam, and there was no surveillance on that road.

There were only open fields in the surrounding area, with no people in sight.

There were only black dots in the distance that looked like people.

When she woke up, she had already been tied up.


The fat man had changed from his initial shyness to someone who treated her very harshly, but fortunately, he hadn’t done anything intrusive.

He would come to see her every day, staring at her with penetrating eyes every time and sneering at her when she seemed afraid.

It was as if he suffered from neuropathy.

Zhou Lu had been extremely tired after so many days of continuous tension for several days.

She was exhausted and haggard.

But suddenly, the fat man became excited.

He suddenly began taking out measuring tape and wrapping it around her body, sometimes creating wounds.

When it was over, the fat man was very happy.

When Zhou Lu said this, she rolled up the sleeve of her shirt.

The small wound was exposed.

“I don’t know what he wants to do.”

Shen Yuanye said silently that it was because the fat man wanted to use wires.

“Okay, I generally understand your situation.” Ren Lulu said, “Miss Zhou, have you seen him before Please recall.”

Zhou Lu shook her head, “No.”

In fact, even if she had seen him, she would not have had any impression of him.


Ren Lulu arranged her in the lounge and said patiently, “If you need anything, you can call someone and we will provide it.”

She left the room.

Zhou Lu’s agent was also notified of her return.

The agent quickly called and asked countless questions: “Are you okay That person didn’t do anything to you, right How is it now What’s going on “

“Let’s release the news of my return first.” Zhou Lu said.

Shen Yuanye had mentioned the situation on the Internet involving her not long ago.

Now that she had been found, she was more worried about the emotions of her fans.

The agent said, “Okay, I’ll come to the police station right away.”

As soon as the news of Zhou Lu’s return was released, it became a hot search almost immediately.

Fans who paid attention to this incident immediately went to her Weibo.

The new comments broke the record for most comments on Weibo.

“It’s good that they found her.

I’m relieved that nothing serious happened.”

“Lulu in the photo is so haggard, she must have suffered.”

“I wonder who did it.

Screw them and their whole family.

Is this a brain problem Why did they kidnap my Lulu”


“Be sure to put that person in jail!”

Zhou Lu’s agent just said a few words about the fat man.

The police would naturally take care of this matter.

It was not good for them to say too much.

But soon, some paparazzi went to the police station to stand guard.

Some even bribed cleaners and received some inside information.

The fat man’s information had also been put on the Internet, but his real identity is not known yet.


In the interrogation room, it is a whole different scene.

The fat man’s information was investigated not long after they came back to the police station.

His real name is Sun Youming.

He is 29 years old this year, and worked as an electrician with three years of service.

The fat man lowered his head and said, in a vague voice, “I just wanted to frighten her so that she doesn’t take…” 

Jiang Pan’s fingers tapped on the table, giving people invisible pressure.

Liu Heyang sneered, “To frighten To frighten is to tie someone up, cover their mouth with tape, and take so many photos.

It’s not something that was deliberately planned”

Nobody would believe what the fat man said.

Every suspect who entered the interrogation room would quibble as if they thought they could escape the final punishment.

In fact, in the end, they would either admit it themselves or they would admit it to the evidence.

On-the-spot interrogations at home and interrogations in an interrogation room are very different.

It gives people two completely different feelings.

Originally, the fat man was quite calm at home, but when he came here, he became panicked.

Especially after hearing that he was going to be sentenced for what he had done.

There isn’t anyone who was not afraid of going to jail.

The interrogation lasted more than an hour.

Liu Heyang followed Jiang Pan when they came out.

He relaxed and stretched his arms.

All of Sun Youming’s words were recorded.

The police found Zhou Lu at his house.

He couldn’t make up a reason, and even if he did, no one would believe it.

Even if he didn’t admit it, all the evidence in this matter pointed to him.

Sun Youming naturally knew, so he admitted it within half an hour.

He is not a fan of Zhou Lu.

He is an anti-fan.

But, in fact, he is not only an anti-fan.

He is also another female model’s fanatic fan.

This female model was from West Entertainment.

Her popularity was not low, and she was similar to Zhou Lu.

However, Zhou Lu was always better than she was.

Especially after Zhou Lu started participating in variety shows, Zhou Lu had a completely higher status than she did.

But there was an interlude to the show.

At first, the show wanted that female model from West Entertainment to come star in the show, but she refused.

So they found Zhou Lu, and she became popular all of a sudden.

As a fanatical fan of that model, Sun Youming had been particularly upset.

After that, many resources were given to Zhou Lu.

It was only in 2018 that Zhou Lu had less work and some of the work was given to that female model.

He had been Zhou Lu’s anti-fan since 2015.

A fan might not even know a celebrity better than an anti-fan.

Sun Youming was very competent as an anti-fan.

He not only knew Zhou Lu’s itinerary well, but also knew the date of Zhou Lu’s return to her hometown every month.

After Zhou Lu got the job for another New York Fashion Week show, he finally couldn’t hold back.

His female model had to stay home with nothing to do while Zhou Lu had a variety of resources

After waiting there for a long time, he finally got an opportunity.

“So you kidnapped Zhou Lu”


There is actually some information that Sun Youming did not say.

He felt that saying it would result in a longer sentence.

He initially only wanted to frighten Zhou Lu.

But after kidnapping her, he felt a strange sense of pleasure, especially when he had tied Zhou Lu up.

After two or three days, Sun Youming suddenly had an idea.

He used measuring tape to measure her body and wanted to steal some wires from his company.

He wanted to use the wires to tie Zhou Lu up.

But he was caught before it was implemented.

Zhou Lu stood outside the interrogation room, looking at Sun Youming through the glass.

When she heard his words, she felt chills in her heart, “He wanted to kill me.”

Shen Yuanye was beside her and nodded silently.

He did not only want to kill you.

He wanted to use wires to tie you up and then strangle you.

Of course, she didn’t say this, otherwise Zhou Lu would have yet another haunting memory.

After the interrogation, Jiang Pan and Liu Heyang came out.

When Jiang Pan saw the two of them, he said, “Miss Zhou, you can go home and rest if you feel fine now.”

Liu Heyang nodded in agreement.

The records of both parties matched up, and Zhou Lu knew that she couldn’t make his sentence harsher.

After all, the other party hadn’t actually killed her, so she could only leave it like this.

Zhou Lu said, “Thank you, Officer.”

Before Jiang Pan said anything, Liu Heyang smiled and said, “You can thank Miss Shen.”

Zhou Lu turned her head to look at Shen Yuanye, and she was a little suspicious when she saw her calm expression.

But thinking of how she was following Officer Jiang, she must have helped in some way.

Naturally, she has to thank her.

The two walked out of the police station.

It was already evening.

The sun set slowly, and it turned everything in the sky red.

The agent was waiting in the car, and she immediately escorted Zhou Lu into the car.

She was surprised to see Shen Yuanye, but she didn’t say anything.

Shen Yuanye didn’t like Zhou Lu’s agent very much, perhaps because of her attitude when they first met.

The car slowly drove away from the police station.

The phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated.

Shen Yuanye took it out and unlocked it.

There was a WeChat message.

Jiang Pan: “You owe me a favor.”

Shen Yuanye looked at it for a while and replied, “It should be your duty to serve the people.”

Jiang Pan: “Yes, of course serving the people is my duty.”


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