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Chapter 83: He heard everything.

Shen Yuanye anonymously followed Lu Yuanfan’s Weibo.

Fortunately, there was a function to follow anonymously.

Otherwise, considering what had happened last time, there might have been someone watching her actions.

In the blink of an eye, a black screen flashed, and the content was highlighted.

Name: Liao Yuanfan

Date of Birth: April 12, 1992


Date of death: January 25, 2065

It seemed that the future had really been changed.

The date of his death had changed from this year to decades later.

He lived for a pretty long time before dying.

Shen Yuanye glanced at it randomly, and then focused on the calendar line and diagram at the bottom.

The picture from the first day on the calendar was of him sitting in a room by himself.

The place was the restaurant she had just mentioned on the phone.

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Mbl nsxxldv, yzsdt okvb vbl rknvwal, sdzu bye sdl pbsav pldvldnl.


[Nkys Zwydqyd yde Fbld Zwydul bye y elvykzle vyzj ycswv y xyvvla.

Tl oyp kd y cye xsse]

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Fbld Zwydul eked’v lmrlnv Elkcs vs raleknv yduvbkdt qasx vbyv rknvwal, ps pbl pnaszzle esod.

Mbl plnsde eyu oyp dsvbkdt prlnkyz.

Tl oyp qkzxkdt yd ldesaplxldv.

Mbl rknvwalp sd vbl vbkae yde qswavb eyup olal yzz sq bkx kd vbl nsxrydu.

Nw Zwydqyd yde bkp ytldv olal ekpnwppkdt bkp aldloyz sq vbl nsdvaynv qsa vbl qwvwal.

Mbl rknvwal sd vbl qkqvb eyu oyp qkdyzzu psxlvbkdt ekqqlaldv.

Mbl rknvwal pbsop Nw Zwydqyd’p ydtau lmralppksd, yde clbkde bkx kp y nzsple essa.

Kwetkdt qasx vbl ydtzl yde xshlxldv, bl oyp vbl sdl vbyv nzsple vbl essa.

Below the picture it read:


[Liao Yuanfan and the Lu family couple had a big quarrel, and he slammed the door angrily and left]

Shen Yuanye was going to click into the next day, but suddenly her eyes focused on the line of words.

She felt that she had found something of significance.

Lu family couple.

Why did it not describe them as his parents

When she had followed Li Xinyi’s Weibo before, the descriptions were “Li Xinyi’s stepfather” and “Li Xinyi’s mother”.

It could be seen that if there was a relationship between the people, it would be noted.

In Lu Yuanfan’s diagram, the phrase “Lu family couple” was used.

It indirectly illustrated one point—

The Lu family couple were not Lu Yuanfan’s real parents.

Shen Yuanye felt that she suddenly understood Lu Yuanfan’s awkward tone and emotions when he called her.

He must have figured out something.

It was really hard for normal people to accept something like this.

She had thought that there was another reason why his name was changed before, but now it seemed that there were some unknown secrets hidden.

Since the Lu family couple were not his parents, then his surname should have been from his real parents, and it was changed to Lu for some unknown reason.


The thought of an abduction popped up in Shen Yuanye’s thoughts.

Since she had no evidence, she could only come up with theories.

She took a deep breath and continued to look down at the pictures and text of the sixth and seventh days.

On the sixth day, Lu Yuanfan was sleeping in his apartment.

His face was flushed, and there were some wine bottles lying next to him.

He must have drunk too much.

The text explanation was similar to her thinking.

“He couldn’t accept the reality and got drunk.”

But as to what that reality was, Weibo did not explain.

On the seventh day, Lu Yuanfan was standing in the police station.

The reason why she recognized it was because she had an impression of the place when she went there to report her case before.

And the last line of text states the reason.

[Liao Yuanfan came to the police station to report a case to find his real parents].

Everything became clear.

Lu Yuanfan was renamed by the Lu couple; they had somehow regarded him as their own son.

Shen Yuanye sighed.

She saw that she still had time, so she watched his death video.

Lu Yuanfan would die of old age.

However, there was nothing related to the current matter (TLN: The current matter refers to the Lu family couple, his supposed parents) in the death video.


Shen Yuanye wanted to know how Lu Yuanfan knew his real name.

Since he had quarreled with the Lu family couple, it meant that he had already broken off their relationship on the fifth day.


Lu Yuanfan had gone to the room ahead of time.

He sat there, with his usually sunny face a little cold.

He just stared at the table without saying a word.

Shen Yunaye also sent him a message saying that she would be coming soon.

Lu Yuanfan didn’t know how she figured it out.

When he thought about what he had heard the day before yesterday, he was shocked.

But at the same time, while he couldn’t accept it, he also felt that it was the truth.

When Shen Yuanye called him “Liao Yuanfan” in the hospital room, he was confused.

And everything the day before yesterday told him that he was Liao Yuanfan.

While thinking about it, the door was pushed open.

Shen Yuanye was stunned for a moment when she saw his spirit.

She felt that he looked very haggard, which was different from the Lu Yuanfan before.

Lu Yuanfan raised his head and said, “Sister Yuanye, please sit.”


He smiled slightly, but the smile wasn’t very heartfelt.

Shen Yuanye swallowed and spoke first: “Did you really find out what you talked about on the phone before”


Lu Yuanfan reached out and touched his glass, “Sister Yuanye also knows that my name is Liao Yuanfan, right”

Shen Yuanye’s face was light.

She thought of the facts and said, “I didn’t tell you this before.

I can tell fortunes, and I learned it from Mr.

Cheng Feiqiong.”

Lu Yuanfan was confused for a moment.

He didn’t expect this answer.

As for Cheng Feiqiong, he didn’t know who he was, but that didn’t prevent him from guessing his approximate identity.

“So you predicted that my name is Liao Yuanfan” Lu Yuanfan looked at her and asked, “Is there anything else you can calculate”

Shen Yuanye frowned and finally said what she had seen yesterday, “Your current parents are not your biological parents.”

Lu Yuanfan looked at her in shock, “It seems you really know.”

The corner of his mouth curled into a wry smile.

When he thought of that incident, he didn’t know how to deal with it.

He had been thinking about it for the past two days.

Shen Yuanye didn’t know how much he knew, but obviously, he knew the most important point, “How much do you know”

Lu Yuanfan shook his head, “Only that one point.”

Shen Yuanye was about to continue her questioning when she heard him speak slowly.

It seemed that he was going to tell her about the situation at that time.

After Lu Yuanfan was discharged from the hospital, he had been resting at home.

The company didn’t give him much work, and he didn’t have a big endorsement deal.

A small endorsement could be finished with a simple shot.

The job of a model was much easier than that of an actor.

The sculpture issue had had a significant impact on the Lu family couple, especially after being locked away for several days.

Seeing the scene of Lu Yuanfan being beaten had been quite stimulating.

During the few days of rest, Sun Cuiju kept asking him questions about his welfare.

She wasn’t relieved until she was sure everything was all right.

Lu Jianguo and Sun Cuiju(TLN: they are his supposed parents) were both old, and they usually just grew some vegetables.

Both of them were supported by Lu Yuanfan.

Although there were not many endorsements for models, they could earn hundreds of thousands at once.

It was easy for him to raise two elderly people.

The place where they lived was in the countryside, and they didn’t have many things that they needed to buy.

Lu Yuanfan was considered a promising person in the village.

He was unable to fit in with them, even though those people were very kind to him.

The village was not big, and there were about fifty families living in it.

They visited each other almost every day, and they knew the situation of each family very well.

When Lu Yuanfan was in the village, everyone liked him very much.

At noon the day before, he had nothing to do, so he decided to go to the village chief’s house to talk about the road construction that was mentioned before.

Although the village had contact with the outside world, the road was still a gravel road, which was not particularly convenient.

He now had some spare money, and it would also be beneficial to him after the road was built as well.

After returning from the village chief’s house, it was already noon, so it was time for lunch.

Lu Yuanfan smelled the fragrance wafting from the kitchen.

As he was walking towards the kitchen to see what was for lunch, he slowed his pace unconsciously.

When he was a child, he liked to secretly eat the vegetables after the dishes were ready.

Although Sun Cuiju was used to it, she had to scold him every time.

Lu Yuanfan hadn’t returned to his hometown for a long time, and he missed that smell.

When he arrived at the kitchen door, he didn’t hear the sound of cooking, but the voices of Sun Cuiju and Lu Jianguo, who also mentioned his name.

Lu Yuanfan was about to go in when he heard the words “Liao Yuanfan”.

His footsteps stopped at the door of the kitchen.

“…Can’t let him know, otherwise troubles will happen.” Sun Cuiju’s voice was more obvious, “I heard that this is a crime! I will be arrested! “

Lu Yuanfan was confused.

But he felt that what they were talking about was something they didn’t want him to know.

Anyone would be curious.

Plus, it was related to him, so he didn’t want to leave.

He continued to secretly listen.

After a while, Lu Jianguo’s voice sounded: “You did it yourself.”

Sun Cuiju was dissatisfied with his words, and began to scold him, “Then why did you agree at the beginning Didn’t you also have this idea”

Lu Jianguo was speechless.

Lu Yuanfan frowned when he heard these words.

He couldn’t understand what the two of them were talking about with these few words.

He only knew that it was not a good thing, because a crime was mentioned earlier.

The people of Sun Cuiju and Lu Jianguo’s generation were the most afraid of the police.

“…When I came back with Yuanfan, you didn’t say anything, but now you know how to blame me” Sun Cuiju’s voice weakened, “I didn’t mean it!”

Lu Jianguo knocked on the stove, “It’s useless to say this now.”

Sun Cuiju was a little terrified.

For a while, when she thought of the scene in the hospital that day, she was afraid, for fear that things would be exposed.

She approached Lu Jianguo and asked, “I don’t know why Yuanfan asked about the surname Liao last time.

Does he really know that his surname should be Liao… If he does, then…”

“Impossible.” Lu Jianguo said definitely.

“Also, no one in the village knows about this.” Sun Cuiju figured after her panic.

“Who knows where the Liao family is, and Yuanfan won’t know,” she said, nodding and relaxing.

She and Lu Jianguo had stayed abroad for a year or two before coming back.

The people in the village didn’t know the specifics at all and thought it was her child.

Sun Cuiju was very relieved about this.

Her next words were much lower, “If you want me to say, we shouldn’t have let Yuanfan go with those scouts in the first place.

He’s on TV now and they may see him.

Maybe they’ll find us, something will definitely happen by then… …”

Rural houses were not well soundproofed, so the shrill voices of the two of them came out without a muffle.

Lu Yuanfan, who was standing outside the door, felt cold.


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