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Chapter 84: How was the child taken

The two people in the kitchen gradually changed the subject.

Lu Yuanfan suddenly remembered that he had wanted to be an arts student in high school.

His parents had disapproved when he applied to an arts school.

At first, he just thought that they wanted him to have a proper job (TLN: Many people of his parents’ generation believed that the arts, such as music, were not proper jobs), but now in retrospect, those words seem to have other hidden meanings.

If they were not his biological parents, then who were his real parents

Lu Yuanfan suddenly felt that his world had completely changed.


So his real name was Liao Yuanfan

When Shen Yuanye called him by that name in the hospital room, he was confused and asked the Lu family couple.

Now, thinking back about it, he had chills running down his back.

As he was thinking about it, Sun Cuiju suddenly came out of the kitchen.

When she saw him standing there, she was shocked.

“Yuanfan, when did you get here”

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If it was before, Lu Yuanfan would have probably responded happily.


But at this moment, he was not in the mood.

He just forced a smile and said, “Got it.”

His heart was tangled with emotions and thoughts.

Lu Yuanfan looked at the Lu couple’s faces for a while, and he felt that he really wasn’t their biological child.

The meal had no taste at all. 

He left the house and went outside the village, looking at the desolation around him.

He thought of the conversation between Sun Cuiju and Lu Jianguo and his heart felt chaotic.

At the entrance of the village, he met Uncle Li.

Uncle Li had lived in the village for a long time.

When Lu Yuanfan asked such a question, he laughed.

As he recalled it, he took a puff of a cigarette and said, “You were almost two years old when your mother brought you back.

You looked so cute and smart.

You also had a sweet mouth.

(TLN: This means he always complimented people and was nice.) You would smile all day long at everyone.

We all said that the Lu family was lucky.”

Lu Yuanfan listened carefully.

Uncle Li had a good memory.

He still remembered some of the scenes from that year.

From his words, Lu Yuanfan knew a little bit about what happened back then.

The Lu family had been working outside the village when they were young.

At that time, there happened to be a trend of finding work in the city.

All the young people in the village all went out to find jobs.


They only come back once every few years.

Later, when the two of them were almost forty years old, they came back with Lu Yuanfan in their arms.

When people in the village asked, Sun Cuiju said it was her son.

Although she was already quite old to give birth, it was not impossible, so everyone believed it.

After listening to his words, Lu Yuanfan knew that no one in this village knew who his biological parents were except the Lu family couple.

After listening to the whole process, Shen Yuanye didn’t know what to say.

The actions of the Lu family couple were covered up.

Although they did not fully reveal what happened at that time, it was already obvious.

Lu Yuanfan was a child they obtained through illegal and criminal means.

Previously, there was a topic on Weibo’s hot search about a nanny who did not work for long at a house and stole the owner’s child.

After raising the child for more than 20 years, she was stung by her conscience and began to look for the child’s real parents.

But in reality, everything was irreversible.

That child’s life had been changed.

When a family’s financial situation was good, it meant that their children might receive a good education.

But the nanny intervened, and the child had ended up dropping out of school.


Plus, a happy family might have been destroyed.

How could they accept the fact that their child was gone by the time they returned home from work

Lu Yuanfan was raised by them.

But his future might have been different had he been raised by his real parents.

Maybe he would have a good career in the city and not have to live in a village where the food and clothing were all ordinary.

They were not the ones who were supposed to raise Lu Yuanfan.

This upbringing couldn’t make up for the damage done to Lu Yuanfan and Lu Yuanfan’s biological parents.

Shen Yuanye looked at Lu Yuanfan, who was silent in front of her.

She poured him a glass of water and asked softly, “…How do they treat you”

Lu Yuanfan’s voice was a little low, “Good.”

It should count as pretty good.

The Lu couple had always treated him as their own son, always responding to his requests.

He had been sensible since he was a child, and he was not rebellious.

But he couldn’t accept it.

Once he knew this fact, he couldn’t help thinking about who his biological parents were and what his life would have been like now.

If his biological parents had been hurt by this matter and ended up having a poor life, Lu Yuanfan felt that he couldn’t accept this fact.


“So what are you going to do next” Shen Yuanye asked again.

She didn’t know the real reason for this incident, and she was not a part of the matter, so Lu Yuanfan still needed to make his own decision on this matter.

The calendar line diagram mentioned that Lu Yuanfan went to the police station to report the case on the seventh day, which means that he already had his own ideas.

Lu Yuanfan looked at her, “Sister Yuanye, you said you can tell fortunes.”

Shen Yuanye touched her cup, “Yes.”

Lu Yuanfan’s usual sparkling eyes suddenly changed, “Can you figure out my biological parents”

Shen Yuanye thought for a while.

She had learned some of this from her master.

Even if she really couldn’t figure it out, she should be able to figure out a general direction.

“Your hopes shouldn’t be pinned on me.” Shen Yuanye said, “I can try, but don’t get your hopes up.”

Lu Yuanfan replied, “Mhm, I understand.

He just said it casually anyway and wouldn’t take it as an important clue.

But he had to believe it since Shen Yuanye knew that his real name was Liao Yuanfan.

The two didn’t stay in the room for long, and Shen Yuanye left first.

Lu Yuanfan just sat there alone and didn’t leave until it was dark.

After returning to her apartment, Shen Yuanye realized that she had thought about the matter too simply.

She knew Lu Yuanfan’s real date of birth, but the time of birth was not clear.

Different hours naturally had different information.

A lot of information could be calculated from a person’s birthday.

Shen Yuanye had not yet reached the point where she could tell fortunes without specific birthdays, so she could only ask Cheng Feiqiong.


On June 12, Lu Yuanfan and the Lu family couple had a showdown.

Lu Yuanfan admitted that he knew everything.

Sure enough, he saw the shocked and shifting eyes of the two people.

Sun Cuiju even scolded him directly.

She said that he was ungrateful, disobedient, and listened to other people’s nonsense.

She had raised him for twenty years, and those twenty years were worth nothing.

Although Lu Jianguo spoke few words, he supported Sun Cuiju.

Neither of them had mentioned who his biological parents were or how he had ended up at their home.

Lu Yuanfan initially had some guilt.

But after seeing how they reacted, the guilt was worn away little by little.

On June 13, Lu Yuanfan went to the police station.

This incident involved a relatively long period of time.

The police checked the previous records and found that no one had reported the child’s disappearance at all.

Back in the 1990s, it was indeed not as systematic as it is now.

However, they quickly brought the Lu family couple to the police station.

Because of Lu Yuanfan’s request, they were not treated badly.

Sun Cuiju had been uneasy since she quarreled with Lu Yuanfan the day before.

She didn’t know how Lu Yuanfan knew, but when she thought about his identity, the fear of being locked up filled her mind.

They locked Lu Jianguo and Sun Cuiju in different rooms.

As a traditional woman from the countryside, Sun Cuiju was naturally afraid of the police, not to mention having done such a thing.

If she admitted it, she would be locked up.

Sun Cuiju suddenly thought of such an ending, so no matter what they asked, she just didn’t say anything.

The police couldn’t do anything about her staying silent.

Lu Jianguo had already explained the context.

The child was brought back by Sun Cuiju, and he didn’t know where he came from.

He also revealed some cryptic information.

Lu Jianguo couldn’t have children, so even though he and Sun Cuiju had been married for more than ten years, they didn’t have any children.

He also took a lot of medicines to solve the problem while working.

Later, he and his boss went out to see some goods, and he only returned after a month.

Only when he came home that day did he realize that there was a sudden addition of a child to the family.

Sun Cuiju insisted that it was his and her child, and only after his stern rebuke did she admit that it was someone else’s child.

She had taken the child.

But who the biological family was, she didn’t know.

Lu Jianguo naturally asked her to send the child back.

Sun Cuiju used the phrase “one cry, two make trouble, and three hang.” (TLN: This is a saying that basically means someone who will go to any length to get their way.) She even wanted to jump off a building with the child and blamed him for being the reason that they could not have children.

She didn’t want to have a life without children.

Under such circumstances, Lu Jianguo fell silent.

It was indeed his fault, and he had felt sorry for Sun Cuiju.

He also really wanted a child, so there would be some support when he was older…

The next day, they took their child back to their hometown.

Thankfully, the village was very remote and no one paid attention.

The two were haunted with fear for a few years, but after they saw that nothing bad had happened, they buried this matter in their hearts.

The police were shocked when they heard this.

That decision changed Lu Yuanfan’s life.

“It’s so surprising…”

There was a female police officer at the police station who was also the mother of a child.

She has the most experience in this situation.

After listening to Lu Jianguo’s confession, she was so angry that she almost cursed.

“I think the case reporter is very good-looking.

His parents are probably good-looking too.

” The female police officer sighed, “If it were me, I would become crazy.”

The case was very shocking to them.

She flipped through the transcript, “Lu Jianguo only knew that Lu Yuanfan’s real father should have the name Liao, and that was what Sun Cuiju told him.

So the source of everything is still Sun Cuiju.

Sun Cuiju had taken the child and concealed the most important information from her husband.

How the child was taken, who his biological parents were, and where they are now, were still unclear.

The policeman next to her said, “Lu Jianguo has admitted it.

Sun Cuiju’s sophistry is useless.

If we interrogate her overnight, she will eventually become exhausted from her high level of anxiety.

At that moment, Sun Cuiju was still in the interrogation room.


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