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Chapter 85: I want to see Yuanfan…

This was Sun Cuiju’s first time being in such a place.

The police station’s interrogation room was much smaller than the criminal investigation team’s interrogation room.

From her perspective, it was gloomy and scary.

She was placed there alone.

Coupled with the intense mixed emotions she felt after the incident was exposed, she felt as if she was about to collapse.

Sun Cuiju still felt as though she had a bit of hope.

As long as she didn’t admit to it, they definitely couldn’t do anything to her.

They would definitely release her soon after.

The door was suddenly pushed open.


As soon as a few policemen came in, Sun Cuiju became even more flustered.

She lowered her head and stared at the ground, however her ears were still focused on what they were saying. 

“Sun Cuiju, your husband has pleaded guilty.

Do you still wish to remain silent”

Hearing this sentence, Sun Cuiju suddenly became anxious, “What are you talking about I don’t know what you are talking about!! Please let me out! I didn’t break the law! Why did you arrest me!”

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She had stayed in the village all the time and hadn’t dared to go out.

She feared that others would find out what she had done back then.


She didn’t know anything about new technologies.

What paternity test If the police hadn’t explained it, she wouldn’t have understood the function of the test at all.

She didn’t know they could just do a test and find the truth.

But what the police officer had said was so clear that she now understood it too.

She realized that the police already knew everything.

They were just waiting for her to admit it.

Sun Cuiju became even more agitated and didn’t speak for a long time.

“We have already sent a sample of your hair for identification, and the results will be available soon.” The policewoman saw her expression and immediately seized the opportunity: “The sooner you confess, the better.

Resistance is useless.

If you admit it, you will receive a lighter sentence. You should know this.

Sun Cuiju, facing the aggressive eyes of the police and endless questions, finally couldn’t hold it any longer and began to cry.

The sound of crying suddenly filled the entire interrogation room.

The police remained unmoved.

A minute later, they knocked on the table, “It’s useless to cry; you will bear the consequences for what you did.”

 Sun Cuiju’s voice was much lower.

When she first did this, she thought that she would be arrested.

She had even thought about what the situation would be like after being arrested.

When no one came to her after a long time, she had suppressed this matter in the depths of her heart.

But at this moment, facing the police, she couldn’t hide it.

After a while, she finally whispered, “I took him away from someone else’s family secretly…”


After she said those words, she didn’t dare look at the people in front of her.

Lu Yuanfan was outside the interrogation room, and he was very calm when he heard this.

When Sun Cuiju spoke, she also prayed for some sympathy from them.

However, that was impossible, “…his original name was Yuanfan, and I changed his surname.”

The Liao family couple were well-educated.

She felt that she couldn’t come up with a good name, so she just changed the surname.

She eventually forgot the real surname.

She didn’t even remember this matter until Lu Yuanfan asked her last time.

“You have no children of your own, so you took someone else’s child away.

Have you ever thought about his biological parents” The policewoman just wanted to scold her, “You better tell us the family’s situation quickly, or you will be responsible for the consequences.”

Sun Cuiju had never faced the police before, so she spilled the beans.

In 1981, Sun Cuiju and Lu Jianguo got married.

Not long after their marriage, the two went to work in the city.

She was doing numerous different types of jobs, while Lu Jianguo worked at a construction site.

Two years later, they moved to a new place.

Sun Cuiju gained experience during this time and worked as a cleaner in an alley.

At that time, babysitters were not a common job, so she didn’t become one.


As a cleaner, she took over the work of several households, one of which was the Liao family.

Later, Sun Cuiju worked as a nanny for a family diagonally across from the Liao family’s house.

She worked there for two years, which was a considerably long time.

April 1992, Liao Yuanfan was born.

The Liao family invited people to eat happy noodles and eggs.

Sun Cuiju also went and saw Liao Yuanfan, who was born not long ago, in the room.

Mother Liao was in her postpartum confinement, and the baby in her arms was very good-looking.

At that time, Sun Cuiju felt that her life was really difficult.

She had married a man who could not have children.

She could not have children in her life.

Then, during the next summer, Mother Liao went out to buy something, and Father Liao was not at home.

She took this chance and asked her coworkers to help her do her job for a while.

Sun Cuiju had been obsessed with children at that time.

So when she found an opportunity, she entered the Liao family’s house when no one was paying attention and took the child away.

Liao Yuanfan was just over a year old at that time.

He had seen her many times before, so he was not afraid at all and did not cry.

Sun Cuiju slipped through the back door with the child in her arms.

After that, she returned home and packed up her things.

Then she called Lu Jianguo and told him that she found another place to live, and they moved to that new place.

The information she gave when she was working was not complete, and that gave her time to escape.


A month later, Lu Jianguo came back and met her and the child at the new house.

Lu Jianguo didn’t like the child at first, because no matter how cute and good-looking, it was not his own child.

But because of Sun Cuiju, he didn’t express his emotions.

The next day, they set off and returned to the village.

They told the people in their hometown that it was their biological child.

No one knew that he could not have children.

The two worked as farmers and raised Lu Yuanfan.

From elementary school to high school, Lu Yuanfan’s grades were among the best.

Sun Cuiju had been very happy until Lu Yuanfan wanted to apply to an arts school.

Sun Cuiju had to ask others what an arts school was.

Of course, she had opposed his idea.

What if he was found by the Liao family as soon as he went on TV Her behavior would be exposed at that time.

But Lu Yuanfan had filled in the application himself.

She couldn’t change it either, so she could only follow along.

When no one came to her as a few years passed, she was relieved.

Who knew that she would be asked by Lu Yuanfan who Liao Yuanfan was a while ago

Who else would it be It was him, of course.

Sun Cuiju had been a bit afraid, thinking that someone must have discovered it.

But when she tested Lu Yuanfan, she found that he didn’t know anything.

Unexpectedly, Lu Yuanfan had a showdown with them not long after.

Only then did Sun Cuiju know that Lu Yuanfan had heard her conversation with Lu Jianguo in the kitchen before, but he didn’t expose it at that time.

She raised her head and said in a small voice, “That’s all…”

The police listened to the end.

The whole incident was very simple, but such a simple thing ruined the future of a family.

They asked, “What are the names of the two parents of the Liao family”

Sun Cuiju said, “I only know that the man’s name is A’Fu and the woman’s name is A’Yuan…”

She didn’t know much about the Liao family.

She only knew those names because the neighbors called them that.

As for Liao Yuanfan’s mother, she only knew that they all called her “A’Yuan”.

She did not know anything else.

The police immediately went to the system to check when she said their names.

The name “A’Fu” was definitely a nickname.

There were too many people with the character “Fu” in their names.

There were hundreds of thousands in the whole country, not to mention the Liao family.

They didn’t even know whether their names had two or three characters.

And now they couldn’t find the alley in Beijing.

That place was demolished and rebuilt long ago, and who knew where the Liao family went

Sun Cuiju said: “I treated Yuanfan well!”

She raised Lu Yuanfan as her son.

She had given him everything she could, and never treated him harshly.

“You treated him well, and then what” The policewoman asked back, “Shouldn’t you treat him well You made him lose his real parents and the family he should have had.

What else do you want to do if you don’t treat him well”

Sun Cuiju was speechless by what she said.

She hesitated and remained silent for a long time before she said, “…I didn’t have a child at the time… I didn’t think about it that much.

Seeing how good-looking he was, I thought it would be nice if my child was as good-looking…”

And then she took the child.

“Why don’t you go to the orphanage to adopt one if you didn’t have a child Why do you have to steal someone else’s child This is a criminal act.” The policewoman asked again: “The child you adopt can be your real child.”

After Sun Cuiju heard her words, she asked blankly, “What is an orphanage”

Several police officers in the interrogation room fell silent.

They didn’t expect that she had lived for so many years, and she didn’t even know what an orphanage was.

They could imagine the degree of lack of education.

 It was not that the more education someone had, the less of this kind of behavior they had.

The more educated someone was, the more likely they were to avoid these kinds of ignorant situations.

The female police officer finally sighed, “Orphanage…it’s a place for children who have lost their parents, or they are not wanted.

They can be adopted.

As long as you can go through the adoption procedures, you could take the child back to your own home and raise them.”

After listening to her explanation, Sun Cuiju understood, “…I didn’t know.

It’s me who was obsessed.

What I did was wrong.

Arrest me…”

If she had known about a place like an orphanage, she would not have stolen other people’s children.

Maybe she could have adopted a child and had a happy family.

But it was too late to say anything now.

She had already done something wrong.

Lu Yuanfan’s life had been changed by her, even though he liked this profession very much now.

But none of this could cover up the sins she had committed.

All was said and done.

When Sun Cuiju was about to be handcuffed, she suddenly raised her head and asked cowardly, “…I want to see…Yuanfan…”


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