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Chapter 86: You can try to look north to find them.

At this moment, Sun Cuiju looked stubborn, as though she would refuse to speak, much like how she acted in the beginning.

The policewoman glanced at her and said, “We need to ask Mr.

Lu’s opinion.”

Of course, if Lu Yuanfan didn’t want to see her, they wouldn’t force him.

Even those who were hateful always had some pitiable sides, and vice versa as well.

Sun Cuiju took Lu Yuanfan from the Liao family secretly and gave him a completely different life.

She had raised him for 20 years, but so what


The policewomen had seen a lot of abductions and trafficking, but this time, it was a rather special case.

Not to mention that the person who reported the crime was the person himself.

Sun Cuiju said bitterly, “…Okay.”

She was actually afraid in her heart.

Lu Yuanfan had had a quarrel with them yesterday, and now she had been arrested and brought to the police station.

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The police had arranged a small room.


When Lu Yuanfan entered, Sun Cuiju’s hands were handcuffed.

She sat there with her head lowered, looking very haggard.

Hearing a sound, she looked up.

Seeing Lu Yuanfan walking in, Sun Cuiju’s eyes turned red all of a sudden.

She murmured, but she didn’t say a word for a long time.

Then, she controlled her emotions and said timidly, “Yuanfan…”

Lu Yuanfan lowered his eyes and said, “I already know it all.”

Sun Cuiju naturally knew what he meant.

Although she already knew, her expression dropped for a moment.

She hurriedly stuttered, “Yuanfan…I didn’t mean to…I just…”

After saying that, her voice trailed off and did not continue.

Lu Yuanfan had already guessed what she meant.

She didn’t do it on purpose; she was just obsessed.

She had just wanted to have her own child, so she secretly took someone else’s child away.

But did it matter

Lu Yuanfan didn’t know how to face her.

“In the past 20 years, you haven’t treated me badly.

Even so, what happened has already happened.”

It would be impossible for him to give up his relationship with his so-called parents.

Even if it was something stone cold, it could be warmed after twenty years.

Not to mention that he was still a person with a heart.


If they went to jail and couldn’t support themselves after coming out, Lu Yuanfan could take care of them.

But a life with him treating them as if they were his parents like before would be impossible.

Lu Yuanfan had many thoughts in his mind, but he didn’t say anything.

However, Sun Cuiju talked a lot, like pouring beans.

From when she first saw Lu Yuanfan as a baby, to when he was raised by her, to how he looks now, she reminisced about it all.

Lu Yuanfan did not interrupt.

But what was the use of these words Those days should never have happened.

She talked for about two hours.

Lu Yuanfan did not interrupt Sun Cuiju’s words and listened with his eyes lowered until her own voice became lighter and lighter, and finally stopped.

Looking at the child she raised, Sun Cuiju couldn’t help but wonder why she suddenly wanted to take the child away at that time.

She licked her dry lips and said, “Yuanfan, you must blame me.”

Lu Yuanfan wanted to say “yes” but found that he couldn’t.

Someone knocked outside, “Mr.

Lu, it’s almost time.”

Sun Cuiju became anxious after hearing this and hurriedly leaned her upper body on the table, “Yuanfan, I’m sorry… if you want to blame someone, you can blame me.

Your dad…”


Halfway through, she paused, realizing that she had used the wrong title.

Sun Cuiju was taken away.

Lu Yuanfan sat there without saying a word for half an hour and then left the police station.


Such a big event would naturally be on the news.

As soon as the marketing accounts of Weibo reported such a thing, Weibo was divided into two factions, and there were a lot of quarrels.

One faction felt empathy for Lu Yuanfan and denounced this kind of abduction.

This abduction directly affects a person’s life.

Who knows what Lu Yuanfan’s original life would’ve been like.

His parents had a house in Beijing.

Even if they were not rich at the time, a house would have sold for tens of millions now, not to mention that Sun Cuiju described their house as having a courtyard building.

It was very uncommon to have such a house.

The other faction disliked Lu Yuanfan’s reporting very much.

They thought that Sun Cuiju and Lu Jianguo had raised Lu Yuanfan for 20 years and that they had been so good to him in the past 20 years.

But then they were sent to the police station by him.

“Who knows what it would be like now if he hadn’t been abducted”

“So what if they raised him It’s not comparable to how he could have been raised by biological parents if they hadn’t abducted him!”


“Twenty years raised a white-eyed wolf (TLN: This describes someone that is vicious and a backstabber).

He sent two elderly people into the police station.

I have no sympathy at all!”

“It’s been so long, and there is a high possibility that finding your biological parents is impossible.

I advise you not to have too much hope.”

Western Entertainment only found out about this matter later.

 Lu Yuanfan’s agent only knew that he had asked for a leave of absence.

Who knew that he had to deal with this matter and occupied the number one trending headlines for several days

Even the matter of Shen Yuanye’s issuing court summons to people had been covered up.

Naturally, the company’s benefits come first.

Originally, it was already harder for models to be on the hot search compared to actors and singers.

There were many fewer hot topics about them.

But Lu Yuanfan created a huge one himself.

So the company quickly decided to market Lu Yuanfan on this matter.

Lu Yuanfan’s persona was already rather tragic, and the current topic was about his biological parents and abduction.

Lu Yuanfan had no energy to take care of things on Weibo.

 Until his agent called him and said, “Yuanfan, the company is going to launch a topical activity to find your biological parents.

What do you think”

Lu Yuanfan frowned, but suddenly changed his mind when he was about to hang up the phone.

The power of the media was naturally powerful.

Although it was unlikely to mobilize the power of netizens, it should be possible to get some news.

Lu Yuanfan agreed.

His agent immediately said, “With this publicity, it will be much easier for you to find your biological parents.”

Lu Yuanfan couldn’t deny it.

His agent wasn’t so sentimental.

Naturally, he happily went to reply to the company about this matter.

If the matter went well, he might even get a promotion.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Yuanfan was silent for a long time.

After a while, he called Shen Yuanye’s phone.

Shen Yuanye was at Cheng Feiqiong’s house at this time.

She was just scolded by the arrogant old man and learned a little bit.

She was originally learning the basics.

As for telling fortunes for Lu Yuanfan’s business, even if she came to a conclusion, she wouldn’t know whether it was correct or not.

After Cheng Xun and Cheng Feiqiong finished their daily arguing, Cheng Xun ran out and said, “Yuanye, I’ll take you back.

It’s not safe for you to go alone so late.”

Shen Yuanye shook her head, “My assistant is outside; it’s fine.”

Since she said so, Cheng Xun didn’t force her.

When she came out of the Cheng family’s courtyard, it was already dark outside.

 Because of the high-end area, the environment was very quiet.

There were cicada chirps and combined with the footsteps of walking forward, it made people feel relaxed and refreshed.

Shen Yuanye had asked Lu Yue to wait outside, so she would walk to the car.

After the past few days, this was the first time Lu Yuanfan had contacted her.

“Sister Yuanye.” The usually refreshing voice sounded a little dark.

Shen Yuanye was a little surprised to hear his tone, but after thinking about it, it was probably because of the conversation in the room last time.

She didn’t beat around the bush and said directly, “I read about your matter on Weibo… Have you found your parents”

Lu Yuanfan was silent for a while, “No.”

In fact, he didn’t hold much hope for it.

Almost twenty years had passed, and things were now different.

The changes were even greater in Beijing.

It was even possible that his parents were not in this world anymore.

What was more difficult for Lu Yuanfan to accept was that the parents he thought were his biological parents were actually the ones that abducted him from his actual biological parents.

He couldn’t digest this information even now.

If he couldn’t find his biological parents, then he would live like this for the rest of his life.

Whenever Sun Cuiju and Lu Jianguo came out of jail, he would support them financially.

Emotionally, it would be difficult for him to get along with them again.

If he did find his biological parents, he wanted to make up for the time he was not around them.

After listening to his words, Shen Yuanye knew the general meaning.

In fact, if this matter was put on her, it would definitely be more difficult for her to accept.

But she was an orphan, so if her biological parents are found, she will probably treat them directly as strangers.

When she was placed at the gate of the orphanage by her parents, they should have been prepared for how she would treat them in the future.

Her name was actually written on the note her parents placed at the gate of the orphanage.

If her biological parents were the ones that came up with her name, she would have appeared on Weibo several times.

How could they not know it was her

Shen Yuanye regained her senses, hesitated for a moment, and said softly, “You can try to look north to find them..”

Lu Yuanfan didn’t worry about her words at all.

“… North Sister Yuanye, you really know how to make a joke.

Is it north in the country or abroad “

He asked about the place, which was something Shen Yuanye had expected.

How could Lu Yuanfan trust what she said for no reason, even though he had wanted her to add his WeChat when they were filming an endorsement before

At that time, Shen Yuanye thought he was very strange.

She shook off her messy thoughts.

She repeated what she said before and added two words: “Church abroad.”

These words were also from Cheng Feiqiong.

Shen Yuanye could only figure out that his parents might be abroad, but she didn’t expect Cheng Feiqiong to give a more specific answer.

A church abroad.

There were many people who believed in Christianity abroad, and there must be many churches.

The two chatted for a while and then hung up the phone.

Lu Yuanfan was in his apartment at this time, and he still remembered the sentence Shen Yuanye mentioned just now.

No matter how much he thought it through, he couldn’t believe it.

In the north abroad, it was such a large area.


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