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Chapter 9: Don’t Stay in the Pool!

For nearly a month, Shen Yuanye did not mention the matter of not going for a swim to Su Yun again. 

For she knew full well of the consequences of repeating something far too many times, it would only lead to rebellious psychology.

When the time came, the loss outweighed the gain.

On the morning of the 18th, Liu Li gave her a call.

“Are you free today I’ll be bringing you around the office for a tour so that you can get a feel of the atmosphere.”

The company would be releasing a new contract after the new year, which was only known to a selected few.

Even though there were speculations circulating outside, they were not very reliable.

Considering the possibility of Zhang Wentao and Shen Yuanye having a pretty good relationship, Liu Li suggested she sign the contract later.

After all, she would be in charge of her in the future, so it was not a bad idea to foster a good relationship between them.

It was especially so when they were bound together for good or ill.

Immediately right after, Shen Yuanye responded, “Sure.”

As soon as she ended the call, she once again returned to Weibo.

By that time, that death scene had already disappeared, leaving only Su Yun’s pinned pictures of her styling designs on her Weibo page.

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Standing from where she was, she could even hear a girl yelling from a distance.

“Why does she get to enter! She is not from your company, is she”

Upon hearing such harsh words, a false smile contorted Shen Yuanye’s face.

Once they confirmed she was with Liu Li, the security guards let her in.

As for several reporters, who were hanging around the premises, they began snapping several pictures in succession.

At least they managed to get their hands on a piece of new news today, so they would not have to return empty-handed. 

Even though they had never seen this person before, this was still a small piece of news if this person was indeed Hua Yi’s newcomer.

After all, celebrities, whom Hua Yi had taken a fancy, were usually people with some popularity.

“You are here.” Liu Li pointed out as she appeared before her.

Shen Yuanye stepped forward towards Liu Li, neither humbly nor haughtily.

“Sister Li, I am sorry to have to trouble you today.”

“It is no big deal, especially when you will be my artist in the future.” Liu Li did not seem to be beating around the bush at all, as she continued, “Since there aren’t many people in the office today, I will be showing you around.”

That way, she would not be clueless about everything.

The facilities inside Hua Yi were equally as luxurious as its exterior.

As she walked, Liu Li introduced, “This is the rest area.

The large room at the end of the first floor is where trainees usually have their lessons.

Recording studios and lounges are located upstairs.”

Nowadays, entertainment companies in the country have not only adopted foreign trainee training systems, but they have also accepted some training methods for boy and girl groups.

They had learned to take the cream and discard the dross1.

In the past years, the popularity of countless boy and girl groups in the country had remained lukewarm.

As such, it had to be said that learning was still rather useful, as things were going really well for the boy group launched by the company this year.

If she were successful, this would be her future as well.

At the end of the day, entertainment companies were simply star-making machines.

Shen Yuanye had a pretty good impression of Hua Yi, unlike those small companies that would churn out scandals and messy affairs.

On top of that, public relations of big companies were always better than them.

At the very least, the company would first prepare a strategy as soon as an accident occurred.

Moreover, the entertainment industry was very prone to such accidents occurring at any time.

As for the issue of Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran making an announcement that they were married and expecting a new family member, Shen Yuanye knew this was Hua Yi’s handiwork.

Otherwise, how was it possible for them to not encounter any rebound at all

Shaking her head, she tried to get herself to not think about it.

However, as soon as she stepped onto the middle of the hallway, a lady’s faint voice suddenly resonated from a distance.

“What on earth are you trying to do Even if you don’t want to, you still have to attend this show.

It was not easy for me to fight for it, so how could you leave the show just like that”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye paused for a moment.

Whereas, Liu Li was more sensitive than Shen Yuanye was, so her face had contorted into a grimace.

She brought the newcomer to see the company today just to highlight the company’s magnificence, yet now she heard such unseemly remarks.

Another lady joined in the conversation, and her complaints resounded across the area.

“It’s not like you do not know that this host likes to get all handsy with women! I do not want to go.”

Her agent advised, “Currently, you have such little popularity.

Although there is nothing great about the host, at least the show will at least be beneficial if you were to attend it.”

Cutting the conversation short, Liu Li knocked on a door.

A hefty silence reigned through the room for a moment before the door opened.

A middle-aged lady stepped out and greeted, “Sister Li.”

By the time Liu Li’s gaze landed on that girl behind the agent, the expression on the small plain face reverted to normal.

The resentment from their conversation was nowhere to see.

Nevertheless, she merely stated lightly, “Walls have ears.”

At an instant, the complexion of both ladies in the room turned for the worse.

Yet, Liu Li did not bother herself with them, only to turn and declare, “Let’s go upstairs.” 

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye nodded her head without saying anything.

Once they left, two ladies were left behind with lingering fears in their hearts.

The girl standing at the back asked quietly, “Is there any chance if our conversation was heard earlier I hope nothing bad will happen”

“It won’t.

Since we are all from the same company, Liu Li won’t do anything to us.” The middle-aged lady said in a deep voice as she closed the door.

Pondering over the partially exposed refined side profile behind Liu Li, the girl could not help but knit her brows.

“I have never seen that girl before.

Is she a newcomer”

The middle-aged woman answered, “I think so since I’ve never seen her in the company before.

Anyway, don’t worry about everyone else.

You should be looking after yourself first……”

The girl lowered her head, feeling so bitter about the situation.

To think that the newcomer had Liu Li as her agent as soon as she joined the company.

Wouldn’t this mean that she would have a meteoric rise to fame in the future


By nightfall, Su Yun, Lin Huixin, and several others had enough of the beach, making their way back to the hotel.

The hotel they had booked was naturally luxurious.

With a rich repertoire of facilities, they were offered exceptionally superior accommodation, a gym, swimming pool, and sea-viewing areas.

Staying in a room alone, Su Yun began to order some food for herself.

As soon as she was done with dinner, Lin Huixin knocked on her door.

“Let’s head out to digest our dinner, and don’t stop moving again.

Do you still want your figure Let’s invite the others as well.”

In the past, Su Yun used to love working out, which was why she was still able to maintain such a good figure even though she was nearing her forties.

Upon hearing what Lin Huixin had said, she was displeased.

“What have I ever said I wasn’t going”

“Wasn’t it you who did not move at all when we were at the beach today” Lin Huixin rolled her eyes as she criticized, “Not once did you go into the sea, and you were not like that in the past.”

As she was changing out, Su Yun could not help shaking her head inwardly when she heard Lin Huixin’s words.

Unsure whether she was influenced by Shen Yuanye’s words, Su Yun lost interest as soon as she heard the word, ‘swimming,’ when she was lying on the beach today.

Once Su Yun was ready, Lin Huixin hooked her arm around Su Yun’s and pulled her out the door.

“The nightlife has just begun.”

Not feeling too bothered about it, Su Yun asked casually, “Where are we going now The gym”

“Who on earth goes to a gym so late at night” Turning towards her reflection in the lift’s mirror, Lin Huixin adjusted her hair and fixed her makeup.

“You’ll see later.”

The moment the words left her mouth, the lift doors opened.

It took no more than several steps before Su Yun realized that they had arrived at the top floor.

The hotel’s swimming pool was located on the top floor, and the ones, who were currently in it, happened to be the ones whom they were traveling with.

It seemed that they had all familiarized themselves with each other on one recent afternoon, smiling in acknowledgment.

Not really in the mood, Su Yun made her way to sit on the edge and was about to play with her phone.

A man jumped into the pool and swam back and forth as if he was showing off.

Subsequently, he leaned over the edge and looked up at Su Yun.

“You’re not going to jump in and try”

Su Yun just happened to switch on her phone which had been switched off the entire day.

Instantly, nearly ten missed calls popped up on her phone, all with the same name——Shen Yuanye.

“It’s alright.

Why don’t you go ahead” She shook her head at the man before calling her back.

At this moment, Su Yun simply could not figure out what Shen Yuanye was up to for her to give herself a call.

However, Su Yun actually had a pretty good impression of her, if not for those messed up words.

Even so, the person on the other line answered the phone very quickly.

“Sister Yun!”

About Shen Yuanye’s eagerness, Su Yun became rather indifferent.

Feigning her usual warm temperament, she answered casually, “What’s the matter”

Ever since her return from Hua Yi, Shen Yuanye simply could not get hold of Su Yun.

Hence, all she could do was to unfollow and follow Su Yun’s Weibo page continuously.

She was not sure whether Su Yun was dead or alive.

As the sky gradually grew darker, Shen Yuanye could not help but be on tenterhooks the entire day.

She was neither sure whether the prediction had already occurred nor would there be changes in Su Yun’s Weibo page, so she was unable to determine if Su Yun was still alive.

Now that she heard Su Yun’s voice, Shen Yuanye felt very much relieved, indicating that nothing had happened.

Shen Yuanye questioned swiftly, “Sister Yun, did you swim in the pool today”

Sweeping her eyes over the swimming pool behind her, Su Yun could not help but answer her somewhat coldly, “Are you trying to talk about that matter you’ve reminded me of before” 

Laughing lightly, she responded slowly, “Miss Shen, I am by the pool.

You are simply overthinking things, as I am fine.”

Although she had no plans to go into the pool for a swim, she felt that Shen Yuanye was making a fuss about nothing.

Of course, Shen Yuanye noticed Su Yun’s unfamiliar way of addressing her, but she had not paid attention to it.

That was because her attention focused on the latter part of the content.

At that thought, her heart practically thumped wildly——Sure enough, the first half of the prediction was right.

As for the scene where it occurred, Shen Yuanye could tell you without a shadow of a doubt that it was right next to the pool.

Over the past month, she had seen that picture for no less than several dozens of times, so it was impossible for her to make a mistake.

Hence, all that remained was the other half, but she was unsure when exactly the Weibo prediction would occur.

After what happened to Zhang Wentao, Shen Yuanye had to believe in the Weibo predictions.

As such, she cautioned hastily, “Is there anyone in the pool Make sure they come up at once! Don’t stay in the pool!”

Hearing Shen Yuanye uttered so quickly and aggressively, the usual strong Su Yuan was rendered somewhat stunned.

Before she had the chance to understand the meaning behind Shen Yuanye’s words, a cry resounded from behind her.



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