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Chapter 90: This is not what I want to hear.

Of course, she couldn’t ask.

Shen Yuanye already felt that Jiang Pan was suspicious of her.

If she revealed her tricks again, he would know that she was using Weibo for fortune-telling.

Even if he could never see what she could see on Weibo.

She would be a fool if she revealed such a secret to an outsider

Noticing Jiang Pan staring at her, Shen Yuanye cleared her throat and said, “Officer Jiang, looking at your face, you are very dedicated to your job and the way you treat people is good.

The most important thing though, is that you can have others work for you.”

In fact, this was really easy to see.

At first glance, it was easy to see that Jiang Pan was not an ordinary person.

He was a destined leader and a superior person.

Shen Yuanye can see from his habits that his background must be extraordinary.

Jiang Pan was silent for a moment.

After a long pause, Jiang Pan replied, “You know this is not what I want to hear.”

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“Xjyu.” Kkydt Vyd dseele.

Shen Yuanye curled her lips and was about to leave the money to pay for the coffee when the man in front of her paid the bill.

She had to withdraw her hand.

Jiang Pan still had a gentlemanly demeanor.


On Wednesday, Shen Yuanye was called to the company by Liu Li.

Liu Li reminded: “This fashion show is for you to practice your skills.

You must not screw it up, otherwise, the New York Fashion Week will have to reconsider its quota of people.”

Even if Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran secretly supported her, it would be useless if she messed up at a small fashion show.

New York Fashion Week will inevitably change candidates.

Shen Yuanye smiled and said, “Sister Li, don’t worry!”

She knew before that Liu Li said that the practical exercise for her was to participate in a small designer’s catwalk, and she had been preparing for this for a while.

Her confident appearance made Liu Li very satisfied.

This designer is only a little well-known in China.

He was only able to hold his own fashion show because his company supported him.

The model on the catwalk is naturally not Zhou Lu.

“In this case, let’s go.

It starts at six o’clock in the evening.

Now we have to go to the rehearsal.” Liu Li quickly took her out of the company.

The location of the fashion show was an hour away from the company.

When Shen Yuanye arrived, there were already many people inside, all of which were models with graceful figures, and they were very eye-catching together.

When she came in, their eyes were fixed on her.

Shen Yuanye naturally felt some hostile glances.

She had long expected such a situation.

After all, this is basically a situation that happens often in the industry, and it cannot be avoided at all.

Just being hostile would be considered good.

The endless variety of tactics was even worse.

Shen Yuanye walked to the corner of the lounge, pulled up a chair, and sat down.

It was then that the eyes staring at her shifted. 

Just when she was seated, a girl beside her smiled and said, “Hello, my name is Qiu Ling.”

Shen Yuanye glanced at her, “Shen Yuanye.”

Qiu Ling emanated a natural socializer temperament, as she said: “Yuanye, you are much taller than me.”

She was 1.72 meters tall.

Usually, the actresses and singers who are 1.6 meters tall in the company think they are very tall.

But Shen Yuanye was a whole 6 centimeters taller than them.

The concept of six centimeters is not so simple.

Because no one had put makeup on yet, Shen Yuanye easily saw Qiu Ling’s plain face and habitually analyzed her face.

Qiu Ling’s eye bags are very full, but there are no fine lines.

Such a girl’s personality is relatively naive and simple but is easily swayed by one’s feelings and acts on impulse.

She doesn’t have any vigilance either.

Her rosy and shiny face shows that she does not have a bad nature.

Shen Yuanye smiled at her, “You’re good too.”

Qiu Ling smiled and said, “Yes, I’m not short either.”

As they chat, the group of models in the lounge would go to the stage one by one for rehearsal.

As for clothes and makeup, it does not matter as much, as long as the stage manners are good.

Shen Yuanye was arranged to be in the back.

For a small fashion show, the order is not so important, and she doesn’t care too much.

But it was different for the other models.

They usually only had small activities.

They thought highly of this formal fashion show, and they were very hopeful that they could get a good result.

The rehearsal process was not difficult and was done in a few hours.

In the past few hours, Shen Yuanye and Qiu Ling had also become familiar with each other.

Sure enough, her personality was how Shen Yuanye calculated from her face.

Qiu Ling’s personality was relatively simple.

When it was over, it was already four o’clock, and Shen Yuanye was also dragged out by Qiu Ling to go out to eat dinner.

However, neither of them ate too much.

At six o’clock, preparations for the fashion show began.

Shen Yuanye would go on the stage later, so the makeup artist gave priority to preparing for others.

She was also happy to relax.

Qiu Ling was seven or eight places ahead of her.

“The clothes are torn…”

Qiu Ling’s muttering was not loud, but Shen Yuanye, who was beside her, heard it clearly, and immediately turned her head to look at the clothes in her hands.

The dress had bright colors, and the torn part was at the lower back.

It was not very obvious when held in her hands, but once she put it on, people could definitely see it.

What’s more, a model has to walk back to the backroom by herself after finishing the catwalk.

If Qiu Ling turned around like this, things would be over.

The people around didn’t seem to notice it, but Shen Yuanye immediately took the clothes and went to the bathroom, “Follow me.”

The quietness of the restroom is completely different from that of the lounge.

Qiu Ling followed her, and she was so anxious that she cried, “Yuanye, what should I do”

If she reported it to the designer, she would lose her candidate spot.

Not only would she not be able to go on stage, but she might also be responsible for the loss of the clothes.

“Don’t cry, don’t be discovered by others.” Shen Yuanye was quite fond of her.

She took Qiu Ling’s clothes and reached out to touch the torn part.

The quality of the dress was very good, and it didn’t look like it could be torn by itself.

It’s more like someone did it intentionally.

Sure enough, there was a lot of selfishness in the modeling industry.

Shen Yuanye knew it existed before, but she had never encountered it actually happening.

Today was the first time.

Shen Yuanye said: “Go and see if there are any needles.”

“Mhm!” Qiu Ling seemed to regard her as the backbone.

She ran out in a hurry and started rummaging in the lounge.

Her tears were about to fall.

The models in the lounge didn’t care about her, they were all arranging their makeup and clothes.

After not finding the needle and thread for a long time, Qiu Ling ran back to the bathroom, “I…I didn’t find the needle and thread… What should I do now Go out to buy a needle and thread”

There are no shops nearby at all!

Shen Yuanye’s head started hurting.

Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in her mind, “Go get the scissors in the lounge, and keep quiet.”

Qiu Ling quickly brought the scissors.

Shen Yuanye poked a small hole on both sides of the tear in the clothes, then cut some pieces off from the clothes Qiu Ling was wearing now, pulled out a few threads, and then tied them onto the tear.

Although the tear is gone, if someone looks closely, they can definitely see the tear.

Shen Yuanye exhaled, “Just do this now, you’re about to go on stage for your catwalk.

Put on it first, and when you walk later, be careful and walk slowly, the tie is not strong.

It’s not a big fashion show, so even if there are reporters, they won’t pay too much attention to the details of a piece of clothing.

Moreover, the color of the clothes is very bright, and when the lights on stage are on and shining, others may not be able to see it at all.

Shen Yuanye warned again: “You must be careful when you walk.”

Qiu Ling happily took the clothes and hugged Shen Yuanye, “Thank you so much Yuanye! I will definitely treat you to a feast after this!”

Someone called for her, and she turned around and ran.

Shen Yuanye just gave a little help, and it was because of Qiu Ling’s good temper.

Plus, she didn’t want to see a person that framed people for such a small matter succeed.

The fashion show starts in half an hour.

After Qiu Ling went on the stage, she was very nervous, but fortunately, her professional quality did not allow her to make mistakes.

She made it through safely and sound until the end of the runway.

When she turned around, her heart instantly tensed.

She saw with her own eyes that Shen Yuanye had just used a few threads to tie the tear in the clothing together.

If it collapsed at this moment, everything would be over.

After coming off stage, Qiu Ling couldn’t wait to enter the lounge and checked her back.

The clothes didn’t tear apart.

Qiu Ling’s face suddenly relaxed, and she slumped on the chair, feeling like she had just experienced life and death for the first time.

Without Shen Yuanye today, her first catwalk would be over.

No one wants a model who tears the clothing they wear in a show.

Shen Yuanye’s order of going on stage was still behind a group of people, and there were more than a dozen models in front of her.

Each model took about two minutes to walk, and it would take nearly half an hour to reach her.

There was not much noise outside just now, indicating that everything should have gone well.

She simply took out her mobile phone and found Qiu Ling’s Weibo.

Although nothing seemed to have happened just now, she still wanted to know who did it, and maybe Qiu Ling’s Weibo would give a hint.

In this way, if she encounters a situation like this, she could be vigilant.

Qiu Ling’s matter also reminded her that in the New York Fashion Week, there will be models from all over the world.

She definitely would not know them.

If there is a problem with the clothes, her modeling career would be over.

Shen Yuanye’s face tensed a bit, and she clicked on the option to follow anonymously.

Soon, Qiu Ling’s information appeared in front of her.


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