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Chapter 97: It’s clear enough.

Seeing Chen Zhen’s expression, Shen Yuanye knew that her guess was correct.

She said: “If it was copied tonight, then it should only have the fingerprints of Mr.

Chen and the person who provided the key.

But whether the key only has the fingerprints of these two people, I don’t know yet.”

The police gave her a brief look, “You know quite a lot.”

Shen Yuanye pursed her lips and smiled, but said nothing.

Compared with the criminal investigation detachment, the police station dealt with relatively small and trivial matters.

The criminal investigation detachment used many high-tech methods in order to find the murderer.


She had cooperated with Jiang Pan so many times.

Unless it was a special situation, Jiang Pan usually let her watch it directly.

Over time, she understood it.

Qiu Ling asked Shen Yuanye in a low voice, “Did someone help him”

Shen Yuanye answered, “I am also guessing.”

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Li Mei understood now.


She originally thought that Chen Zhen was really here to talk to Qiu Ling.

When she saw him coming out of Qiu Ling’s apartment, she felt bitter.

She even thought that she didn’t have a chance at all anymore.

As a result, Qiu Ling and Chen Zhen had a showdown.

Did Chen Zhen really do something like this

But didn’t Chen Zhen like Qiu Ling

For a while, Li Mei couldn’t tell what was going on, so she could only listen to the police’s judgement later.

The fingerprints were there, and it wasn’t hard to not see them.

After the key had been successfully copied, it would be taken directly by someone.

Under normal circumstances, a third person would not be in contact with the key.

Therefore, Shen Yuanye thought that this third person should be an accomplice.

“Miss Shen is right.

The craftsman who provided the key and Mr.

Chen’s fingerprints are on the key.

The third fingerprint must be someone else’s.” The policeman looked at Chen Zhen, “Mr.

Chen, do you have anything to say”

He added: “If you don’t say it, we can investigate the third fingerprint and still find that person who had access to it tonight.”

The room was silent for a moment.

Chen Zhen finally answered, “It’s Qian Yun.”


Qiu Ling was shocked and turned her head in disbelief.

“It was her”

Chen Zhen glanced at her and said, “Qian Yun was the one that copied the key, and then I used it.”

Shen Yuanye exhaled, and things seemed to have become much clearer here.

Qian Yun took the opportunity to copy the key, hid it in the flower bed, and Chen Zhen used it to brutally kill Qiu Ling.

Both of them were responsible.


Qian Yun was quickly brought to the police station.

Unlike Chen Zhen, since there was solid evidence and fingerprint comparison results, she just directly admitted what she did before the police officer interrogated her.

“This key has your fingerprint on it.

What did you do with it”

“It’s the key I copied and I gave it to Chen Zhen.”

The police officer didn’t expect this answer.

He had just determined the relationship between these people, and had only figured it out a little when he heard this answer.

He asked, “Why did you copy the key What did you want to do with it”


Qian Yun hesitated for a moment, and said in a low voice, “I didn’t plan to do anything.

It was for Chen Zhen.

I just helped with copying the key.”

“Oh,” the policeman said, “Is it that simple”

Qian Yun gritted her teeth and said, “That’s it.”

As soon as her voice fell, the door was opened, and Chen Zhen came in from the outside.

He sat down beside her.

Since the two of them did this together, they naturally had to confirm their confessions.


Chen, to what Ms.

Qian just said, do you have any objections”

Chen Zhen sneered: “There’s more than that.”

Qian Yun’s face suddenly turned pale, “Chen Zhen, what do you mean I helped you copy the key, and you want me to take the blame”

“You want me to take the blame alone” Chen Zhen sneered, “It was you who came up with this idea, and I agreed to it.”

Qian Yun hurriedly glanced at the policeman opposite, “Chen Zhen, don’t talk nonsense!”

The police have seen this kind of trick between two people countless times.

It was a common thing for their accomplices to part ways at the police station.

He called him by name and asked, “Chen Zhen, you say, what is Qian Yun’s idea”

Before Chen Zhen could speak, Qian Yun herself had already blurted out, “Police officer, he obviously wanted to r*pe Qiu Ling and asked me to copy the key, and now he wants to deny it!”


She shouted loudly.

Qiu Ling heard it clearly outside and really wanted to rush in and ask why.

The word r*pe made her tremble with anger.

Even Shen Yuanye, who was on the side, didn’t expect this result.

Qian Yun didn’t know that Qiu Ling was listening outside, and as for the police, she hadn’t done anything that hurt anyone, so she said everything she knew.

The key was indeed copied by her.

The reason was very simple: she was jealous of Qiu Ling and Lu Jian’s relationship.

Lu Jian and Qiu Ling belonged to the same company, and Qian Yun met Lu Jian through Qiu Ling’s introduction.

Adding it together, they have known for almost a few years.

As for Lu Jian, Qian Yun liked him very much.

His character was not only gentle but also caring.

Once, Qian Yun had some physical pain, and Lu Jian chatted with her for a long time.

And just like that, she fell for him.

But after repeated contact, Qian Yun found that Lu Jian seemed to have different feelings for Qiu Ling.

She pretended to cheat it out unintentionally once, and she got the answer she didn’t want.

Lu Jian really liked Qiu Ling.

Fortunately, Qiu Ling didn’t like Lu Jian at the time.

So Qian Yun was very relieved and began pursuing Lu Jian in private.

But later, Lu Jian told her that he had a girlfriend, so he couldn’t accept her wishes.

Qian Yun naturally wanted to know if what he said was true or not.

If it was false, it would be best.

If it was true, then who was that girlfriend

So she chose to ask Qiu Ling.

After all, the two were in the same company.

It would be most convenient to ask her.

But Qiu Ling had been sloppy.

Over time, Qian Yun also became suspicious.

She knew that Chen Zhen had always liked Qiu Ling, so she told Chen Zhen about it.

Then she asked him to ask again so that she could break the relationship.

Chen Zhen gave her an idea.

——He wanted to have a relationship with Qiu Ling and asked her for help.

It was Qiu Ling’s birthday.

Yesterday, she asked about Lu Jian again, and Qiu Ling’s reaction deepened her guess… Qiu Ling was probably in a relationship with Lu Jian.

It was very difficult for Qian Yun to accept this answer.

She agreed to Chen Zhen’s request almost immediately and agreed to copy the key for him.

Qian Yun thought very simply.

If Chen Zhen and Qiu Ling had a relationship with Qiu Ling’s character, she would either stay with Chen Zhen or break up with Lu Jian directly.

In any case, she was happy to see it.

Even if Qiu Ling didn’t break up with Lu Jian, she could tell Lu Jian about it anonymously, so that he would be disappointed with Qiu Ling and she could take advantage of it.

The fact that Qian Yun received a text message was completely made up by her.

In fact, it was just a trick for her to have a chance to enter Qiu Ling’s room to get the model of the key.

Stealing the key was too obvious, and Qiu Ling would easily be suspicious.

After the key was copied, she put it under the flower bed downstairs in the apartment, and then her mission was over.

She went home.

“…Chen Zhen could enter the apartment as long as he had the key.” Qian Yun lowered her head and said, “With Qiu Ling’s strength, she would definitely be no match for a man.”

At that time, she would have to obey Chen Zhen.

Qian Yun said, “He said he wanted to r*pe Qiu Ling.

I only copied the key.

The rest is none of my business.

Police officers, you must find out correctly!”

Chen Zhen wanted her to take all the blame, so she wouldn’t be so stupid.

Chen Zhen just refuted a few words, and then admitted that the idea was his own.

Because he had changed his mind earlier tonight.

After sending Li Mei home, the sentence she mentioned was something Chen Zhen didn’t want to think about.

However, it was brought up again, which made him directly think of the many times he’d been rejected.

Was Qiu Ling actually in a relationship with Lu Jian and yet she didn’t want to be with him

Chen Zhen felt that he was not much worse than Lu Jian; he was just not as good-looking as him.

Did Qiu Ling like his face

His feelings for so many years were like feeding a dog.

At that time, the more Chen Zhen thought about it, the angrier he became, and he wanted to kill.

It was precisely because of the previous plan, with Qian Yun giving him a key.

The surveillance was broken when he brought the doll.

Of course, Chen Zhen would not say this.

Intention to rape and intent to kill were two entirely different outcomes, and only those with a hole in their heads would say the latter.

Shen Yuanye understood it clearly enough.

The one who choked Qiu Ling in the video was Chen Zhen, and he had this idea for a long time.

It could be seen from the wet tissue that he brought that he obviously hadn’t wanted to see Qiu Ling’s face.

The footsteps outside the door should have been Li Mei’s.

Chen Zhen hadn’t expected Li Mei’s arrival, so he retracted his hand and used the method he had thought of a long time ago to suffocate her to death.

The choking should have been a spontaneous decision.


But now that this had not happened, Chen Zhen couldn’t be affected.

However, after experiencing such a thing, Chen Zhen would not dare to do it again.

After all, Qiu Ling had discovered it now.

She would definitely move and never contact him again.

If this thing really happened according to Weibo’s prediction.

Qian Yun probably didn’t think that she just gave Chen Zhen a copied key to cook rice (TLN: meaning to have a s*xual relationship) with Qiu Ling, but it turned into a murder case.


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