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Parallel Memory Chapter 131 Ice Griffin [2]

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Chapter 131 Ice Griffin [2]

Since the drones had already marked where the Ice Griffin was, it was only a matter of hours before we reached the area where Ice Griffin was sleeping.

"You need to stay hidden until I defeat the Ice Griffin."

Professor Mia said before we reached where the Ice Griffin was.

I nodded.

I would only be a burden to her even if I went with her. I could never even hurt Ice Griffin's feather even if I was at my peak state, not to mention when I could not even muster my Rank-D power.

I should just stay far away from where the fight would take place.


We walked in the direction of where the Ice Griffin was. Never did I think that one day I would get an opportunity to watch S-Rank Ice Enchantress fight with S-Rank Ice Griffin.

It was in one of the chapters in the latter part of the novel where Professor Mia fought to protect the students from Dungeon Outbreak. The same situation was going to happen.

While I was worried about Professor Mia, I as a reader was also excited to get an opportunity to watch a fight similar to one of my favorite parts of the novel.

The feeling was similar to how your favorite light novel gets an anime adaptation.

After a few hours, we saw the place that we had previously seen from the drones. The Ice Griffin was just at the top of the mountain which will only take a few minutes of walking.

"You stay here. I will take care of Ice Griffin."

Professor Mia moved as I remained in that place. I quickly opened the monitor and checked what the Ice Griffin was doing.

It was still sleeping peacefully without caring about anything. He was the apex predator in this Gate. He has no one in the Gate that could match his strength.

He was someone that we need to defeat if we wish to go back to our world.

Ice Griffin's appearance was quite scary if I say so myself. It has countless razor-sharp ice feathers on each of its mighty wings, which it uses to keep enemies at a distance. And there was also his eagle-like head with a huge body.

It was an enemy that was beyond me. It would have been really unlucky for Professor Mia and me if either of us had spawned in his territory.

To say nothing of me, even if Professor Mia met this monster at that time, she would have surely died. She could not outrun an opponent who could fly.

It was not a monster that you want to mess with even if your rank was S. Now, Professor Mia was going there to confront this monster.

Shortly after a few minutes, I could see Professor Mia slowly approaching the Ice Griffin. It looks like Professor Mia was looking to severely injure the Ice Griffin when he has his guard down.

However, things didn't go as planned as the moment when Professor Mia got close enough to launch her attack, Ice Griffin woke up.


Ice Griffin emitted a highly destructive, and the deafening roar that might be able to defeat anyone who has weak willpower. It was not only to scare the enemy but it actually contained destructive energy.

The fact that one of my drones was closer to it was destroyed was proof that the Ice Griffins' screech contains the power to harm others physically.

A Rank-E human might be dead just by getting hit by this screech.

Though it was not able to have much effect on Professor Mia who is Rank-S -.

Professor Mia readied herself to face the Ice Griffin. It was the strongest monster that she needed to fight.

Even though Ice Griffin woke up, Professor Mia didn't back away. It seems that she expected this, there was no way that she could easily sneak attack a Rank-S Boss monster.

She didn't hold back as she started to summon one giant Ice meteor from Ice which was directly at the Ice Griffin.

The Ice Griffin didn't try to dodge the attack, he responded to Professor Mia's attack with his own.

Six destructive slashes made their way toward the Ice Meteor. It looks like Ice Griffin wants to show off his power by destroying Professor Mia's skill.


As expected by Ice Griffins' power, the Ice Meteor that was coming toward him was sliced into many pieces and fell apart before reaching the Ice Griffin.


Ice Griffin roared towards the sky as he made his preparation to attack Professor Mia.

A big vortex formed between his wings. It looks like he was going to use his most famous skill, Icy Wind Storm.

Professor Mia also didn't back down, as she also used her strongest skills, Primordial Ice Palace.

I have not seen her use this skill in real-time but I had once seen her use it on one of the news channels.

Pillars of Ice burst out of the ground and formed something like a wall. The Ice expanded as it started forming a grand hall similar to the palace.

A crown made out of Ice appeared on Professor Mia's hair. She looked like a queen that had absolute control over the Ice. She looked absolutely gorgeous with those Ice architecture befitting the Queen of Ice.


The Ice Griffin shot his Icy Wind Storm towards Professor Mia. The violent storm was so strong that even I, who is very far from the battle area, could feel the pressure of the skill.

I quickly checked the monitor. Professor Mia didn't move, it looks like she does not have any intention to dodge the incoming attack.

It was the right call to make as it is almost impossible to dodge such a skill that could cover an area of 100 meters. You can't dodge it unless you can teleport out from that area.

I could not help but feel very nervous at the sight of one small human standing up to the huge storm. Even the color of the sky has changed to black after Ice Griffin used his skill.

Professor Mia looked confident and didn't panic. She raised her hands and 20 pillars of Ice moved and stood in front of Professor Mia. It looked as if Professor Mia was commanding the Ice pillars.

The fierce storm drew closer to Professor Mia, the storm of freezing air whipped across the sky.


The Ice Pillars blocked the incoming attack. However, the power of the Icy Wind Storm was too strong.

The Ice Pillars started to shatter one after the another until no more Ice Pillar was left.


The only thing now left to protect Professor Mia was her mana barrier.-

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