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Chapter 173 Rivals Meets Each Other! [2]

Professor Frey made an unsatisfied face as her plan had failed. She was also told to be careful of Zero and to make sure that Omar Noel does not embarrass them.

"Omar Noel losing against your lover Haha… What a funny joke! Professor Mia, don't let love cloud your judgment. I will see in the tournament whether what you say is true or not."

Professor Frey believes that Professor Mia was just lying in order to get back at her words. How can Zero, who is just a first year student, win against Omar Noel, who is the highest ranked student in the tournament

Professor Frey believes that even Lisanna is an easy target for Omar Noel. What can a nameless first year do to Omar

Professor Mia didn't say anything back. It was Professor Frey's choice whether to believe her or not. And action will speak louder than words.

Observing this happen from a far, I already guessed that Arcane Academy was going to be my bitter enemy in the upcoming tournament. Professor Frey must have already instructed Omar Noel to teach me a lesson by the looks of it.

If I was the same weak Zero, I was at the start of the year, I might have been scared. Omar Noel is a savage beast who shows no mercy to his enemy.

I watched his performance last year. Whoever encountered him would be left in a bloody mess. It left a lasting image in me as even if the society in Edolas is that of survival of the fittest, humans are generally a species who do not really show their beast side.

Omar Noel was different. He was a beast from head to toe and would leave no enemy without drawing blood. He was definitely a scary person.

But now that I am strong and faced problems that were 100 percent more dangerous, I didn't think much of being targeted by Omar Noel.


Professor Frey is really a petty person. She should focus on winning the tournament right now, and despite that she wanted to have her revenge. Even people like her don't see the bigger picture. In front of personal grievances, it seems that the bigger picture is something that has less priority than their revenge.

Not wanting to stay for more than needed, I went to the room indicated by the room key. Anyway, all the students will be my enemy from tomorrow. Omar Noel was just another student who was more powerful than the rest.

Entering the room, it was bigger than the room I have in the Academy. Though that is to be expected as this is a very expensive hotel.

Anyway, I laid on the bed and closed my eyes. It was quite late and my body was sore after sitting on the bus.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.


Today, the Tournament of Academies was officially starting.

We were about to enter the arena. With the other participants from Ace Academy, I was walking through the tunnel.

"Are you nervous"

Misha, who was beside me, suddenly asked.

"Not really!"

I casually answered.

Tournament that was just involving a bunch of students. Even if I lose, there was nothing more than losing the promised reward from Professor Mia. It was not like I would lose my life or anything. I was not nervous though I was filled with anticipation.

"It must be great having good talent."

Misha said bitterly.

( What does talent got to do with being not nervous )

I thought when I heard Misha.

I didn't understand why Misha brought up the topic of my talent when I answered that I was not nervous.

"You do know that our parents are going to be here to watch the tournament"


I have already got the call from the parents, excitedly saying that they will be cheering for me and also recording my performance. They were already very excited, the last time I told them about me participating in the tournament.

"Are you really not nervous"

Misha asked again.

Zero didn't answer instantly and looked at Misha carefully. He noticed that Misha was trembling a little.

It was actually her who was nervous.

Misha was a little scared because she had seen the other participants of Ace Academy who were far more powerful than her.

She started to doubt whether she would be able to do anything useful in the tournament. She thought she would only let her parents down by performing badly in the tournament.

Her parents and sister were surprised about her participation. They became extremely happy and excited. They even sent many precious resources to her in hope that they would be able to help her even a little in preparing for the tournament.

She can't shame her parents and the guild she belongs to. But looking at people like Zero, she slowly started to lose confidence.

Zero was just like her before. Actually she deemed herself more talented than Zero before and was ranked very high in Ace Academy.

Her background was similar to Zero and she know him very well. However, Zero had left her in dust and became one of the most talented person.

She believed this was due to the difference in talent and that Zero was naturally more confident because of his talent.

She bit her lip as she was becoming overwhelmed by her negative emotions.

Zero didn't know what was going through her mind but knew that she was very nervous right now.


Zero called out her name instead of answering her question again. He knows that Mish was not actually looking for his answer was just asking because of her nervousness.


"Are you nervous"

Zero asked same question to her.

Misha tucked her clothes and nodded silently.

"Misha, you don't need to worry so much. Even if you fail, this young master will win the tournament for you. You can just sit back and relax!"

Zero arrogantly said while pointing the thumb finger at himself. He proudly said that to her like this was the most naturally thing that was going to happen.

Zero said in such a loud voice that it even attract other students attention.

The other student were also a little worried about the tournament when they heard an arrogant voice saying that he will win the tournament.

( Bro, we are nervous that we will not even pass the first round and you declared yourself as a winner of the tournament )

Most students which belonging to other schools was baffled at the person who said that. They didn't know that there was someone who is brave enough to declare himself the champion before the tournament even began. Was it not blatantly challenging everyone who would be competing in the tournament

The student darted a glance at Zero and sneered, believing that those are word just some ignorant person. Unlike Lisanna and Hiro, Zero was unknown students. They have got no idea about who he is.

The Ace Academy students who were close to Zero have all heard his statement. But unlike other students, they didn't think it was a arrogant statement.

If even Zero who is ranked second in their school can't confidently claim championship then who among them will Most of them thought.

In reality, most Ace Academy student were very worried especially the third years. If this year they fail to defend the championship, they will be treated as black sheep who ruined Ace Academy glory.

This year, the chances of them losing was very high and that's why the nervousness was getting to them. Even Lisanna who was leading them didn't say anything like she would guarantee the championship.

Lisanna was also not very confident about winning especially when she knows who she will fighting with. Omar Noel was tought opponent and she believed that she only had 20 % of winning even they fought.

That's why, they felt really relieved seeing Zero's confidence. They also became a little more confident after hearing his word. Zero's bold word has gave them some kind of courage.

"... Haha Really!"

Misha burst out laughing.

She wasn't even worried about championship. But seeing Zero arrogant say those word put her to ease. She believed that just like Zero said, what is there to be worried Even if she lose, she could train more and redeem herself next time.

It was not like she had to win.

"Thanks! I will definitely do my best today."

Misha said with her eyes filled with determination.

Zero felt at ease seeing that Misha was not that nervous anymore. It would have been bad if she had nervous breakdown before the tournament.

Zero actually said those word as a joke. He didn't know or expect that those word has increase the moral of Ace Academy students. He was just trying to make Misha's mood better.

Ace Academy came out from the tunnel and what filled their vision was the huge audience before them cheering for them.

'Ace Academy! GO!'

'Number One Ace Academy!'

They would have been really worried if they had not just heard Zero's word. Naturally they were still worried about winning but believed that they don't have to pressurize themselves.

With how talented their juniors were, they believe that they would be able to uphold the glory of Ace Academy.

The other students also came out from the other tunnels. There were five tunnel from which the Top-5 Academy took separate tunnels. The other school participants were divided and send to different tunnel as well.

'Woooh! GO Ace Academy!'

'Arcane Academy Crush those students!'

'Britelts Academy Go Show us some cool Magic!'

The audience who were excited shouted to the participants entering the arena. The cheers were mostly directed at the Top-5 school due to their their popularity.

The students looked at each other faces. They were secretly guaging the opponent while smiling to each other.

Most of the students were looking at Omar Noel who were leading the Arcane Academy student. Omar Noel was surrounded by a constant air of savagery as if he is standing above all. No one dared to stand close than 5 meter around him even the students from Arcane Academy.

He didn't seem to care about other student. He was excluding aura that say that he is the winner.

The participants made their way towards the arena.-

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