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Parallel Memory Chapter 185 Zero Arrives! [2]

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Chapter 185 Zero Arrives! [2]


The battle between Lisanna and Omar Noel continued. However, the one who was getting pushed back was Lisanna. She had exhausted much of her strength and now Omar Noel was slowly gaining an advantage.

Omar Noel gradually increased his attack and finally hit Lisanna in the stomach.


Lisanna coughed up a handful of blood. Due to exhausting her strength, her speed had drastically decreased, allowing Omar Noel to hit her.

"Haha… I didn't expect you to last for so long. But this is it. I will end the battle with the next move."

[ "Legend Spear: Dividing Eruption" ]

This attack was unlike any other attack that Omar Noel did. This was one of his powerful skills and true to his word, Omar Noel intended to end this fight with this move.

Lisanna struggled to stand up. Lisanna was injured and exhausted, so she was unable to dodge the incoming attack. She could only try to defend herself from the attack.

[ "Thousand Wind Storm" ]

She also deployed her strongest attack with every bit of her mana in hope that it could cancel Omar Noel's attack.


The two attacks collided with each other but the reality was dreadful. Although Lisanna had managed to shave off some of the power that Omar Noel's attack had, it still came straight at her.

Lisanna quickly deployed her mana barrier and gritted her teeth. She knew that she had failed miserably and had let down Ace Academy.

There was no explosion or sound of an attack that she could hear. She slowly opened her eyes to find a person in front of her.

She knew that the person in front of her had saved her life.

"Senior, are you alright"

The students of Ace Academy quickly came forward to help Lisanna and took her back for healing. They knew that they had lost the fight.

Although it was lucky that Lisanna had avoided her most terrible fate. She could still fight after being healed.

The student then looked at the person who had blocked Omar Noel's attack. They knew that someone who could block Omar's serious attack would be a powerful person. Since he was wearing the Ace Academy uniform, they knew he was their ally, which gave them some hope.

Omar Noel also was stunned to find that his attack was blocked and he didn't manage to injure Lisanna. Then his eyes widen.

"It's you!"

Omar Noel knew the person who had blocked his attack.

Not only him but the entirety of Arcane Academy knew who he was. Professor Frey had specifically asked them to teach him a lesson. They had seen his photo and also his information.

That's why they were even more shocked. The information given to them indicated that Zero was not a threat to Omar Noel and was incapable of stopping his attack.

Omar Noel had also seen Zero closely before teleporting to this place so he was sure that the person who was in front of him was Zero Elea.

He just became angry at the thought of what had transpired when he met Zero. He had provoked Zero and wanted to anger Zero but instead Zero laughed at his face like his threats were a joke.

He had never thought that there was any student who would dare to anger him. Rather than Professor Frey's instruction, it has become more of his own personal revenge. He could not wait to show how powerful he was to Zero.

"Haha… I never expected someone like you to interfere in the fight. At least, for your courage let me praise you."

Omar Noel said.

He arrogantly looked at Zero waiting for a reply that never came. Zero was not even looking at him, much less responding to him.

Zero acted like Omar Noel's words were not directed at him.

Omar Noel's face contorted with rage. It was the second time that Zero had ignored his words and pretended to be strong.

"HOW DARE YOU! Do you think that this is the same as your school where you can use the Ice Enchantress name to do whatever you want Let me tell you that I, Omar Noel, am not scared of Ice Enchantress and would not spare you even if Ice Enchantress was backing you up."

Omar Noel bellowed.

He was unable to take this. More than hatred, what was more angering was indifference. Zero's indifference to his word, made Omar Noel very angry.

"Your strongest students have already been beaten. Do you also want to challenge this king I will gladly fight with you."

Omar Noel said.

He portrays himself as a generous man who was kind enough to give an opportunity to weak people like Zero to challenge him.

"Challenge You"

Finally Zero replied to Omar Noel.

Omar Noel became less enraged when Zero replied. Earlier he was ready to launch an attack on Zero if dared ignore him once more. But seeing Zero respond to him, he thought he would wait until he humiliated Zero before ripping off his limb.

Although there was a rule prohibiting excessive violence, but as long as he made it seem like an accident, he would be able to get away with it. A fight without injuries is impossible after all.

"Don't think highly of yourself! Do you even deserve to be challenged by me"

Zero calmly said.

In his voice, he expressed disdain, indicating that he finds the idea of challenging Omar Noel disgusting.


The students watching and the spectators in the stadium became silent when Zero replied.

'How can anyone have the guts to say that to Omar Noel Who is that guy'

'Such an arrogant guy! Not knowing how high the sky is!'

' Let me see you get humiliated!'

They thought that the words spoken by Zero were too arrogant. If even Omar Noel does not deserve to be challenged by you, then who does

Others might think it is ridiculous but it was not for Zero. If he used Dark Energy, he could fight on par with Rank-A. What could a little Rank-C do

Challenges are always meant to be given by the weaker party. How can Zero challenge Omar Noel when he clearly knows that Omar is inferior to him

With Zero being more powerful than Omar Noel, Zero did think that it was ridiculous to challenge Omar Noel who is inferior in strength.

Though it was different for other students who looked at Zero with disdain. They thought that Zero is too arrogant and needs to be taught a lesson, especially the students on the Arcane Academy side.

However, Ace Academy students who were despairing due to Lisana's loss gained a glimmer of hope after hearing Zero's words. They know that Zero is very powerful and with him talking with confidence, they also didn't feel like they were going to lose any time soon.

On the other hand, Britelts Academy, the ally of Ace Academy, was stunned by Zero's arrogant words. Since they didn't know Zero, they only viewed his words as words of pretension.

"Die! How dare you pretend here!"

"Arrogant Bastard!"

"I have never seen someone who is courting death like him."

Students started to curse at him.

He ignored all the distractions and even more so the curses people hurled at him.


Omar Noel unleashed his mana which was even higher than before.

He has completely become enraged. A student like Zero dared to underestimate him. What Omar Noel didn't like was someone underestimating him and Zero openly declaring that he was inferior to Zero. It made him really mad.

Zero stepped back to his previous position and tapped on Hiro's shoulder and nodded his head. Then he looked over at Omar Noel and shouted.

"Omar Noel, even my friend Hiro thinks that you should show your worth before fighting with me. He is ready to test whether you qualify to fight me!"-

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