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Parallel Memory Chapter 192 All Out War! [2]

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Chapter 192 All Out War! [2]

"Senior Lisanna, please don't move. You have not recovered yet!"

Lisa said as she was healing Lisanna's injuries.

In the middle of the treatment, Lisanna stood up, prompting Lisa to advise her.

"We have no time! Arcane Academy and its allies are coming here! We must fight them and avoid burdening Zero."

Lisanna emphasized.

She knew that even for Zero, fighting all those students by himself would be difficult. She needs to lead the students of Ace Academy and Britelts Academy in the battle.

Understanding what Lisanna meant, Lisa stopped pursuing Lisanna. This was a crucial moment for Ace Academy's victory.

She had healed Lisanna to 50% of her health and was capable of at least fighting.

"Listen up! We need to get ready to fight!"

Lisanna said to the students.

However, students seemed a little reluctant to follow her order. It was expected since the number of students on the enemy side was more than their force.

"I know what you are fearing, but don't worry! As long as we persist, Hiro Ernest and Zero Elea should be able to help us!"

Lisanna said.

She knew that her allies were worried about the numbers but she needed them to know that they have strong students by their side.

"Yes, I agree!"

Adamscat, the Ace of Britelts Academy also supported Lisanna's decision.

"Right now, Zero and Hiro are dealing with the most troublesome enemy. If the enemies help them and defeat Zero and Hiro then we are bound to lose. We need to avoid that scenario at all costs."

Adamscat believed the time had come for them to enter the war. She explained the situation to the other students so that they understand why it was so crucial to make a move now.

However, students didn't seem to be convinced by them, or at least it didn't seem like they wanted to take part in any of this. They had already lost their motivation to fight after watching Zero and Ruelle fight.

"What are you scared of Aren't we winning As long as Zero and Hiro prevail, we will also win. And it is not like we are going to fight Omar Noel or that Rank-B girl."

Toby interfered.

While Lisanna and Adamscat were proficient at analyzing the situation and making decisions, they were not that great at motivating their allies.

"And don't forget this is our chance to display our power. I'm sure you want to show off to your friends and family, not to mention those Top Guilds who are paying attention to this battle. This is a fight for glory."

Toby included everything that made this tournament enticing. Because of fear and power differences, students might not have remembered what this tournament is about.

This tournament was not something that they participated in just because they thought that they were the strongest like Omar Noel. Instead, they participated because they wanted to show their talent to the world.

This was the platform for them to show their talent and become famous.

Hearing Toby's words, the students' morale immediately increased. What the students cared about more than their school winning or losing was becoming famous. This was one of the main reasons that they had initially joined this tournament.


"They are right! We need to fight!"

"How can we let this opportunity slip Let's go and beat those students."

The students cheered and were excited to fight.

"Friends, the time has come for us to finally show our talents. Let's beat those bastards!"

Toby sparked their desire to fight even more.

Baffled by the sudden turn of events, Lisanna and Adamscat looked at Toby in bewilderment. Unlike him, they could not understand students' desires.

Due to the fact that they were the ace of their respective schools, they had a great deal of responsibility in this tournament. Nothing was more important than having their school win the tournament.

The general student, however, didn't care much about these responsibilities and only attended for their own selfish reasons. They have only come here to obtain the merits that come with it.

Toby understood those students' desires and ignited their desire in order to motivate them to fight against their enemy. He was well aware of what they wanted and how to use that to his advantage.

The students formed a group and started advancing toward the enemies.

"Long-Range fighters! Attack them as soon as they are in range. Close-combat fighters will then cover them and fight with the enemy advancing party. Support Mage strengthens the attack of the long-range fighter, then switches them to close combat fighters after they are done attacking. Healers take care of the wounded!"

Lisanna gave her an order.

She wasn't skilled at raising morale or being a leader, but she had a talent for being of being a commander. She knew how to efficiently use the students and come up with good plans.

The advancing enemies were intimidated by the Ace Academy and Britelts Academy students who were making their way toward them. They stopped in their tracks.

It was not that Ace Academy and Britelts Academy had more students or that their students were stronger. However, they were scared of Lisanna who was currently leading the charge.

They had seen what she could do in her previous battle with Omar Noel. Although she ended up losing, no students underestimated her, rather they revered her more.

Even the Ace of Demacia Academy knew that he alone could not stop Lisanna. More so after witnessing her power. The only one from their side who could have kept her in check was Omar Noel who was currently getting beaten up by Hiro.

They were confidently charging because they assumed that the Aces of Ace Academy were all busy. Zero and Hiro were fighting while Lisanna and Lyon were recuperating from their injuries.

Ruelle saw the situation and got irritated. She pointed at her allies and angrily shouted,

"What are you gawking at Defeat them already!"

Seeing that they had no other option but to fight, Arcane Academy and their allies charged toward Ace Academy and Britelts Academy.



"Supporters start the spell!"

Lisanna commanded.

Many supporters started to use their skills from behind. One of the supporters was Lisa.

[ "Athena Blessing: Heavenly Strengthening" ]

Together with many other supporters, she cast her skill. The battlefield flashed with different kinds of colors as the supporting skills were being deployed.

"Now, Mage and Archer! Fire!"

Countless attacks were fired right after Lisanna's command. The sky looked as if it was raining from the perspective of the student watching the battle from afar.

"Tanks! Use your shields. Mages, make a barrier quickly!"

Luciano Elderik also relayed his commands to his allies. He quickly responded to his enemies' attacks.


The sound of the explosion was reverberating throughout the battlefield. Students from Arcane Academy and their allies were getting shot one after another.

Despite Tanks taking the majority of attacks and Mage protecting them, countless attacks from the enemy caused them to lose many students.

However, this was something common in a large battle. So, Luciano Elderik didn't panic and also had their long-range attacks attack Ace Academy and Britelts Academy while slowly advancing forward.

"Close-Range fighters, Get Ready! The real war is beginning!"-

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