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Parallel Memory Chapter 2 Me and I

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Chapter 2 Me and I

While sleeping, I was dreaming about a world where there was no mana and I was living a life of a boy who was similar to me in the dream, I was reading a novel that is similar to my current world.

In other words that novel was about this world. Why I think that novel is similar to my world is because the name of the Academy that the MC attends is the same one that I am going to join and I also know the MC of the novel, Hiro Ernest who is the rank 1 of the entrance exam.

He had become famous after the entrance exam and you could see him on every media.

Hiro Ernest has achieved the highest grade to date in the Ace academy entrance exam. Additionally, with his handsome looks, he has become very popular among girls and boys.

Right now, multiple media are covering his potential and how he can become the strongest human. Some media even talked about Hiro by saying that Hiro Ernest will become the hero of humanity.

Well according to the novel, he became so strong because of the help of a cheat power called a system that allowed him to power up faster than other people.

The system also provides the main character with all sorts of resources such as stamina potion, mana recovery potion which is very expensive in the market.

The novel state that he got the power of the system when he was on verge of dying on rank E dungeon.

The reason he was attempting the rank E dungeon alone despite only being rank F at that time was that he wanted legendary Elixir.

The Elixir he wants is an S-Rank item that can heal any injury or disease and the peculiar thing about this item is that it doesn't always appear in a high-ranking dungeon-like other items.

Normally, items rank will be similar to dungeon rank but this Elixir would randomly appear in any rank of the dungeon though the chance of getting this item is very slim.

Last time this Elixir was discovered from rank C dungeon.

Anyway, the reason for finding the Elixir was to cure his parents who are in a coma. He also wanted to be strong to take revenge for his parent, the demon who had attacked his family and sent his parents to a coma. A very strong demon at Earl rank which is as strong as rank A human.

So in the novel, it says that while he was exploring the dungeon he encounters a dungeon boss of rank-E Ogre and several of his goblin army. Though he manage to survive the ordeal and defeat the boss orge, he was fatally wounded.

There he got a treasure chest for defeating the boss and inside was a potion. He didn't know what the potion did because it was transparent and there was no transparent potion available in the market but since he was dying, he took the chance and drank it anyway.

It was then that the system named level up system was integrated with the MC Hiro Ernest. As a reward for conquering the dungeon, the system healed him and explained the power of the system.

From then on System gave lots of missions to Hiro Ernest with all kinds of rewards that made MC powerful. So when he took the entrance exam he had reached rank E , which is way too powerful for a 15-year boy. The average student will still be ranked F- without taking any potion.

I was ranked F because I trained hard and took some potion for leveling up. But even though I ranked 970, it doesn't mean I am weak. No, in fact, who so ever got admitted to Ace Academy can be considered high-level human among other humans.

Generally, only the top student would have rank E - or in rare cases rank E student as the highest rank in the entrance exam. But Hiro got to rank E while still being a middle schooler, which is super rare or maybe it is the first case since the establishment of Ace Academy.

I continue to see many things besides the novel, a world divided into seven landmasses instead of one like Edolas.

A normal life without fighting and enjoying the youth without worry. It was a life without war, a future we could have without demons. The memories of the boy continued until he was 15 years old.

[ Gasp...Gasp...Gasp ]

I opened my eyes. I felt like I had a really really long dream. No, not a dream but I feel like I have lived those 15 years myself in that world called Earth. Or is it that I am transmigrated in this world.

No no no. I know I have lived in this world, I remember my childhood to my middle school days. I know it was me that lived here but I also feel like I have lived on Earth. Earth, a world without mana or monster. There I was just a regular student who goes to school and dreams of working after graduating from college.

I dreamed of going to a Tech company and working there, So I really studied hard and my only hobby was reading web novels.

I feel like I have transmigrated from Earth to Edolas like in some web novel but I know that I have lived in Edolas. So confusing, feels like two of me had become one. Is it the effects of Parallel Memory or just a nightmare

I sat on the bed thinking about what I was doing last night, I think I was contemplating about the new Skill Parallel Memory before sleeping. So, is it really the effect of this new Skill. I don't really know but I knew the method for knowing.

I stood up and washed my face before going for breakfast. As we were eating, I asked my Dad.

[ "Father, Can I get a Skill identification Scroll." ]

[ "mmmm!" ]

My father chewed the bread before replying.

[ "What for" ]

[ "I want to find the effect of Parallel Memory Skill. Even if I know some things about it, I want to know all the details about it." ]

Skill Identification scroll, an item made by Dwarf for identifying the detail of a Skill. I want to use that to find out the effect of my Parallel Memory Skill.

Whether the dream or the life that I lived has a connection with the Skill or not can be confirmed by checking the detail of the skill.

[ "Okay. It's always good to know about your skill. It can come in handy at certain times even if it is rank F." ]

I didn't reveal that the skill was rank SS, even I am not sure whether it was SS rank or some flaw in the status screen. I wanted to make sure I understand what my skill was before revealing it to my parents.

I continued eating my breakfast. We went to the guild together after breakfast and I was given the Skill Identification scroll from the guild storage. I came back home to use the scroll.

I imbued the scroll with my mana and then the description of my skill can be seen on my status screen.


Name: Zero Elea

Rank: F

Strength: F

Speed: F

Stamina: E

Mana: F

Luck: B

Charm: C

- - > Skill:

[ Rank SS: Parallel Memory ]

A skill that enables the user to get the memories from their alternative self from another world.

Side Effect: The user may sometimes be overwhelmed by the emotion and personality of the alternative self.

- - > Art:

[ LVL 3: Shadow Style proficiency: Practitioner ]

= = = = = = = =

( What the ..... )

So this Parallel Memory Skill was indeed not for increasing memory instead it lets the user have the memory of his alternative world self.

No wonder I feel like I am who I was as well as someone else at the same time. It was the side effect of the Skill, though I don't feel overwhelmed by the emotion of my alternative self right now I feel some change in my thinking.

Now that I got the memory of my Earth self, I feel insignificant or like some mob character. After recalling the novel from my memory, I know that the world revolves around Hiro Ernest and his group as Main Character and me and others are just there to make them shine.

Though I recalled the name Zero Elea in the novel his part was very insignificant or rather he only appears twice or thrice in the novel.

You may think it's obvious as the novel MC is Hiro Ernest but considering the novel it was not. The novel was not your typical novel, it was very very popular and the novel had reached 10,000 plus chapters.

The word may have reached tens of million words and the novel doesn't always show the MC part but covers all the significant characters from his rival life story to some of his enemy life stories.

The novel also shows the life of a side character who was just Hiro's classmate and insignificant to MC's growth. It also explains the location of various skills and Art which are acquired by a villain and some other side character.

The world in the novel was described very well and even if it was just describing some insignificant character, it was done so well giving more depth to the world and character of the novel.

The novel was also covering lots of side characters, so for my name to be mentioned twice or thrice was pretty uncommon. This could mean that my existence in the novel was as insignificant as it can get.

I sat down on my bed, recalling the memories of my alternate self. The biggest thing about the memories was not the presence of an alternative world but knowing that this world is similar to the novel in the alternate world.

I am not 100 percent sure whether what was written in the novel is true or not but what happened in the entrance exam was very similar to what is written in the novel.

So to speak if the novel is the same as my world then the prologue has just started. The MC will be in the same class as me, a completely average student and an insignificant character with rank F power without any special power, and the perk of MC are that they are trouble magnets.

Whenever they are involved things will go down and villains and demons will attack MC as well as other students who are with him.

I don't think I have the power to constantly fight with demons and villains of higher rank. And due to MC being the MC, every villain and demon will target and attack our class. So to summarize I am F**KED UP!-

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