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Parallel Memory Chapter 53 Unexpected Situation

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Chapter 53 Unexpected Situation

Releasing the Rank-D mana aura, Hiro Ernest got the attention of all the students presents there.

[ "Th-This is the aura of Rank-D. Did Hiro reach that rank already " ]

[ "Even some third-years are only at Rank-D, I can't believe that Hiro has managed to reach that rank." ]

[ "The mana aura is more powerful than even some of our seniors." ]

The students were shocked to know that Hiro had reached Rank-D. Even I was surprised by that.

In the novel, Hiro breakthrough Rank-D during the summer vacation. But he had already done it one month before what is written in the novel.

And I wonder if the Wyvern attack has something to do with Hiro's Rank being D. In the novel, the practical exam ends without the appearance of Wyvern.

Hiro Ernest had become Rank-D - but still, I don't think he is powerful enough to take down a Rank-C Wyvern. We might have a chance if Hiro was at Rank-D peak.

However, the Students found hope in Hiro. It might be impossible to beat an opponent that is two major ranks higher than you but there are cases of people beating monsters/humans that higher than you by one major Rank.

And Hiro was exactly that type of person. Hiro's feat of fighting toe to toe with Rank-D Devil Contractors while still being in Rank-E is widespread.

Not many people can do it. The difference in strength between the major ranks was very high but they believe or they had to believe in Hiro to fight against Wyvern.

But not everyone was feeling happy about this news. While other students only cared about passing the exam, Zion was envious of Hiro.

Zion Maxwell tightens his fist to the point of bleeding. He thought he has finally caught up to Hiro when he has broken through Rank-E .

But unexpected Hiro had already left him in the dust by quickly breaking through to the next rank. Zion Maxwell was a man of pride but it didn't let him get to his head.

Zion Maxwell has an older brother who he had considered the greatest genius when he was a kid. From a young age, Zion Maxwell trained hard in the hope to be able to catch up to his brother.

But the difference in power only increased. Zion, however, was not discouraged as he admired his brother and was happy about his achievement.

However, as he grew older, he found out that his brother was not a rare genius. Professor Mia broke through Rank-A at the age of 20 while his brother only broke through when he was age 25.

Zion could only work harder in order to surpass those geniuses who were more talented than his brother but there was an even bigger monster than the Ice Enchantress in his class, Hiro Ernest.

Hiro Ernest, whom he considers a rival was beyond any geniuses out there. He was already at Rank-E when they were at the entrance exam.

Zion has already had the greatest resources available to him at all times. However, Hiro who didn't have any background managed to surpass him again and again.

Though that was also not enough to discourage him. Rather it had encouraged him to work even harder because his goal was to surpass every people and become the strongest person in the world.

However, realizing again the gap between Hiro and him, he can't help but be frustrated for a moment.

Lisa and Sylvia's reaction was normal that is they were surprised like many others but they didn't feel envious like Zion. They did have a competitive spirit like Zion but they didn't compare their talent like Zion.

[ "Let us work together and pushed through this hurdle together." ]

Hiro raised his sword and raised the morale of the students.

[ "I, Zion, Lisa, and Sylvia will try to stall the Wyvern Leader while you all try to take care of other Wyvern." ]

Hiro proposed a plan. Since they were the strongest among the students, they would be the better choice to fight with the Wyvern leader as others will just become Wyvern food.

The student agreed to Hiro's plan. It is because the risky part of the plan would be carried out by Hiro and his group while we have the easier part.

The students started forming groups as the chance of surviving is high with a group than being alone. I, of course, didn't have any friends to form groups with.

The Wyvern reached in a few minutes and the war between the students and Wyvern began.

Hiro was the first one to charge ahead.

[ "StarShatterer Style: Cosmic Destruction" ]

Hiro's power was incredible, taking out most Rank-E Wyvern around the Wyvern leader.

However, nothing happened to Wyvern's leader and Rank-D Wyvern was still okay.


Wyverns became enraged at the action of Hiro. Wyverns flapped his wings and shot Wind Slash which was blocked by Lisa's skill.

[ "Soterai Blessing: Guardian Protection" ]

A protective layer appeared around Hiro. The protective shield and the wind slash clash against each other.


The protective barrier was cracked open easily after a few seconds. Hiro used his sword to cancel out the attack that managed to get through the barrier.

Zion also started attacking the Wyvern. He started with Rank-D Wyvern and Sylvia also took on the Rank-D Wyvern.

I joined the battle with other students. The Wyvern on our sides were mostly Rank-E and only one or two were at the Rank of D.

[ "Ice Shard" ]

Wyverns had the advantage in the battle since they were in the air. Hitting the Wyvern with a sword was very difficult. Therefore, instead of using sword art, I used Cryomancy.

One after another Wyvern started falling from the sky. Some were hit on their spine instantly taking their life while others were still alive even after getting hit by my attack.

However, those who got hit by my attack were unable to fly. Their body part was frozen making it difficult for them to continue flying.

When the Wyverns landed on the ground, Sword and Spear users would kill them.

I focused on hitting as many Wyverns as possible. The number of Wyverns was too much. There were at least hundreds of them.

While we took out almost 30 of them, many students were also eliminated. The power of students kept on decreasing and the burden increased for the remaining students.


I jumped back sensing the attack from a Wyvern. The attack came from Rank-D Wyvern. Rank-D Wyvern was the real problem here. One attack from Rank-D Wyvern was able to take out multiple students.

Rank-E Wyvern only had an advantage in number but Rank-D Wyvern was powerful. However, they were still weaker than the Boss monster like Salamander.

[ "Ice Shard" ]

I tried to shoot down the Rank-D Wyvern that attacked me. The Ice Shard was shattered by his wings. The Ice Shard didn't have enough power to damage the Rank-D Wyvern.

I tried again, only to fail. Their flying skill was really annoying. If we fought on the ground, I could have taken care of him in a minute.

But it was rather hard to defeat him while he was in the air because I only had Ice Shard as a long-distance attack. Shadow Slash was also a long-distance attack but its range was only a few meters which wouldn't reach the Wyvern.

The other Wyvern also joined him to attack me but they were taken out by my attack.

The Rank-D remained unflinching and continued attacking me with its Wind Slash. The students were getting taken out by the Wyverns.

I didn't have time to wait for the Wyvern to let down his guard. I had to take him out quickly.

[ "Dual Art: Shadow Ice Shard" ]

The attack had the range of the Ice Shard and the attack power of Shadow Slash. The attack hit the Wyvern, cutting off its wing.

The Wyvern fell down to the ground. After he was unable to fly, it was easier to kill him.

The Wyvern tried to resist but a wingless Wyvern was like a sword user without its sword.


The other students were shocked by the scene in front of them. A student alone took care of one of the Rank-D Wyverns while they were still struggling with fighting Rank-E Wyverns.

Not only was the Wyvern tough, but they were also difficult to hit because they were flying in the air while they were on the ground.

The students soon recovered from the initial state of shock and focused on fighting the Wyverns.

I looked around to check the situation of the battle.

One of the Rank-D Wyverns was killed by me and only one more Rank-D was left on our side. The other Rank-D Wyvern was being handled by another group of students.

I took this time to drink a health and mana potion.


Having recovered some mana, I tried clearing the Wyvern around other students.

[ "Ice Shard" ]

The Rank-E Wyvern fell one after the another and the advantage they held in numbers slowly dwindle.

Just when I thought the situation was turning favor to our side. The Wyvern Leader started to make his move.

Hiro and Lisa were injured and pushed back by the Wyvern leader.


The roar startled and startled many students. The Wyvern Leader peered at the students causing the students to tremble.

[ "Hiro is unable to contain the Wyvern Leader." ]

[ "Wyvern Leader is preparing to launch an attack. Move quickly." ]


A large tornado emerged from the Wyvern wing and it became bigger and bigger. Then another two tornadoes wind also emerged.

[ "Hey, somebody block that, or else we all will be wiped out." ]

[ "Run away quickly!" ]

The students were in a state of confusion and chaos. Some tried to run away from the place while many started deploying their defensive skill.

The power of the attack before it was used was already insane. The object near the Wyvern leader was all sucked and destroyed by the wind energy gathered at Wyvern's wings.

( If the Wyvern launched the attack, then we might all die. )

We could intercept the attack by hitting on Wyvern while it was still taking the time to charge its attack. The only problem is that we need something to reach that place in the air.

[ "I don't know if I have enough mana for this but here goes." ]-

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