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Parallel Memory Chapter 62 Eleonore

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Chapter 62 Eleonore

For three days, Shadow Genesis was busy preparing for the celebration of my father reaching Rank-A. I provided the resources since most money of the guild had been exhausted from competing with IvoryBow.

I put in about one million Ethan coins for the whole preparation. It was a lot for a celebration of a Silver graded guild but I had the money to spend.

( If we are going to show off then we should do it in the most spectacular way. )

The guild members were pretty busy decorating the hall and also sending invitation letters to other guilds.

I was not needed for such preparation. So, I spend most of my time training in the Training room.

Three days passed by in a blink of an eye. Our guild was busy and most expenditure and raids were called off.

The party hall was well decorated and all kinds of entertainment and food were prepared for the guest. Some food was even made using the ingredient from dungeons.

People started swarming in when the time for the party arrived. Many people were from the guild that was silver graded and below.

They would first come to my dad to congratulate him before going to talk to other people at the party.

[ "Congratulation on your rank-up!" ]

[ "Congratulation on reaching A-Rank!" ] ...

The guilds that were invited were those that our guild was on good terms with. The party became livelier as more and more people came in.

[ "Haha... Warren, I knew you would break through Rank-A. Congratulation!" ]

[ "Haha, Thank you!" ]

The one to greet my dad right now is the guild master of Shiversong, Diego Kanon. He is the best friend of my father and also an ally of our guild, Shadow Genesis.

Uncle Diego and my father were in the same party when they were young and had gone through quite an ordeal together.

Uncle Diego and dad were together when they first went to a dangerous dungeon, unexplored places, and also when they were going to raid Obelisk Tower.

I heard from my parents that they were friends from the time of school. The parents were all group friends and later decided to form a party before managing their respective parent's guild.

Uncle Diego managed to reach Rank-A a long time ago and has been in that Rank for years. Though my father's talent was not inferior to Uncle Diego but my father didn't have enough money to buy a Rank-A breakthrough potion.

The guild Shiversong was more powerful than us and had much more resources. That is the reason why Uncle Diego was quickly able to reach A-Rank.

Zero father would have naturally been able to ascend to Rank-A but it would have taken an additional one to two years. But with the help of the Breakthrough potion, it had decreased that time to one day.

But the difference in Rank didn't deteriorate the relationship between those four. Uncle Diego would occasionally come to talk to my father, sometime just to have a nice talk and sometimes to ask for advice.

They were already in cooperation to deal with IvoryBow. Now with my father's breakthrough to A-Rank, it will far more easy for them to deal with IvoryBow.

Uncle Diego was very happy that my father had broken through the Rank. He came with his family to congratulate us.

Diego Kanon is also the father of Misha. They would occasionally bring Misha to play with me since we were the same age.

[ [ "Congratulation! Uncle Warren" ] ]

The one to congratulate this time was Misha and her sister. After they finished their greeting, the other girl looked at me and made her way toward me.

( Sh*t! Trouble is coming this way. )

I wanted to run away this instant but it would look kind of bad for me to run away when it was a party for my dad.

And I have to be faster than her to actually run away. Since she saw me, it was impossible to run away now.

[ "Hey! If it isn't Mr. pervert Zero. How's it going!" ]

The girl had an arrogant voice. She had the appearance of a young girl in her early-mid teens with a slender physique, soft skin, and aqua eyes.

She has finely textured blonde hair that seems as if sprinkled with gold dust. Her face shows some signs of being bossy and displays elegance.

She is Eleonore Kanon, the older sister of Misha and also someone who would constantly bully me.

Yes, you heard it right. If you ask me, who was my greatest nightmare, the answer would be Eleonore Kanon. Every time Uncle Diego and his wife visited our house, she will definitely be present there to torment me.

Our relationship didn't start off like that. We were friends or at least she didn't bully me at that time.

It was all because of that event that changed our relationship into what it is today.

One time when I went with my parents to visit their family. While drinking tea, I accidentally spilled it on my pants. I went to their bathroom when Eleonore was bathing and accidentally fell on top of her.

She had eyes filled with tears like her chastity was in danger and I understand her because that was what the situation looked like back then.

She immediately kicked on my crotch when my head had gone blank from seeing her naked. The kick was so strong that it could have endangered my future generation, lucky it was still functional.

That day was when I had the beating of my life. She was three years older than me and had already reached Rank-F while I was only Rank-F - and I didn't even start training.

I could do nothing but get beaten by her. I was only age 6 and she was age 9. I was lucky that I was saved by uncle Diego in time. Otherwise, this gorilla woman would have definitely killed me then.

Uncle Diego asked for an explanation from her and she said that I was peeping on her bathing and also groped her.

Luckily, the parents believed me when I said it was an accident. Uncle Diego apologized for Eleonore's behavior and made her apologize to me.

However, that event led to the hellish days with her. Every time we met she would not spare me mercy; embarrassing me in front of others, beating me if I argued with her, and taking my stuff. Even my parent was tolerant towards her.

When I complained to my parents, they would be like it is because she likes you or how I get along with her. Get along with her my as*, she nearly killed me twice. One was with the bathroom incident and another was when I refused to go to her birthday.

On her tenth birthday, I received an invitation to her birthday party but I refused to go to her birthday party because the previous day she had taken my favorite toy. The next day after her birthday, she barged into my room angrily and beat me.

I was and still am weaker than her. She is at Rank-C and I would still get beaten mercilessly by her if I try to fight her. However, I was not scared of her anymore.

Yes, I am not scared of her anymore. I am Zero Elea, the one who will become the strongest being in the world. Yeah, I will. I am a changed man now.

This girl is someone that I need to get my revenge on.

All my hard work is for that moment (not really). Let me just say that I will not be tormented by her anymore.

[ "I am doing fine! Miss Eleonore." ]

I replied smoothly as you would to your guest. She looked at me intrigued. Probably because I didn't keep quiet like I used to.

(Feel my change girl, I am not scared of you anymore. )

[ "Your hair looks like a duck. Don't tell me you trying to attract girls now. It would be a miracle if you can get a girl with your face. Haha..." ]

Eleonore started laughing after insulting me in a disgusted voice. Like she is disgusted with me trying to make myself look handsome.

( Hey, I know I am not that good looking especially compared to you all but I am still trying to look my best. )

Her insult angered me due to her being the bully Eleonore. I was more angered by her than her words. If this was said by some other person, I might not have been so angry but it was said by Eleonore who tormented me for years.

[ "None of your business! The boys would not even give you a glance with your gorilla personality. First, look at yourself before talking about me." ]

I finally said it. Yes, this is the new me. I will not suffer anymore in the hands of Eleonore.

[ "Ohhhh. I wonder who gave you the guts to say something like that to me. It had been months since I last saw you and It seems like you forgot about me during that time." ]

Eleonore said while putting her hands on my shoulder. She was smiling but her eyes and voice showed otherwise. From distances, others might see us as good friends which is absolutely false.

I tried to escape but I couldn't escape from her hand. She was using her Rank-C strength to hold down my shoulder.

Sweat trickled down my cheek and I gulped but I didn't back down. It was my chance to end my childhood trauma.

Zero looked down at her and sneered. Then something came out of my mouth unexpectedly.

[ "Your breast is still the same. Do you want to get a grade A for that too I feel that it had not grown since the last time I felt it." ]

Hearing that, Eleonore who was smiling stopped as her face darkened. Zero words stabbed Eleonore's biggest insecurities and reminded her of Zero's mistake.

Looking at the face of Eleonore, Zero had realized he had just made a big mistake. He wanted to make her a little angry and embarrassed like him but didn't think she would be that angry.

( Now I have done it!)-

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