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Parallel Memory Chapter 79 Fight The Pretty Loli!

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Chapter 79 Fight The Pretty Loli!

"Since fate has let us meet each other, we can only fight."

Lisanna said solemnly. She can't let a student off just because they said so. Because it will be unfair to the next student she meets.

"UGH… This is going to end ugly."

Zero said as he started to get into battle mode.

No matter whether I wins or not, getting to fight with Lisanna from the start was not good. In the best-case scenario, I will win but I will be exhausted to fight others. In the worst-case scenario, I will be eliminated.

But 'Talk-no-Jutsu failed and I can only fight. Guess 'Talk-no-Jutsu' is only for the main protagonist. If Hiro was present, he might be able to charm Lisanna with just a smile.

Leaving those nonsensical thoughts I prepared to receive Lisanna's attack.


( She is fast! )


*****On The Training Field*****

Most Professors were present there to watch the contest. Non-participants students were also there. Those students were those who could not endure the training and those who resigned early knowing they had no chance.

"Look, the contest is starting."

"The environment is pretty much the same as BloodyWolf Forest. Oh! People are appearing."

There were multiple screens on the Training Field and the screen showed the places where mana aura is highest. Where mana is high is when a battle of high caliber is likely to happen, so due to limited screens, only the top fights could be watched by those present in the Training field.

"Oh" Look, It is Mrs. Lisanna. And there is someone nearby already. I guess his luck is out."

The person to appear on the biggest screen is Lisanna who is the only student to possess Rank-C mana. Naturally, her battle attracted many viewers.

On the screen were Lisanna and Zero. People slowly started to see who the man beside Lisanna was.

"Is it not Zero from First-Year"

"Yes, It appears so."

"Guess, he is going to be eliminated first. Let's watch other students. There is Ren already in a fight with two students."

The fight between Lisanna and Zero did not start immediately as expected by the audience. They all lost interest in Lisanna and Zero as they expected Lisanna to one-shot Zero.

The Professors also thought so. And the happiest person was none other than Professor Williams.

"Haha. Looks like the luck of Zero finally went out. He will definitely be out."

Professor Williams turned his head and said to Professor Mia. He was happy to know that Zero will be eliminated from the start. Zero being recognized by Ace Academy was not good if he wants to take revenge on Zero.

He laughed and looked at Professor Mia, whose eyes had been focused on Zero since the start. She was a little worried about Zero encountering Lisanna right from the start but unlike many, she didn't think Zero would necessarily lose.

It might be hard for other professors to know the actual rank of Zero among many other students. But she clearly watched Zero trains and felt that he was in Rank-D -. The speed of Zero has astonished even her who is known to be a genius since she was a kid.

She has also seen his incredible feat many times. She believed that when the Tournament of Academies started, Zero would be able to surpass Lisanna.

Professor William continued laughing and trash-talking Zero in front of Professor Mia.

Professor Mia ferociously cut Professor William talking with her gaze. She was too lazy to argue with someone like Williams. She continued to look at Zero.

*****In the Dungeon*****

In an instant, Lisanna reached and clashed with Zero. Lisanna used her Art to increase her speed. Speed and brisk ability are what she excelled at. Those without high speed would not be able to respond to her attacks.

In a blink of an eye, her green sword had interlaced with a black sword. Borrowing the rushing force from her speed, she tried to push on but Zero's strength was more than enough to hold her in place.


Lisanna was surprised to see the first-year block her attack but it did not cause her to do anything different. As a person who had always been underestimated, she knows more than anyone what happens to those who underestimate their opponent.

She lifted her sword lightly and attacked Zero but Zero would not budge at all.

After withstanding the continuous series of attacks from Lisanna, Zero tried to push off Lisanna and he succeeded. He lifted his Elucidator in the air and with tremendous

force smashed towards Lisanna.

Sensing the huge amount of mana in the attack of Zero, Lisanna's eyebrow twitched a little.

She took her sword and tried blocking the attack with her sword.


As the two of their attacks came into contact, a huge amount of powerful mana violently burst out creating a strong air current, sweeping the area.

Lisanna managed to block the attack but the strong tremble in her hand due to the clash made her face twitch. She was not injured but more clashes like that could make her unable to hold her sword.

Zero also noticed that. It might seem that the power of Zero and Lisanna was equal during the clash but there was less vibration in Zero's sword compared to Lisanna. It means that the strength of Zero is higher than Lisanna.

Zero again lifted his sword and attacked Lisanna.


The fierce clash continued.

Lisanna's expression was calm as she directly took on all the fierce attacks directed at her.

The longsword in Lisanna's hand glowed and the mana aura that Lisanna released skyrocketed. Lisanna used her sword to suddenly flicker the Elucidator. Lisanna's face turned serious.

She didn't expect a first-year to push her into the corner to make use of this. After pushing Zero's sword, she took the chance to create some distance between the two.

[ "Wind Spirit: Astral Movement" ]


Lisanna's movement was accelerated many times. She was so fast that each of her slight movements would leave an afterimage of her.

"As expected of the Top student of Ace Academy. It does not look like the fight is going to be easier. Time to get serious!"-

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