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Parallel Memory Chapter 9 Attack [3]

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Chapter 9 Attack [3]

[ "And tomorrow, first years will have a test in First Area of BloodyWolf Forest." ]

Professor Mia Frostine announced.

["So make sure you are prepared, though it is not a very dangerous place but in a forest filled with monster anything can happen so I hope you all don't take it easy. You all will be divided into teams consisting of 5 members each. The team will be awarded points based on the total number of monsters and the rank of the monster killed. F-rank monster, the point is 1 and for rank E, it is 5 points. If the monster you killed is an Elite monster it will be 3 times the rank of monster and for a boss monster of the same rank, it will be 10 times. " ]

( Oh. It looks like the first incident of the novel is about to start. In the novel, the MC Hiro Ernest encounters an assassin in the BloodyWolf Forest test. The assassins sent were mostly rank E with rank D - being the highest. They almost lose their lives and are only able to survive due to the timely arrival of the professor. The assassin was a devil contractor who was there to eliminate the MC and other top students as they were wary of their overwhelming talent. )

Devil contractors were those humans who had sold their souls to the devil for power. Many would do anything for power even selling their soul and swearing loyalty to devils who are the enemy of humans.

They were all wanted by The Authority. The Authority is like a form of government that makes sure to maintain peace and order in Humalia Domain. The member consists of the strongest human making it the most powerful group in Humalia Domain.

[ "Here is the list of groups, the list will be on the notice board make sure that you know who all are your teammates." ]

All the students hurried to the notice board. I also went to check the name of my teammates. I search for my name on the list.


Group 8

1. Kale Thompson

2. Lizbeth Mooney

3. Daniel Smith

4. Isabel Rivera

5. Zero Elea


I frowned. Two other members were from our class and two other names were from another class. The member was all mob in the novel having no screen time except Kale Thompson.

'Kale Thompson. Rank 26'

One of the lackeys of Zion Maxwell. He is the one who tried to teach me a lesson when I was going after Lisa.

He is a typical bully who just likes to show off his power to the weak. His arrogance is probably from working under Zion. Using Zion's name, he can pretty much do anything to other students with a weak background.


I let out a deep sigh. Getting in the same team as him can't be worse. I don't know about his strength but with his attitude, our team may suffer from cooperation.

Then I turned around to go back to my seat but I discovered Kale staring at me.

[ "Humph" ]

He turned around and went back to his seat.

( What an arrogant prick. Is being a lackey such a grand job. Are you arrogant enough to believe nobody is better than you )

I can't just comprehend this type of people. They are countless people in the class who can easily beat him up but he who is just somewhat strong is acting like he is above all students.

I don't have a problem with Zion acting arrogant as he has every right; being strong to rank 2nd and having a platinum grade guild as his backer. But how can even his lackey act like there is no one above him

Well no point in thinking, it is better to focus on the upcoming test. The test is not that dangerous if we exclude the assassin going after the MC and other top students.

I went back to my seat and soon after the professor of mana theory class came and started teaching.

For today we had a similar schedule as yesterday, we had one hour of theory class and for rest of the day, we were told to prepare for tomorrow's test. Like many others, I also took this time to prepare my supplies for the upcoming test.

I packed my bag with potion and rations. I also had to check my weapon for any damage, my Sword and Magic Wand were fine. I will use Magic Wand as the main weapon and Sword as my secondary weapon.


The next day I went to the entrance of BloodyWolf Forest, which was located near our campus. BloodyWolf Forest is frequently used by Ace Academy to train students in real combat. Several teachers were accompanying us; They were there to help students in case of danger.

Looking around the place, I could see a couple of students from my class who also seems to be busy checking their surroundings.

After a couple of minutes, I saw the place where my teammates were gathered. I made my way towards my classmate.

There was a total of three people excluding myself in that place. Two were from another class and One was from my class. As I reached near them, some students came to introduce themselves.

[ "Hello. My name is Isabel Rivera. Rank 412. Nice to meet you." ]

The first person to introduce was a rather short girl with brown and curly hair. She has a friendly voice and seems to be a very spirited person.

[ "Lizbeth Mooney Rank 328" ]

[ "Daniel Smith Rank 356" ]

Following Isabel, was another female with midnight-black hair which flowed over her shoulders. She gives off the impression that she has no interest in anything.

Those two girls were from another class. Next, is Daniel Smith from my class. He has blonde hair with square-shaped glasses and greeted me as if disgusted. Well being in the same class, he must have heard the rumor about me.

( Well there is a rumor circulating in the class that I harass females including goddess Lisa and professor Mia. The rumor with Lisa was that I have kept on wooing her even when she told me to stop and that I was blackmailing professor Mia to help me train. )

[ "Haaaa…" ]

I don't know who is spreading the rumor but don't let me find you. Well including Daniel I have another teammate who has a problem with me.

I turned my head side-way to check for the last member who seems to miss from the place. Well, whatever, I should just introduce myself to the present member, he knows me anyway.

[ "Nice to make your acquaintance everyone, I'm Zero Elea rank 970" ]

[ "Weakling" ]

As soon as I finished my introduction, someone interjected. I turned my back to see the last remaining person of group 8.

[ "Don't drag me down in the test, you weaklings especially you." ]

Kale arrogantly pointed his finger at me.

I really wanted to beat him up to show who really is weakling here but refrain myself. We are going to a dangerous place as a team, to fight because of some words would be pointless. Well whatever, I will stay quiet for now and wait for the test to start.

[ "Humph. You lot will do as I say and if you don't comply with my order then I will beat you up." ]

Kale proclaimed himself as a leader of our group. Well considering he has the highest rank among us, it was natural for him to claim this position. Nobody argued with that though they seems to be unhappy with his arrogant behavior.

[ "Ehm.. Ehm.. Can you all hear me" ]

The tense atmosphere was disrupted by the teacher's voice. Professor Mia's voice resounded the area.

[ "The official test will begin in 10 minutes. Listen carefully because I am going to explain the rule once only"]

[ "Since this is the first time that you will be attempting this kind of test, we made sure to decrease the time of the test to 3 hours. " ]

[ "Your goal for today is to hunt as many monsters as you can under 3 hours. Let me remind you that the rank of today's test will affect your student ranking. "]

[ " Best of Luck to all the students. With this, the test will officially begin in 3…2…1." ]

[ "START"]-

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