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Parallel Memory Chapter 92 Toby Vs Zion [3]

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Chapter 92 Toby Vs Zion [3]


Zion screamed as he released an immense amount of mana.

[ "Imperial Spear Style: Imperial Barrage Pierce"]

The spear formed numerous spear afterimages at that instant. In each spear afterimage, Toby faced a killing intent that was directed at every fatal spot on his body.

[ "Impure Feather Spear: Parry Outburst" ]

Seeing that the incoming attack could cause serious damage, Toby decided to take it seriously.


Sparks flew in all directions as the sound of metal colliding rang out.

While exchanging moves, Toby was able to parry Zion's attacks though Zion did manage to slightly hit Toby's left arm.

However, while Zion has managed to cut a bit of flesh from his left arm, Toby has managed to pierce many parts of Zion's body.

Seeing that Zion was getting slower due to exhaustion and loss of blood, Toby decided it was time to end this battle.

[ "Impure Feather Spear: Absolute Impaling" ]

Immediately, Toby's spear produced a sharp sound of rushing wind as it shot explosively toward Zion's chest.


Zion was heavily injured and was sent flying outside the stage.

A low and deep muffled sound suddenly resounded. The entire audience stared at Zion, who had tattered clothes and looked miserable.

"Phew, I thought even Toby might lose after watching Lyon lose."

"Looks like only Zero would be able to defeat the Top-3 students of Ace Academy."

"Senior Toby's strength has increased. Nobody can fight as elegantly as him."

Lots of seniors were relieved after seeing Toby win. If even Toby lost to a first-year then it will be quite embarrassing for third-year students to show their faces on campus.

Once an arrogant man, was beaten down a such a state. It looks like the gap between Zion and Toby was quite wide.

A pernicious glint flashed over Zion's downcast eyes. He clenched his fist tightly. At this moment, he could not even move his back a little.

That heavy blow from Toby earlier had already broken a couple of his bones.

However, compared to the pain in his body, the frustration and the blow to his heart was the one that Zion had the greatest difficulty enduring.

He didn't lose to Toby only, he also lost to Zero and other students who are stronger than Toby.

( Just why am I lower than all those people What do they have that I don't. )

Zion started to question himself.

"Pride is only worthwhile if you want to make yourself look good. You would one day die if you cling to your little pride. I suggest you look at yourself for real or else you would never be able to compare to real genius."

Before leaving the stage, Toby turned around and advised Zion. Toby spoke like it was from his own experience.

Toby was trying to help his junior whose behavior was just like his when he was younger.

'Pride breaks a person from the inside out', Toby knows that well.

Zion seemed to have hidden his problems behind his pride and never tried to face reality just like he did.

Zion hid his inferiority complex, his lack of talent, and his envy of other people's abilities behind his pride and arrogance.

His pride was his way to escape from the cruel reality that he was never going to amount to anything in front of real talent.

However, as Toby said, it was only meant to hide from reality and not change it. Until he came to terms with that reality, Zion was never going to become the best.

Zion had to accept his flaw, his weakness, or else he would always be a broken man with useless pride.

Toby returned to his seat. Zion showed a great deal of potential, and he knew that if he got rid of his useless pride, he could become a strong man.

The audience applauded for the great fight that they displayed. Zion was able to surprise many people with his unexpected strength.

While they concluded that he was lacking compared to Zero, the destructive power that he showed was enough for them to not underestimate him.

Third-year students were more impressed by Zion than other students. It is because they know the power of Toby and know how difficult it is to fight against him.

To be able to injure Toby was already an indication of Zion's talent.

Under all the applause, Zion was feeling the worst he had felt in years.

Delusioning himself to think he was superior, thinking he could win the Tournament of Academies while in reality, he could not even defeat Third-no fourth best student of Ace Academy.

How funny

It was truly funny that he expected himself to one day become the strongest person in the world.

How could he when there were monsters like Hiro and Zero everywhere.

Zion was carried out on a stretcher as he covered his eyes which were starting to become moist.


"I hope he's okay"

Sylvia said as she looked at the state Zion is in.

Sylvia knows that Zion's pride must have been broken due to him losing.

Given how arrogant he was before the battle, there was no way he could be okay.

They would have to console him like friends do but knowing Zion, they know that he will probably be more hurt if they came to show sympathy.

They could only hope that he would be okay.


The Group 9 battle was next.

The match was dominated by Lisanna. She didn't even need to fight to win.

While some surrendered even before the fight, others did it after struggling to stand when Lisanna released her Rank-C - mana aura.

Lisanna managed to suppress all her opponents with just her mana aura. Even the audience felt some pressure when Lisanna released her Rank-C - mana aura.

The only battle she fought was with a fellow third-year student Layla.

Layla is considered the most talented archer in the Ace Academy and she lived up to her name by defeating her opponents with one shot.

But the match between Layla and Lisanna lasted only one minute. Lisanna used her Movement Art to give Layla no chance to use her bow and arrows.

She could not pinpoint where Lisanna's real body was. She shot her arrow after predicting Lisanna's trajectory.

Layla, as well as the audience, thought the arrow had hit Lisanna, but it turned out to be just an afterimage. Lisanna appeared from behind and used her skill to completely eliminate Layla.

And in just one exchange, Lisanna has thrown Layla out of the stage.

Layla's face turned white. A handful of blood was spat out. She tried to stand up, only to fall down again. She could not accept the fact that she was defeated that easily.

The stadium was completely silent as everyone watched Layla who spat out blood and was carried on a stretcher.

Many people only saw that Layla's earlier attack had hit Lisanna's body.

It was really unexpected that Lisanna deceived all of them with her afterimage. Layla was utterly defeated.


Amid all the cheers and chants, Lisanna looked over at the boy that she desire to fight.

Zero was also watching the fight when he felt Lisanna stare at him. Their eyes met each other.

The student also looked at Zero and Lisanna who were staring at each other.

The student observing them thought that there was nothing wrong with Lisanna showing her desire to fight with Zero. Zero was the only one who was able to contend with Lisanna as an equal.

That led to a big question in everyone's mind.

'Who is stronger'-

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