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Parallel Memory Chapter 94 Hiro Vs Rylan [2]

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Chapter 94 Hiro Vs Rylan [2]

The battle started with both Hiro and Rylan using their full power.

The entire stadium was silent. The gazes of everyone were all gathered on the two people on the stage.

Neither of the two was giving any opening to the other. They continued to exchange moves that contain powerful energies.

One after another, incomparably sharp and explosive attacks from Rylan's sword were directed at Hiro in a lighting-like manner.

However, regardless of how strong and fast he was, they did not have much of an effect on Hiro. Hiro was able to easily dodge and block his attack.

Rylan was at Rank-D, one sub rank above Hiro, but Hiro's stats were slightly higher.

This caused Hiro to display power and speed that had exceeded Rylan.


"You are really strong! But do you really think you can win easily against me."

[ "Whirlwind Technique: Wind Eruption" ]

Rylan's attacks became fiercer as the slash continued to multiply and hit Hiro from different directions.


Hiro tried to defend against Rylan's attacks, but it kept getting harder and harder as his attacks kept on increasing.

[ "Star Swift" ]


Using his Movement Art, Hiro dodged the attack and created a distance between him and Rylan.

However, Rylan didn't give Hiro a chance to relax as he dashed and began attacking.

But Hiro's current speed was not something Rylan could contend with.


Disappearing from Rylan's sight, Hiro reappeared behind him and launched his attack.


But Rylan blocked it with his sword. Rylan, through years of fighting, had many experience of fighting with those who were stronger than him.

He realized during the fight that Hiro's stats were higher than him but that didn't mean he was going to lose.


Hiro tried to attack Rylan from different directions but Rylan with his superior battle awareness was able to predict Hiro's attack pattern.

( This is not good. My attack pattern is being read. )

Hiro realized that just relying on his speed was not going to get him anywhere. He knows that he lacks battle experience compared to Rylan, and therefore he planned to overpower him with his speed which failed.

( Unexpectedly Top-5 students are this difficult to defeat. I wonder how he was able to defeat Lyon so quickly.)

Hiro could not help but compare himself to Zero as he fought. Hiro was struggling to get a win against someone who was just in Top-5 while he had seen Zero casually beat the second strongest student of Ace Academy.


In the middle of his thinking, Rylan attacks Hiro and manages to land a hit on his leg albeit the wound was light.

( No use thinking about it right now. I need to focus on my opponent. )

His opponent was not someone who he could fight while being distracted.

Fighting with a Top-5 Third-year student, Hiro realized how ridiculously strong Zero is for being able to easily defeat Lyon.


[ "StarShatterer Style: Complete Annihilation" ]

[ "Whirlwind Technique: Cyclone Blast" ]

Two swords collided violently as deep explosions formed due to their collision. It caused the air in the stadium to fluctuate continuously and surge out in all directions after the explosion.

The audience was able to feel how horrible the attacks were just from getting hit by the strong air.


Two of them fought continuously even before the dust settled. They could vaguely see inside even the dustiest of places with their eyesight.

( Looks like I need a stronger attack. )

Hiro thought as he battled with Rylan. Earlier he thought that 'Complete Annihilation' would be enough to defeat Rylan. He didn't expect Rylan to also hide his real strength.

He decided to use his strongest attack. He didn't plan to use this here but considering the situation, it was not possible to win without utilizing it.

[ "StarShatterer Style: Void Destruction" ]

An attack that was wilder and more vicious compared to Hiro's previous attack caused Rylan's eyes to be slightly narrowed

He didn't believe that Hiro had another attack that was more vicious and powerful than the previous attack.

Rylan at that moment knew he would lose as he was barely able to cancel out the last attack of Hiro. Now an attack even more powerful than that was headed his way.

"However, I am not willing to give up easily!!!"

[ "Whirlwind Technique: Cyclone Blast" ]


The collision caused even more destruction than the previous collision and caused even the stage to crack as a result of the collision.

The stage was not made with normal brick but rather with stronger material that is able to withstand Rank-D attacks. The crack indicates how powerful the attacks were.

An air fluctuation swept across the stadium, which was more powerful than the previous one. The audiences were stunned to see such a powerful attack from Hiro.

While some had heard about Hiro being a genius, it was at that moment that they realized how strong he truly was.

Some also thought that Hiro was more powerful than Zero. As Hiro's attacks were incomparable to any attack displayed by other students.

Though the smarter ones were able to tell that Hiro would not be able to win against Zero. Hiro with that kind of attack was just enough to contend with Lyon.

They have seen Lyon lose miserably, and know that Zero was on another level compared to Hiro and Lyon.

It was a long time later before everyone gradually recovered from their dull state.

The eyes of these students were filled with surprise and shock. Clearly, the destructive attack that Hiro had displayed really caused them to be stunned.

At this moment, even the expressions of the professors in the VIP area instantly underwent a drastic change.

It was clear that they seriously underestimated Hiro, who is not inferior to the top-3 strongest students. Although they did not know who was stronger between Zero and Hiro, they felt that there would not be a large difference between the two.

They all abruptly turned their gazes towards the place that was obscured by dust.

As the dust became fainter, Hiro and Rylan once again appeared in everyone's sight.

However, at this moment, Rylan was lying on the floor and there was a deep cut on his chest.

The Victor was clear!-

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