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Chapter 331: New Life 3

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[Later, the remaining humans left this world, leaving me behind.

I secretly observed this world and discovered that to assimilate all humans into mutants, the strange gods actually use a strange method.

The strange gods cannot be defeated because they cannot die, nor regenerate.

Their numbers are constant.

Only by assimilating life forms in terms of both thought and body could strange gods be created.

They wanted to annex humans and expand their power… After all, in this world, the only high-level intelligent creatures were humans, in the beginning.]

[However, humans were complex and fickle-minded.

The beliefs, races, and cultures of various countries gave birth to humans with countless thoughts.

They simply could not be converted into strange gods.

As such, the strange gods had no way to expand their power by attempting to assimilate humans.

Hence, they started a plan, which is the Dark Fog Operation.]

[By using the dark fog to create an apocalyptic crisis, it would unify the beliefs of humans to fight against the dark fog.

With the help of the divine beast totem, extraordinary strength would be awakened, giving hope to humans.

The six strange gods thus nibbled away at the humans that control the various regions.

When the time was right, after mankinds beliefs were united, they would be able to convert all of mankind into strange gods and leave this world.]

[Oracles words seemed to deafen the two of you and your beastmaster!]

[Still, Oracle continued to say, with that, the modern humans would be wiped out and the people of the past who have left wouldnt know about the current situation.

Only I, who survived, was lucky enough to go out once and discover these things.

If you wanted to save this world or leave safely, it would only be possible if all of you worked together with Oracle.]

[The two of you hesitated.

Your beastmaster hesitated as well.]

[After some discussion, the three of you feel that you should give it a try first.

After all, it didnt matter even if you died.]

[With that, you took Oracle away.

Your beastmaster signed a contract with Oracle and left Cloud Palace.

With the help of countless materials, the two of you quickly completed your second and third evolution.

In less than a few years, both of you grew into level 9 Supreme-class pets.

With the two of you, your beastmaster defeated the divine beast totems of the five other countries in the name of challenging the various countries, becoming the worlds top beastmaster.

The last strange god was hidden in the Dark Fog Cult.

With your power, you uncovered this mysterious organization.]

[After defeating the last divine beast totem, you asked Oracle to recount the ancient history and tell the remaining humans in the world the truth about the divine beast totems.

The world was shocked.

Then, you and your beastmaster called for everyone to use the power of the strange gods, which was the pet contract, to defeat the strange gods.

The true colors of the divine beast totems were exposed, and the horns of a counterattack sounded.

It took decades.

When the humans from various countries joined forces, the dark fog was forced to retreat.

The six great strange gods were defeated by you and your beastmaster, and the strange gods had thus lost their strength to revive.]

[Many years later, when the last piece of the dark fog in the world disappeared, a ray of sunlight shone down upon this broken world.]

[All of you have gained a new life.

You have opened a new chapter that belongs to humans and pets.]

[The simulation has ended.]

(end) 4

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