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The next day. 

During the day, Margo brought a bunch of workers with him to install a fireplace equipped with a chimney in my bedroom-cum-living room.

I could also cook in that fireplace.

After that, they made a small table with the leftover woods. 

To test the newly installed fireplace, I filled the fireplace with firewoods and lit the fire using a fire dagger.

The heat from the fireplace was pretty warm and had an elegant charm to it.

I was so happy that after they all had left, I diligently chopped more firewood.

This time, I could finally let the thought of Yurina-san go from my mind and focus on chopping wood.

I then temporarily stored the chopped woods inside the blacksmith workshop so that it wouldn’t get wet from rain. 

The night came and showed my face at Yurina-san’s place.There was one thing I noticed.

I felt at ease when talking with this person.

Perhaps for me, this must be the most important thing that I had realized.

I had never felt “at ease” with a woman that I had never met before.

I think being in love might be synonymous with trusting someone.

I might be only stating the obvious but, as a human, having a mutual trust was essential when you were in a relationship with someone. 

I handed her the book I had prepared as her present.

When she saw the “to Yurina-san, from Keigo” part, she smiled happily. 

Is a coincidence like this possible

To my surprise, our present to each other was the same.

We both gave each other “a book”.

Moreover, Yurina-san included a dark blue top and bottom clothes for me.

She said that she liked a man who wore this kind of color.

I immediately changed into it and she seemed elated. 

Then Yurina-san told me the book she gave to me was a magic book.

She also started reading my book and was surprised at the content of my book.

Of course I tried to give her some money because I felt like the value of my gift for her was far below her gift for me but she refused.

Apparently according to her, the book I gave to her was also worth quite a lot. 

I appraised the book Yurina-san gave to me.

Then I found out that this book contained the basics of ice type life magic and that I could learn the said magic by opening the book and chanting the spell inscribed in the book. 

I immediately opened the magic book, put my palm on it and chanted the “magic spell” by imitating Yurina-san.

Then, sparkling snow crystals formed in the air and eventually formed together into a transparent small block of ice.

The ice then fell into a glass that Yurina-san had prepared underneath beforehand, making a clinking sound as the ice hit the glass. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Ice Magic level 1.』

I made ice using magic for her glass and mine so we both had liquor on the rock.

The size of the ice could be adjusted depending on the time it needed to gather the magic power.

I was able to create a beautiful round ice that was perfect for making drinks. 

It turned out the things she liked the best was also a book.

I was really happy to know that. 

We both spend enjoyable time drinking the amber colored liquid with the sparkling, beautifully shaped ice made with magic. 

Our tender and enjoyable time together, passed by slowly.


T/N: She gave our MC magic book and clothes! Best girlllll! The book must be very, very expensive too since it’s a magic book!



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