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Lin Lan was secretly happy as his train of thought was the same with hers.


If they do borrow their money, then his brothers would have to return the amount collectively.


Not borrowing money would also mean that the money wouldn’t be wasted.


This would also encourage the others to separate their families.

If they want to enjoy the benefits of her family, they should all separate their families.

Only then would they start to evenly divide the matter of taking care of the elderly.


Now, her family was not obliged to support several other people who weren’t her family members.


She felt that Han Qingsong’s depressed mood seemed to have disappeared.


Lin Lan dragged him into the east room to talk to the children and communicate their feelings.


Men would usually just ignore their wives, behave too strictly and were not kind enough to their children.

The worst part about this was that the whole village had the same virtue.

Men would only get together and talk nonsense, but have little to no patience when it comes to their wives and children.


The children were listening to the radio, which was playing some stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Lin Lan gave Maisui a look and asked her to go to the west room to wash up.


Since the weather started to get cold, she taught Maisui to wash her body, change her underwear and soak her feet every day.

Maisui was now trying to get used to the routine.


Lin Lan smelled the sweaty feet of another child, “Who didn’t wash their feet It stinks to death.

Are those actually pig hooves or what”


The boys were giggling and Erwang immediately pushed Sanwang, “Go and wash your feet, you were the only one who didn’t.”


Sanwang pouted, “It’s the eldest brother, not me.”


Dawang immediately placed his foot in front of Sanwang’s eyes, “Smell it, smell it! I washed it in the river!”


In the end, it was still Sanwang who was the culprit as he was forced to wash his feet.


When the children came back, Lin Lan asked, “Which of you can memorise poems related to the Mid-Autumn Festival Did the teacher teach you all already”


Han Qingping’s lectures are very interesting because the purpose of his classes were not to take exams, but to learn literacy.

Hence, his lessons were very realistic.


Today was the Mid-Autumn Festival, so in addition to teaching, writing and reading, they must have read a few poems about the Mid-Autumn Festival.


The children couldn’t remember and tried to jog their memories.

After all, they were too relaxed just now as they ate their mooncakes.

Who would have thought that they would have to recite poems all of a sudden.


Lin Lan reminded them, “It can be a full moon, it can be a half moon and it can be a crescent; in all honesty, any moon will do.

But the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival will show the moon in its clearest form.”


She smiled and immediately made a note to herself, “I listen to the radio at home every day, so I know a bunch as well.”


Dawang glanced at her, “The radio recites poems”


Lin Lan, “Sometimes.”


To be fair, she hadn’t heard of it.


In fact, during the cultural movement, education reform, destruction of the Four Old Traditions, the elimination of feudalism, ancient poetry and prose were all rigidly classified as feudal dross across the board.

Hence, many places basically did not have access to such literacy.

However, rural and small districts were not so strict, so the teachers would still touch up on the subject.

After all, people who have studied the poems of the Tang and the Song Dynasty were overwhelmed by the beauty of the language and artistic conception.

Therefore, they would subconsciously want to chant and teach students about it.


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