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“In addition, his home is here.

Where can he go”

“There was no solution.

We could only treat it as a missing case,” the staff member explained, “Both missing cases remain unsolved.”

“In fact… it might not be suitable to talk about this in modern times, but we couldnt think of any other solutions.

We even hired a great master to take a look at this place.

We didnt hire a scammer.

It was a very famous master from Hongkong.”

“But he couldnt tell if there was anything weird.

What could we do We couldnt do anything,” the staff member muttered.

“You mustnt tell another soul about this! Its really hard for us!” the staff member sighed.

Han Zhuofeng nodded and said, “I see.

Dont worry.

Both I and my employees will not say a word about this.”

The worker smiled at them and said, “Then, I wont be seeing you all off.

Drive safe.”


Do your thing.” Han Zhuofeng smiled and said.

When the staff member left, everyone got in the car and went back to the homestay.

Han Zhuofeng then whispered and asked Xie Jiling, “Did you find anything earlier”

Xie Jiling shook her head and said, “Are you filming there tomorrow”

Han Zhuofeng nodded and said, “We will film the scenes at Ghost town first.

And then, we will head to the Danxia Scenic Area.”

“I think theres something weird with Ghost Town.

If it werent because of the scenes, I would never come here,” Han Zhuofeng whispered and said, “I just want to be done with filming the scenes here as soon as possible.

Only when theyre done will I be at ease.

I wont have to go there anymore, and nothing bad will happen.”

Xie Jiling nodded and said, “I can come with you tomorrow and check again.

There was not enough time today.

If I cant find anything during the day…”

Xie Jiling paused before continuing, “Then, you all will leave at 5 PM sharp, and I will stay.

I just feel sorry for those staff members.

I will have to hide until nighttime to see what it is.”

Han Zhuofengs brows twitched.

Although he knew about Xie Jilings capabilities, he was still worried when he heard that she wanted to stay by herself.

So, he told her how he felt.

Xie Jiling struggled as she opened her mouth.

In the end, she felt bad about telling Han Zhuofeng that his worries would not change anything.

Was he going to stay

In addition, what would be the use of him staying with her

He wouldnt be able to do anything.

She would simply be distracted by trying to protect him.

It would be better if he were gone.

However, Han Zhuofeng looked worried, so Xie Jiling felt bad about saying any harsh words.

But then, Han Zhuofeng gnashed his teeth and said, “If you cant find the answer during the day and you must stay at night, I will keep you company.”

Xie Jiling was really impressed by Han Zhuofeng.

It had obviously been really difficult for Han Zhuofeng to say those words.

He was even scared of looking at some strange human-shaped rocks.

How could he have the guts to keep her company

“I know I would be of no help if I stayed,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Xie Jiling let out a sigh of relief upon realizing that Han Zhuofeng knew.

Otherwise, Xie Jiling would have to struggle to think of a way to show Han Zhuofeng the reality.

But then, Han Zhuofeng continued talking, “But you will be alone, and Im worried about it.

Even if I cant do anything, I can still be next to you.”

“And if theres actually something here, I can talk to you while you are waiting for it to appear,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Xie Jiling moved her mouth and said, “Are you not afraid”

You had been so afraid earlier…

“Im scared.” Han Zhuofeng said without any hesitation.

Xie Jiling was speechless.

“If youre scared, why would you still follow me” Xie Jiling asked.

“I just think… Although you have a lot of experience and you are often working at night.

You had no choice in the past, and you had to do it by yourself.

But since I am here now, how can I let you, a girl, stay outside alone when its so late”

“Are you really not scared of the dark Its not that you arent scared, right You just got used to it.”

In addition, it didnt matter whether you were scared or not.

When Han Zhuofeng felt scared, he could just ask Xie Jiling to protect him.

But if Xie Jiling was scared, whose help could she seek

And so, she could not be afraid.

She wasnt fearless.

She just had to be brave.

However, she was still young.

Even now, she was just a nineteen-year-old girl in her first year of college.

Xie Jiling had long gotten used to this.

And no one had ever said such words to her either.

When it was her first time exorcising with her dad, it was in the middle of the night.

At that time, she was really scared.

She couldnt help but held her fathers hand tightly.

But her father told her that she was an exorcist and that exorcists should be fearless.

She had to help people.

If she was scared, what should those helpless people do

And so, he couldnt protect her.

She had to walk this journey by herself.

She had to walk in the dark.

In fact, to build her courage, her father would even leave her alone at graveyards in the middle of the night.

As an exorcist, she was different from normal people.

Ordinary people could only sense the gloomy atmosphere.

However, she could see them.

She would stay at the graveyard late at night and be accompanied by ghosts.

However, as she continued doing it, she no longer felt fear.

She kept her fathers words in her mind.

She was an exorcist.

She couldnt be afraid.

When she left the house representing Xie Family, some people didnt believe her and thought she was a scammer because of her young age.

Some people believed and entrusted all hope to her.

They hoped that she could exorcise.

But no one thought that she could feel fear as well.

Han Zhuofeng was the first.

Xie Jiling didnt understand how she felt right now.

She felt sour, warm, and she felt as if she was melting.

“But even if you are here, it doesnt matter,” Xie Jiling said, “Protecting you would be distracting.”

Han Zhuofeng was dumbfounded.

He didnt know what to say.

What Xie Jiling said was an issue.

He wanted to keep her company, but he didnt know anything, and he had no skills.

He couldnt do anything well.

Instead, she would have to protect her.

He might become her burden.

Han Zhuofeng felt sad and disappointed.

Since young until now, Han Zhuofeng had never been anyones burden.

“Thank you,” Xie Jiling suddenly said.

Han Zhuofeng looked at Xie Jiling in confusion.

Xie Jiling said, “Actually, no one has ever wondered if I could get scared or lonely.”

Xie Jiling recalled how Han Zhuofeng took the initiative to help her carry her backpack at the airport.

At that time, he said that she could do it by herself if she were alone.

But since he was around, she could let him handle everything.

“When I first started exorcising, I was afraid.

However, I stopped feeling afraid after it happened many times.

Therefore, I think I will be fine by myself.

But thank you.

You are the first to worry about whether I might feel afraid and worry that I might not be able to handle it by myself.”

Han Zhuofeng tried to move his mouth.

He suddenly felt bad for Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling smiled and said, “You shouldnt stay tomorrow.

Gather everyone else and tell everyone to leave early.

I will go check things out on my own.”

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