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“Well, tell me about the situation in your world…” Xiaya told him to explain in brief words.

Combined with the information that Supreme Kai of Time told him, he already had a general understanding of why Trunks came to this world to find him.

“Yes…” Then, Trunks told what happened in the 1st timeline.

After hearing what happened in detail, everyone became angry at the enemy.

“That man in black actually did such an outrageous thing.” Krillin was shocked.

Yamcha sighed: “How many people have died on Earth!”

Tien Shinhan nodded: “And the guy who looks like Goku, he is also an accomplice.”

“They have turned the whole universe into chaos!” Yajirobe reached out and stroked the katana around his waist, feeling his scalp tingle.

What happened in Trunks’ timeline is truly a tragedy for humans.

In the future without powerful warriors, one Zamasu was enough to threaten the entire universe.

“Wait, if the evil Supreme Kai you mentioned was so excessive, then didn’t the ‘me’ from your world take action.” Beerus asked with a frown.

Zamasu did far more than what Majin Buu did back then, destroying nearly 90% of the living planets in Universe 7.

No matter how lazy Beerus of that world is, it is impossible for him to continue to sleep.

“Sorry, but I didn’t see you mister.”

Trunks looked at the strange creature with purple skin in front of him.

He had never seen Beerus before, nor did he know the strength of a God of Destruction, but hearing him, he sounds like a very powerful person who could resolve a situation, but Trunks was very sure that in his world, no such person appeared.

“This is the God of Destruction Beerus-sama, the most powerful god in the universe, stronger than Supreme Kai! He can defeat a Super Saiyan 3 with just one finger.” Goku explained to Trunks in a low voice.


Shocked, Trunks looked at Beerus in surprise.

There is actually such a powerful person in the universe!

“Whis, what’s going on Normally, ‘I’ should have taken action.” Beerus asked.

“Hmm~” Whis squinted his eyes and pondered.

After a while, his expression became sorrowful, and he perfunctorily wiped his tears, “In that case, it can only mean that Beerus-sama in that timeline no longer exists.”

“Bastard, Whis, don’t always curse me.” Beerus looked at Whis with a dangerous glint flashing in his eyes.

This Whis always talks about him dying, especially in front of him.

It’s really hateful!

He turned towards Trunks and asked, “Boy, what about the Supreme Kai in your world He should still be there, right”

Trunks was stunned for a moment as he remembered the past, and said with a sad expression: “Supreme Kai-sama sacrificed himself in order to protect me during the battle with Majin Buu.” If East Supreme Kai hadn’t sacrificed himself to protect him, he would have no chance of surviving.

But he also killed Majin Buu to avenge Supreme Kai.

“Dead… dead”

Beerus opened his mouth wide and became agitated, “Then, what about the Z Sword What happened to that sword in the Sacred World of the Kai”

“During the battle, Z sword was turned into stone by Dabura’s saliva, after which it fell to the ground and broke.”


Beerus shouted loudly, his expression becoming very scary, and his body emitted a dangerous coercion.

Supreme Kai is dead.

Z sword broke.

Beerus really felt like destroying the planet!

“Ah, Beerus-sama in that world really died.” Whis gloated at his misfortune, and didn’t seem to feel sad about what happened in that world.

This is also related to Angel’s duty.

As a neutral guardian, Angels only guard the current timeline’s universe.

As long as Universe 7 of the current timeline is okay, no matter what happens to him in another timeline, it will not affect him.

“Humph, stop gloating Whis.”

Beerus had a gloomy look on his face, seemingly lost in thought.

At this time, Chronoa jumped out and said something even more surprising to Beerus and Whis: “Actually, it’s not just Universe 7.

According to the information I obtained, all Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction in the 1st timeline have disappeared.

Anyway, there are no high-level gods protecting it, and it is very messy right now.”

After hearing that, Whis’ smile vanished and muttered: “This is not good, if it is not handled properly, Zeno-sama will definitely get angry.”

One can imagine the consequences of angering Zeno.

It would be absolutely frightening, and it is possible for all universes to disappear.

Beerus obviously thought of this too, and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it wasn’t Zeno-sama in their world who would get angry…

Then, he frowned, “Who is the culprit who did these things”

“As far as I know it is a Trainee Supreme Kai called Zamasu who stole the Time Ring from Supreme Kai Gowasu.

I checked the several timelines and found that they all used super dragon balls, and the person who looks exactly like Kakarrot, Zamasu stole Kakarrot’s body using super dragon balls in one of the timeline.”

“Steal Kakarrot’s body!” Vegeta’s eyes narrowed.

Such a thing can also be done

“My body was stolen” Goku was taken aback, his face sinking.

Xiaya said: “It’s not the current you, it’s Kakarrot from another timeline, but I have restored him with crystal dragon balls.”

“That’s good!” Goku breathed a sigh of relief.

“Teacher Xiaya, since that black-robed man is using Mr.

Goku’s body, if he is able to completely grasp his body’s strength, he will definitely become stronger.

Please follow me to my timeline and destroy them! ”

After realizing Goku Black’s identity, Trunks’ expression changed and he remembered how Goku Black rapidly improved by leaps and bounds in just one month.

Now, knowing the reason for it, he became even more worried.

Before Goku Black must not have fully grasped the power in Goku’s body, if he is not dealt with as soon as possible, he will get even more difficult to deal with.

“Yes, let’s go and destroy them.”

Hearing his words, Goku and Vegeta’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

Xiaya nodded and smiled: “Don’t worry, I’ll bring you with me.

Moreover, I’ve also promised Kakarrot and Vegeta of another timeline, they will come with us too.”

After pondering for a moment, he continued: “There’s no time to lose, Trunks… you should recover first while I’ll pick up Kakarrot and Vegeta from another timeline.

And you should also enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Kakarrot and the others during this time.

When I return, we will set off for your world.” Since they are going over, they have to make every second count and naturally make the best preparations.

Although Xiaya may not take Zamasu seriously in his heart, the only thing he was apprehensive about is Zamasu’s immortal body, so he should still make preparations.


Goku and others all agreed.

Even Beerus, who had always opposed time travel, remained silent.

Maybe he also understood that if Zamasu of another timeline has to be defeated, seeking help of this side’s strength is a must.


A few hours later.

West City, Goku and Bulma’s villa.

Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks who had just come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber changed into new clothes.

Except for Goku, who was wearing an orange-red martial arts suit, Vegeta and Trunks were both wearing specially made Battle Armor.

Soon after that, followed by a few flashes of light, Xiaya appeared with Goku and Vegeta from the 4th timeline (the world similar to original work’s), and as soon as they appeared, it attracted everyone’s attention.

“Wow, they really look exactly the same.” Krillin exclaimed in surprise.

“Of course, after all, they are the same people…” Yamcha retorted, also feeling surprised.

4th timeline’s Vegeta indifferently glanced at his surroundings and said, “It’s exactly the same as our place!” Then his eyes paused on Bulma, and he was slightly stunned.

Before coming here, Xiaya had already told him the difference between the two timelines; Bulma is actually Goku’s wife.

They looked at each other, but in order to avoid awkwardness, 4th timeline’s Vegeta quickly moved his eyes away.

(From now on, 4th timeline’s Goku is called Calote and Vegeta is called Dal)

“Since you are us from another timeline, I wonder how your skills are” Vegeta walked over to Dal and both of them looked at each other with the same proud and overbearing look on their faces.

Their personality was similarly cold and arrogant.

“They are surely not inferior to yours.” Dal said indifferently.

The corners of Vegeta’s mouth curled up, “Interesting, then let’s see who kills the person who stole Kakarrot’s body first.”

Even if it is against himself, he cannot lose.


On the other side, Calote and Goku also ran into each other, and both of them also erupted out with a majestic fighting intent, but they also knew that it was not the time to fight, so they looked at each other for a moment before separately arriving at Xiaya’s side.

“Prepare to set off!”

Saying softly, and then under the combined work of Xiaya, Chronoa and Eve, the seven of them turned into a bright light ray and disappeared.

After Xiaya and the others set off, Trunks waved to Bulma, and also immediately got on the time machine and headed for the 1st timeline.

Here we have to mention the rules of timelines.

Space time controllers can generally affect the surrounding timelines, even when travelling between fragmented worlds due to the world’s self-protection mechanism, since space time ability also has an exclusive setting similar to Pauli’s exclusion principle – that is, the similar space time ability will produce mutual exclusion phenomenon, so same space-time controller of different Multiverses cannot appear in the same timeline, and even if they enter other timelines, their space-time ability will collide with the space time ability of another self’s body and suffer a backlash.

Therefore, only when a space-time controller doesn’t have another self in other Multiverses, or their other self has died, they can travel back and forth.

Ordinary people who do not have the slightest space-time ability, or Supreme Kai of Time who can jump out of space-time constraints are not on this list.


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