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Tang Bo Te drove down the street and wandered casually before stopping in front of a florist, the sign outside the shop was very simple and didnt look that fancy.

He pushed open the door of the florist and stepped inside, there is a bell hanging on the door and it jingled a few times as he pushed the door open.

His eyes skimmed impatiently over the bouquets of flowers placed in the shop, frowning as he searched for the red roses the Marshal had asked for.

He had lost a bet with the Marshal today, so he had been sent by the Marshal to buy flowers for his wife.

ThisOriginal Flavoured Autumn1Yuán Qiūs name, 原秋, is made up of the words original and autumn.

The shops name is 原味兒的秋天 and this is also the reason why this chapter is namedYuan Qiu and Tang Bo Tes autumn.‘ flower shop was beautifully decorated, with a wide variety of flowers, a clean and bright shop, and the shopkeepers care and love for flowers can be seen everywhere in the small details.

Tang Bo Te has never liked fragile little things like flowers, so it was the first time he had stepped into a flower shop in years, and when he walked in, he noticed the faint scent of flowers everywhere in the room.

He frowned slightly, he had often smelled blood and sweat on the battlefield, where had he ever smelt anything so soft and inoffensive

But it smelled good, and he took a deep breath unconsciously.

A rustling sound came from under the trellis in front of him, and when Tang Bo Te looked down, a man stood up from there, half a head shorter than Tang Bo Te, holding a freshly arranged bunch of sunflowers, a leaf hanging from his dark, silky hair, and a slight smile on his fair face.

He looked up at Tang Bo Te, his eyes soft and bright, “Hello, customer.”

His voice was as clear as spring water, flowing directly into Tang Bo Tes heart, boiling up and gurgling in his heart.

Tang Bo Tes eyes settled on his face and he couldnt look away for half a day.

People used to say that no Alpha would dislike an Omega, and he didnt believe it back then, always telling everyone in a condescending manner that he was going to be in the army for the rest of his life and didnt need a partner, just a gun2slapping his own face .

But at this moment, there was only one thought in his mind, he wanted to marry this Omega in front of him.

He froze and reached out his hand and removed the flowers and leaves from Omegas head.

The Omega smiled shyly and whispered his thanks to him.

The sun outside shone on the Omegas face, casting a soft glow, and the smile on his face was brighter than the sunflower in his arms.

It was clearly autumn and yet Tang Bo Te felt he could smell the flowers blooming.

From that day onwards, Tang Bo Te bought sunflowers fromOriginal Flavoured Autumn for nine days in a row, and he learnt that this Omegas name is Yuan Qiu and that he is the owner of the flower shop, which he ran all by himself.

He obviously prepared a lot of things he wanted to say every day, but when he saw him, he couldnt help but blush and couldnt say a word.

He could only saythank you when Yuan Qiu handed him the sunflowers and then run away blushingly.

Tang Bo Te could not help but sigh frequently at night, who said that Omegas are weak Omegas are obviously stronger than enemies.

In front of enemies, he is able to handle knives with ease3遊刃有餘 (yóu rèn yǒu yú): an idiom, being skilled and doing things with eased and neatly., but in front of Yuan Qiu, he was always too nervous to speak.

On the tenth day, Yuan Qiu looked at this daily customer and couldnt help but ask with a smile: “Are you buying this for your lover”

Tang Bo Te didnt expect Yuan Qiu to talk to him suddenly, he couldnt help but freeze for a moment, his cheeks flushed, he glanced at Yuan Qiu quickly, and then nodded lightly, Yuan Qiu was the one he loved.

Without asking more questions, Yuan Qiu handed him the sunflower with a smile, “You are so sincere, he must be very happy that.”

Tang Bo Tes eyes lit up and he took the sunflower, hesitated for a moment, took a deep breath and handed it to Yuan Qiu with a stiff face and said: “For, for you.”

“For me” Yuan Qiu looked at the blushing officer in front of him with astonishment.

“En.” Tang Bo Te nodded and looked at him a little nervously and asked: “These few days, when you open the door and see the sunflowers, are you happy”

He still remembered the day they first met, the way Yuan Qiu was holding the sunflower in his arms, it was particularly beautiful, that image was deeply imprinted in his mind, every time he thought about it, he couldnt help but throb.

When Yuan Qiu heard his words, he was stunned and asked with a frown: “All the sunflowers you bought these days are for me”

“En.” Tang Bo Te nodded expectantly.

Yuan Qiu gave him a complicated look and after a moment of silence asked: “Where did you send the flowers”

Tang Bo Te said as a matter of course: “At your doorstep ah.”

“……” Yuan Qiu looked at the sunflowers in Tang Bo Tes hand and suddenly remembered that recently, there seemed to be many more sunflowers in the vegetable garden of the old grandmothers house across the street.

One day, when he passed by at work, he even heard the grandmother cursing in a low voice, the grandmother said she didnt know who had nothing better to do than to put a bunch of sunflowers secretly in front of her house every day, it was better to put a bag of melon seeds for her.

Yuan Qiu looked at Tang Bo Tes expectant look of waiting to be praised, he really couldnt bear to tell the truth of the matter, so he just took the sunflowers from Tang Bo Tes hand and smiled politely, “Thank you, but dont send flowers to my house again in the future.”

“……Okay ba.” Tang Bo Te was a little lost, but nodded, he didnt want to refuse anything the Omega said.

His eyes scanned the interior, since he couldnt buy sunflowers now, he would have to find another reason so that he could come and see the Omega.

His eyes fell on the carnations and his eyes lit up as he said: “Ill buy a bunch of flowers for my mother then.”

Yuan Qiu was stunned for a moment, looked at the carnations hesitantly and asked: “You……wouldnt want to come and buy flowers for your mother every day, would you”

“Cant I” Tang Bo Te eyebrows furrowed and his handsome face looked a little aggravated.

“Its not that you cant……” Yuan Qiu looked at him like this and felt somewhat soft hearted, and words of refusal could not come out of his mouth.

He thought about it, pointed to flower tea bag next to it and said: “You might as well buy some flower tea for your mother, its good for health.

Immediately, Tang Bo Te laughed brightly and nodded vigorously, “Ok!”

Not only was he going to buy flower tea for his mum, he was also going to buy flower tea for his dad, Marshal, uncle4叔叔 (shū shū): fathers younger brothers, can also be used to refer to ones husbands younger brothers., uncle5伯伯 (bó bo): fathers older brothers, aunt6阿姨 (ā yí): mothers sisters, also can be used generically to refer to older women, this is what Xiao Qi calls Empress Xia., aunt7嬸嬸 (shěn shěn): wife of fathers brother.……and the gatekeeper at the army gate!

Yuan Qiu looked at the simple smile on Tang Bo Tes face and couldnt help but smile along.

In the days that followed, when Yuan Qiu was carrying flowers to the flower shop in the morning, Tang Bo Te would always pop up and help him carry all the flowers inside and set them up on the shelves before leaving.

When Yuan Qiu was eating lunch, Tang Bo Te would also appear out of the blue, foolishly holding a lunch box, sitting opposite him and eating with his head down, occasionally adding a chicken leg to his meal, or pitifully saying that he wanted to try his cooking, and then taking the vegetables from his lunch box, and after eating with a satisfied face, he could even praise out a small thesis on his cooking skills.

When Yuan Qiu was sick and had a fever, Tang Bo Te dilly-dallied and guarded the flower shop and refused to leave, and he got busy in the back kitchen to boil soup for Yuan Qiu, but when he was making the soup, he accidentally burned his hand, and it was Yuan Qiu who drove him to the hospital with his feverish and dizzy head.

Sitting in the doorway, remembering these embarrassing stories of his, Yuan Qiu couldnt help but lower his head and smile, but in his heart, he couldnt help but vaguely look forward to his arrival.

“What are you smiling about” Tang Bo Te walked in with a smile on his face, a bag of chestnuts in his hand, placing it in front of Yuan Qiu and saying softly: “Fresh out of the pot, eat it while its hot.”

“Thanks.” Yuan Qiu took it and looked at it, the chestnuts were hot and warm in his hand.

“Ill leave now, Im leaving the capital later for a few days, if you have anything, remember to call me.” Tang Bo Te glanced at him reluctantly before leaving in a hurry.

He had received an urgent assignment this morning and had only managed to find the time with difficulty to come and say goodbye to Yuan Qiu.

Yuan Qiu froze, and when he reacted, Tang Bo Te had already walked away.

For some reason, he looked at the empty flower shop and felt a hint of loneliness.

He was an orphan who had left the orphanage when he became an adult and worked alone, without a family or any close friends that were too close.

It was only this year that he had finally saved enough money to open this flower shop and fulfil his dream of many years.

He has always been alone, and has already become accustomed to being alone, but now he suddenly felt a sense of loneliness, and he felt a little lost when there is one person missing beside him laughing sillily.

Tang Bo Te has been gone for half a month.

Yuan Qiu was afraid of disturbing his work, so he didnt call him

This day at noon, when Yuan Qiu went to the supermarket across the street to buy lunch, it suddenly started to rain outside.

Yuan Qiu waited in the supermarket for a while, and the rain kept falling with no sign of stopping, so he had to buy an umbrella in the supermarket and run to the store.

He picked up his pace as he walked.

He had placed a few bunches of flowers at the entrance of the flower shop earlier to solicit customers and thought that those flowers would have all been soaked through by now, he couldnt help but frown slightly, feeling it was bit wasted.

He walked briskly to the flower shop and saw a familiar figure at the door and froze, stopping sharply in his tracks.

Tang Bo Te stood soaked to the skin in front of the door, his tall body firmly blocking the bouquets of flowers.

His back was soaked through, yet he didnt take shelter under the eaves, still stubbornly keeping the rain off the flowers.

Yuan Qiu stood frozen in place for a moment and took a step over.

Tang Bo Te looked at him and immediately smiled, “Ah Qiu, its been a long time, these flowers arent wet yet, you quickly take them inside ba.”

He couldnt help but sneeze as he finished as the rain ran down his back

“What are you doing Its raining, dont you know you need to get under the eaves quickly to get out of the rain” Yuan Qiu couldnt help but feel some anger, and he didnt know why he was so angry.

Tang Bo Te panicked, innocently reached out and scratched his head, whispering: “You like these flowers ah.”

Because Yuan Qiu likes them, he doesnt want these flowers to get wet in the rain.

He could see that Yuan Qiu really likes these flowers.

Yuan Qiu looked at him with a soft heart and let out an imperceptible low sigh, took out the key and quickly opened the door of the flower shop, turned his head to him and said, “Come in, dont catch a cold.”

Tang Bo Te shook his head and handed those flowers forward, “Im already wet, so I wont go in, dont get your floor dirty.”

Yuan Qiu wrinkled his eyebrows, tugged his wrist and pulled him straight into the shop.

Tang Bo Te looked at Yuan Qius hand on his wrist, his cheeks turning a little red, dazed as he was led into the shop by Yuan Qiu.

The Omegas hands turned out to be so……soft and white that he was afraid his own skin would abrade the Omegas tender skin.

Yuan Qiu looked at his silly and lost look, somewhat helpless, took out a handkerchief to wipe the rain on his face.

When he looked up, he realised that Tang Bo Tes cheeks were burning red.

He frowned and reached out to touch Tang Bo Tes forehead, asking a little nervously: “Do you have a fever”

Tang Bo Te came back to his senses and shook his head hastily, “No, my body is very good, I wont catch a cold easily.”

When Yuan Qiu saw that he really did not have a fever, he put his mind at ease and continued to wipe his face clean with a handkerchief.

Tang Bo Te blushed and looked down at Yuan Qiu, his eyes couldnt help but straighten, Yuan Qius movements were very gentle, this kind of gentleness was like a feather gently brushing his heart.

He looked at Yuan Qiu with a gentle gaze for a long time, and he couldnt help but blurt out the words he had been wanting to say, “Ah Qiu, be my Omega, okay”

He didnt know why he suddenly had the courage to say these words out loud, and by the time he reacted, he had already finished.

When Yuan Qiu heard his words, the movement of his hands stalled and his cheeks burned.

Yuan Qiu turned around in a panic and pretended to be busy putting away the bouquets of flowers from earlier, not looking up for half a day.

Tang Bo Tes heart instantly shattered into seven edges and eight petals8七棱八瓣 (qī léng bā bàn): an idiom, lit.

7 edges and 8 petals, basically means torn apart.

and almost cried out on the spot.

There was silence in the room for a moment before Yuan Qiu suddenly said: “Ive heard that the flower language of sunflowers are loyalty and adoration.”

He turned around and handed the sunflower in his hand to Tang Bo Te, “For you!”

His face was flushed with scarlet, the corners of his mouth was the same bright smile as when they first met, but his eyes were much more tender and loving than when they first met, he said: “I knitted you a scarf, I wanted to give it to you when you came back, but I just didnt expect you to come back so suddenly, so I didnt bring it to the shop today, Ill bring it for you tomorrow.

Tang Bo Tes eyes widened suddenly, his eyes bursting with intense surprise, and his hands were shaking as he took the sunflower.

He couldnt help but take Yuan Qiu into his arms and laughed sillily, and that was how he got the love that belonged to him, a love as straightforward and warm as a sunflower, on this autumn day.


What the author has to say:

Taking a deep breath to shout, finally Im done!


Thank you all for liking it and Im grateful to have a lot of little angels who look familiar.

Mo mo da9麼麼噠 (mō mō da): internet buzzword, kisses, kinda similar to XOXO.! Love you all!


melon: Aiyo Tang Bo Te and Yuan Qiu so innocent and cute

Next chapter is the final chapter in this series! Its gonna be about Sheng Xi and Yan Fei.

1Yuán Qiūs name, 原秋, is made up of the words original and autumn.

The shops name is 原味兒的秋天 and this is also the reason why this chapter is namedYuan Qiu and Tang Bo Tes autumn.2slapping his own face 3遊刃有餘 (yóu rèn yǒu yú): an idiom, being skilled and doing things with eased and neatly.4叔叔 (shū shū): fathers younger brothers, can also be used to refer to ones husbands younger brothers.5伯伯 (bó bo): fathers older brothers6阿姨 (ā yí): mothers sisters, also can be used generically to refer to older women, this is what Xiao Qi calls Empress Xia.7嬸嬸 (shěn shěn): wife of fathers brother.8七棱八瓣 (qī léng bā bàn): an idiom, lit.

7 edges and 8 petals, basically means torn apart.9麼麼噠 (mō mō da): internet buzzword, kisses, kinda similar to XOXO.-

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