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He offered his entire fortune in exchange for his daughter’s life.”

“The Viscount’s entire fortune… it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find out how much it’s worth.”

“It’s not a good idea to reverse an order once you’ve issued it,” Petra reprimanded him.

Gaius rolled his eyes.

“Don’t be so cold…”

“Look who’s talking.

You were the one who ordered me to drive away the Queen as soon as possible, in front of as many people as possible.

And who was the one who ordered her execution”

She was the only one who could answer the emperor so comfortably in the entire empire.

“Haha, that’s true.

I didn’t expect them to determine the queen position so soon, only ten days after entering the palace.”

“It was such an obvious way to reveal her greed.

I guess the other concubines were stupid enough to stay silent and follow her.”

“I don’t understand why he would give up his entire fortune just to save his stupid daughter.” Gaius clicked his tongue.

There was no trace of pity for the queen on his face.

The downfall of Catherine Loenheim had been a plot created by the emperor.

From the beginning, he deliberately chose the concubine from a low-class family to be the queen.

He had intended to use her to set an example.

‘The emperor’s orders can turn your life upside down in a moment.’ That was the lesson the emperor wanted to give.

And he also established the authority of the Leifer family by entrusting his younger sister with the freedom to treat the queen as she wished.

“It seems the viscount is one of those who holds affection for his daughter.” Gaius smiled.

Petra knew what he was thinking of.

“What are you going to do with the princess”

“We’re talking about that now”

“Even though there was a lot of blood, I could see the cut she received from the kettle was healed.”

“Healing ability, I see…” Gaius raised an eyebrow for a moment, thinking.

Then he laughed.

“It’s not that I don’t believe what you saw, but how could you see it so clearly in such a short time”

“It still looked like a wound, but she was very clearly trying to hide it from me.”

“It could be because of that child’s timid personality.”

“She’s a dangerous child to keep alive.

If she’s inherited not only our Leifer appearance, but also our strong physique…”

“Let’s say you’re right,” Gaius said in a soft voice, interrupting his sister.

“But what’s so dangerous about her What could she possibly do with such a weak personality, even with a body that heals quickly

“In the history of the empire, there have been several empresses who ascended to the throne.”

The emperor snorted, but Petra ignored him.

“Many of those empresses were known to be benevolent rulers.”

“It was just a coincidence.

Women are not fit to rule.

Even the greatest woman can only be meaningful when she eventually assists the man.”

Petra frowned slightly at his words, but quickly smoothed her expression before Gaius could see it.

“Even you shine the most when you stay by my side.

Because that’s all you understand.

Just like how all the women in the Leifer family have been.” He leaned haughtily against his chair.

“Apollonia is no different, except for that she is much weaker than you.

Like her mother, she has no talent for politics.”

“What if she marries a powerful man like her mother did and succeeds Even if she hides her hair color, there’s no way she can hide the color of her eyes,” Petra retorted.

It wasn’t Apollonia’s gender she was concerned about.

“It’s not that child you need to worry about, Your Majesty.

The problem is those who will support her succession based on her characteristics.”

The fact was that Petra thought the same of Apollonia’s personality as the Emperor did.

Every time she saw Petra, she was always running away.

But Petra was a cautious woman.

“Her marriage may be of great help to us if we use it well.

The decision of my daughter’s marriage will be my responsibility.”


“Paris is growing brilliantly, too.

There’s no need for the imperial bloodline.”

He didn’t hide his disgust while saying ‘imperial bloodline’.

Petra let out a reluctant sigh.


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