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When Uriel stepped back, the emperor changed his gentle expression and looked around.

His gaze stopped in front of Apollonia.

“My daughter, Apollonia,” he said dully.

“You left the podium without my permission and exposed yourself to the monster.

Do you know how reckless you were How dare you disregard me and act as you please”

His voice was deeply infused with the hatred and indifference that she was already familiar with.

“Why did you do that Do you think you can stop Jackalope”

It wasn’t the tone of a father who was truly worried about his daughter.

However, Apollonia already expected it to happen.


How dare I disregard the words of the empire’s sun” She knelt and quickly made the most pitiful expression, imitating her mother’s appearance that she saw a long time ago.

“This girl did not disregard Father, but simply followed Father’s teachings.” She wrapped herself in her arms and trembled as if she was cold.

Just like a pure and fragile lily.

“What does that mean I have never taught you to face monsters.”

“Father taught me that a woman’s main duty is to serve the men in her life.”

“What do you mean by that”

“I thought that no matter how powerless I am, it is my duty to serve the men in my life, so I had to step forward when that person was in danger.

For that reason…” She slightly raised her gaze and looked at the emperor’s expression.

He was frowning, but he was listening to her.

“When I saw that dreadful monster approaching my fiancé, Prince Eckart, I had no choice but to sacrifice my body to save him.”

The people around her started buzzing as they recalled the situation a little while ago.

“Come to think of it, before Her Highness stepped up, Prince Bjern was also fighting with the monster.”

“It could have been dangerous because she was too close to the monster.”

“Oh my, how can one be so pure with such a weak body”

“But at that moment, the prince…

One of the nobles looked at Apollonia with a pitiful expression, slurring the end of his speech.

Everyone recalled the situation before Uriel appeared.

The monster had begun endangering not only the participant but also the audience, Prince Caelion was in danger, along with the knights including Eckart who was nearby.

The princess had tried to steal the monster’s attention by pouring a fragrance on her body.

“I’m sure when Her Highness stepped forward…”

There was one more thing.

Eckart had shouted and ran toward the podium, but it wasn’t Apollonia’s name.


Didn’t he grab another woman and fall together right behind Apollonia

People were starting to look around for Eckart.

The emperor also did the same.

“…Prince Eckart.”

His sharp eyes finally found a bulky man in the midst of the crowd.

That man stood close to a tall young woman, bowing his head with a slightly shameful look.

“Your Majesty.” Although he looked embarrassed, he held Bianca Keaton’s hand tightly and did not let go.

The emperor’s face was terribly crumpled.

“Explain to me.”

Eckart let go of Bianca’s hand, walked next to Apollonia, and knelt on one knee.

“I see the sun of the empire.”

“My daughter risked her life to save you.

What did you do that time” Golden eyes burned with anger.

Eckart sighed, then he raised his head and replied, “At that time I couldn’t be concerned about Her Highness’ intentions, Your Majesty.

Because for me…” He looked at Apollonia for a moment, then the emperor again.

He looked so determined.

“I wanted to protect Lady Bianca Keaton.”

Everyone on the hill became quiet.

“Do you mean Nia’s maid”

“She is not just a maid, Your Majesty,” he spoke eagerly despite his trembling voice.

A raised eyebrow.

“What does that mean”

“She… She and I…”

“Prince Eckart.” It was a low, heavy, and somewhat threatening voice that cut the prince off.

“Think carefully before you say anything.”

Apollonia looked up to see what expression he made.

He was staring at Eckart unblinkingly

‘You know what’s going on.’

How could he not In front of many people, Eckart jumped to save a maid right behind his fiancée.

Nevertheless, he didn’t actually care about the prince’s feelings in the first place.

The emperor was trying to give him a chance to proceed with the marriage whether Apollonia was the one who occupied his heart or not.

Eckart also paused for a moment, contemplating his choice.

His eyes briefly turned to Apollonia, and then to Bianca, who stood a little further from him.

Soon, the prince opened his mouth again.

“Please forgive me, Your Majesty.” He didn’t tremble this time.

He saw Bianca shed tears from afar.

“I don’t love Her Highness the princess.

Please grant me permission to break the engagement.”

Cold silence enshrouded the podium.


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