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“…What did you just say”

“Even without a marriage with Her Highness, Bjern will not forsake our loyalty to the empire.”

Eckart didn’t care about the Emperor or the Princess.

His eyes were only filled with his beloved, Bianca Keaton.

The emperor’s face was filled with blatant anger.

“I beg you once again.

I ask you to break the engagement with Her Highness the princess.”

Hearing his unwavering request, the nobles shifted their gazes to Apollonia, who knelt before the emperor.

Apollonia knew what kind of act she must play.

“Huu… Uhuu.” She chose to hold back her tears rather than cry loudly because that would make her facade look more sincere.

However, she let a few drops of tears fall down her cheeks.

When she trembled pitifully as she held back her tears, people were sympathizing with Apollonia.

“The Princess is so pitiful… she even sacrificed her body to save her fiance.”

“Maybe she didn’t know she was betrayed until just now Oh my, how can this happen to such a soft-hearted lady…”

“She must not have known that the maid who served her had that kind of ambition…”

Various opinions came out from people’s mouths, but most of them were exactly what Apollonia wanted.

Seeing how the situation was progressing in her favor, she decided to take it a step further.

“I-I…I’m fine.

How can I become a hindrance to their love… Please listen to the prince’s request, Father.”

The audience sighed.

Some people looked at her as if she was pathetic and some people were touched by her kindness.

Eckart seemed surprised as well.

However, the Emperor only stared at her with a grave face.

“…You’re such a useless daughter.”

A long silence followed.

Apollonia sobbed even more and lowered her head, then the emperor turned toward Eckart.

“As the prince, didn’t you know that the marriage with the Imperial family was not based on affection only Did you forget all the promised agreements between the Imperial family and the Kingdom of Bjern”

A dignified emperor couldn’t persist in the marriage that the other party wanted to break.

So the emperor tried to bring up the issues regarding business.

Contrary to the emperor’s expectation, Eckart replied in a more confident manner.

“Your Majesty, as far as I know, the agreement you just mentioned cannot be fulfilled due to certain circumstances.”

“What would that be”

“I heard that you can no longer supply the tea leaves that were supposed to be sold in Bjern…” Eckart was baffled because he couldn’t believe that the emperor missed such important information, so he took the chance to elaborate.

“How can we betray the promise we made with the empire However, we found out that Ran Island already sold the Dharmayu tea to others, and thus the agreement made between my father and Your Majesty could no longer be fulfilled.”


“Of course, I don’t intend to hold the Empire responsible for that matter.

However, I think it will also be difficult to change the contents of the contract at this point.”

“….You have no say about this matter.” The emperor was barely able to speak with a flushed face.

Petra, who stood next to him, also looked embarrassed.

How did the news leak out even when she clearly blocked the count’s mouth

“I’ve been in charge of the state affairs for the past five years on behalf of my ill father.

I speak on behalf of Bjern.”

Eckart was indeed an adult.

His bravery and maturity were exactly like what Apollonia saw in him.

Apollonia quickly recalled the terms of the contract.

Bjern would supply weapons to several regions in the empire.

However, Bjern didn’t really have a big advantage from the agreement.

What they got from this marriage was a close relationship with the imperial family.

But now, Eckart had something more important than that.

The emperor realized it, so he didn’t say anything as he held back his anger.

“…One day you will regret this.”

“As long as I can be with my woman, I will pay whatever the price.”

The long staring contest between the two ended.

The emperor declared the cancellation of the engagement, and Eckart apologetically cast a glance at Apollonia, running to his lover.

This incident gained considerable popularity from place to place.

Half of the continent cursed Eckart as a cold traitor, and the other praised him for being a hopeless romantic.

Because of this, the two sides were at odds with each other.

Later, this incident would be reborn in the form of music or theatrical comedies.

Thus, the seeds that Apollonia had sown blossomed perfectly.


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