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‘They haven’t left the capital yet’

Apollonia bit her lower lip.

‘Why are you staying in a tiger’s den’

While she tried to find the Grand Duke, Morton Fryer appeared in front of her, bowing.

“You were here, Your Highness.”

She grinned.


“I thought you were shocked by what happened today, but I’m glad you’re okay.”

He treated her in a more respectful manner than usual.

Perhaps he felt responsible for causing the monster to enter the hunting ground and putting Apollonia in danger.

She smiled gently to reassure him.

“Don’t worry.

Thanks to you, we found a great knight.”

Relief and ignorance were seen in Morton Fryer’s eyes.

He once again bowed his head.

“His Majesty is looking for you.”


He nodded silently, turned around, and headed for a small lounge room next to the banquet hall.

She naturally followed him.

“Have you come, Nia” the emperor welcomed her with a softer look than usual.

“Father has something to entrust to you.

Even if you’re tired, I want you to do this task.”

“Please say it, Father.”

It was quite unusual.

Except for marrying a prince from another country and bringing wealth to him, the emperor had never given Apollonia a special task.

At the end of his words, the lounge door opened.

“I humbly meet Your Majesty.”

“It’s a pity that you’re leaving so soon.” The emperor smiled as if he was truly disappointed that an old friend was leaving.

“We’ve been treated with great hospitality, Your Majesty.”

A skinny man with a limp leg and the two people behind him couldn’t hide their discomfort.

It was Grand Duke Evinhart and his family.

“You must have already exchanged greetings with them, Nia.” His smile was gentle.

“You should see our precious guests off on my behalf.”


“What happened”

After a short greeting, Apollonia and the Grand Duke’s family were able to come out to the secluded garden behind the Imperial Palace.

“Your Highness.” Caelion, who was standing next to the pale-faced Grand Duchess, took a step forward.

He was dressed in a black uniform similar to his hair.

Although he was still a teenager, he was taller than Apollonia.

The wounds he got from the monster were visible on his neck and wrist, but they were considerably better.

It was less than Apollonia’s, but it was clear that he had more resilience than the average person.

‘The more I look, the more similar he is to my grandfather.’

Despite his young age, he certainly possessed a natural dignity.

However, Apollonia raised one hand to stop Caelion from talking.

“I want the Grand Duke to explain.”

In the end, their family did not follow her advice, and the Grand Duke of Evinhart was responsible for that decision.

She thought it was a waste to talk to someone other than him.

The Grand Duke, who had a weak-looking physique in contrast to his son, opened his mouth.

“I’ve heard all the advice you gave to Cael.

I wanted to apologize because my son couldn’t follow your request to lay low.”

“It was an unforeseen situation.

It’s all in the past.

Tell me why you’re still in the capital.”

There was not enough time for consolation.

“Just as Your Highness said, we planned to leave early…”

“You didn’t leave.”

“I received information from my close aide.

His Majesty was worried there’ll be friction among the nobles, so he sent assassins to deal with us not while we were in the capital, but shortly after we would leave.”

“Are you sure that person is trustworthy”

“I saved his life a long time ago.

I also found out through other sources, several close aides of the Duke of Leifer are gathering in their posts.

It was certain that they were preparing to eliminate us, so there was a delay on our side as well because we have yet to give an order to deal with this matter.” The Grand Duke cautiously glanced at Apollonia.

Maybe he already heard about Apollonia from his son, which was why he carefully explained the reason why he didn’t follow her advice in a way that wouldn’t offend her as much as possible.

However, she couldn’t stop frowning.

Several close aides were ‘gathering in their posts’.

If that information was true, it meant that if the Grand Duke had escaped as she advised, his subordinates would be the first ones to be taken care of.

Wasn’t it a situation where you could get out of it if you were prepared to sacrifice a few elite escorts

Apollonia was familiar with his warm, sympathetic, and utterly indecisive attitude.

Obviously, it was the duty of an escort, but it must have been unbearable for him to put the knights at risk for his sake.

She took a deep breath and answered as calmly as possible.

“I understand what you mean.”

It was natural for the Grand Duke to cherish his loyal subordinates.

Didn’t she also take risks for the safety of Sid and Uriel at Mt.


She’d almost died.

Anyway, it was already too late.

If so, the next best option was to believe that the Grand Duke’s decision would be enough.


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