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Somewhere in the mansion, a threatening boom shook the foundations.

‘Should I just go’

That was the first thing that came to Apollonia’s mind.

Her nails dug into her palms.

‘This all happened because I helped him once.

I’ll just leave him!’

All that came to her mind was Sid’s last appearance.

Her knight’s chest pierced by a sword fighting for her.

His lifeless eyes tortured Apollonia.

‘If I help him…I think I’ll regret it again!’

“Cough- save..save me.”

Caelion coughed once again.

His appearance was gradually concealed by flames and smoke.


One of the two tall bookshelves on his sides brushed past him and collapsed.

‘No, If I leave him be, he’ll die.’

Sid’s proud face when he saw her helping those in danger flashed through her mind.

Apollonia eventually forced her body to run toward the room.

“Get yourself together, Caelion.” She stepped over the flames.

Doubt rose on his charred face.

“Your Highness…”


Pull yourself together and follow me.” She forced the boy to get up.

“You’ll die at this rate.” Her skirt caught on fire again.

She ripped it and supported Caelion towards the door.


The other bookshelf slowly collapsed with a loud sound.

There was no time left to escape.

“Get out of the way.” Apollonia urgently pushed Caelion toward the door.

The excruciating pain passed her shoulders and legs after the bookshelf fell over and hit her.

Her legs seemed to bleed, but fortunately, she wasn’t buried under the ruins.

“Don’t stop.”

His clothes were also burned here and there.


Caelion seemed to come to his senses momentarily.

The two flew out of the building with all their might as they watched the pillars collapse in front of their eyes.


Just when they escaped, the building completely collapsed.

Apollonia hurriedly extinguished the flames on her hem and Caelion’s clothes.

“Not yet…It’s still dangerous.”


When they took a few steps toward the forest, Caelion coughed again and collapsed.

At the same time, Apollonia’s consciousness faded.

The pain in her legs was too severe.

“Wake up….”

Apollonia tried to say that there would still be assassins nearby, but her body finally came to its limit.



The two collapsed just a few meters away from the mansion.

She heard people coming from afar.

Since it was Petra and the emperor’s scheme to make it as if everyone died in an unexpected fire, they would be the ones who were waiting outside to dispose of the surviving people.

‘Is this the end!’

She tried to open her eyes, but her body wouldn’t listen.

Meanwhile, the footsteps were getting closer and closer.

‘Father won!’

He eventually killed the imperial family which he hated so much.

Even his own daughter.

Apollonia slowly closed her eyes.


“Your Highness.”

The last thing she saw in a blurry vision was glistening silver hair.

“It must be a dream,”  she said before losing consciousness.


The night before.

Uriel, who had to attend a banquet that lasted for several days, went out to cool his head.

“I can’t get used to this.”

His pocket was full of handkerchiefs from countless young ladies, and the smell gave him a headache.

The smell was definitely pleasant at first, but the smell was too strong when mixed together.

So Uriel pushed them deeper into his pocket.

He thought of Apollonia to clear his mind.

That was clearly effective whenever he had a hard time.

‘Are you doing well’

She said she was going to accompany the Grand Duke of Evinhart.

Uriel wanted to follow her, but he was unable to leave because there was a tradition that the winner of the hunting competition had to attend all the banquets.

Instead, Apollonia gave him a detailed explanation of the situation before her departure to ease his worry.

She said a spy that the grand duke had planted in Petra’s side had given important information.

Nothing would happen until they left the capital and Apollonia returned safely.

“Who’s the spy” he asked immediately.

“Baron Brant.

He will join the grand duke’s envoy as soon as we leave the capital.”

She said she’d be back soon before leaving.

But now that Apollonia had left, there was a strange anxiety in Uriel’s heart.

This unwanted premonition, which came once in a while, was an instinct that he acquired after years of being an assassin.

‘Is there a problem’

It didn’t seem easy to leave the banquet because he had no excuse to do that.

While he was agonizing, there were two men talking behind his back.

“It’s been a while since you’ve been here, Baron.”


We’ll see each other more often in the future.”

A nobleman was talking with someone who seemed to be his servant in the corner of the lounge.

Uriel was only able to hear them due to his sensitive hearing.


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