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“I heard something good happened to you.”

“Hahaha, by tomorrow morning, I probably won’t have the title of a baron anymore.

While I’m resting here, I dealt with some people—I mean, there’s something to deal with.”

The man smiled in satisfaction.

The same was true for the servant next to him.

“Hoo…I have to congratulate you on that.

Should I call you Viscount Brant then”

“Well, that’s possible.

But maybe Count Brant will be more fitting”


Having listened to them until the end, Uriel unknowingly loosened his grip.

The wine in his hand dripped onto the floor but he didn’t realize it.

“Baron Brant.

He will join the grand duke’s envoy as soon as we leave the capital.”

He was supposed to wait outside the capital, yet he was here.

He said that he would get a new title tomorrow morning once he finished his job….

Uriel flew out of the lounge and the banquet hall.

Meanwhile, the baron and his servant continued to chat as if they had not even seen him.

He knew exactly what that conversation meant.

“Giddy up!”

Uriel climbed on the black horse that Apollonia had provided to use in an emergency and left the gate.

There were only a few hours left until morning came.

He hoped for Apollonia’s safety and rode the horse as fast as he could.


“Are you awake”

When Apollonia opened her eyes, there was a middle-aged man with a small physique who looked at her with a worried look.

“…Where am I”

The man looked relieved that she could speak.

“This is my house which is located near the capital.

My resting place when I’m not working at the imperial palace.”

According to what he said, the man seemed to be a servant in the imperial palace.

“…Who are you”

“My name is Pedro Reese.

I have met Her Highness before.”

It was a familiar name.

After looking closely at the man’s face, she could feel the familiar warmth.

Their faces were not similar, but looking at his gentle expression, she was reminded of someone.

“You’re Adrian’s stepfather.”

“That’s right.

I’ve been greatly indebted to you for saving my dau…”

“What happened to the grand duke, his family, and the escorts”  Apollonia asked.

Pedro’s wrinkled face was filled with regret.

“…Only Her Highness and His Highness survived.”

“His Highness”


Her Highness the princess and the little grand duke, so….” He sighed and continued his words, “I mean His Highness Caelion the Grand Duke of Evinhart.

Because his predecessor has definitely passed away.”

“All of the grand duke’s knights…and also Her Highness’ escorts are all dead.”

Her head throbbed when the memory of that night came back.

Flames, collapsed buildings, screams, a sword that was embedded in Sid’s chest, and his empty eyes.

“Ah…” When the pain spread all over her body, Apollonia fainted again,

It was only in the evening that she woke up again.

“Your Highness.”

The voice she heard this time was familiar.

“Adrian… Why are you here’

“I’m leaving the palace under the pretext that my father is sick.

My father is often sick, so I’m not lying.” Adrian fed the pre-made medicine into Apollonia’s mouth.

Her lively face had faded in just one day, but she was trying hard to maintain a determined voice.

“What happened”

Adrian briefly explained.

Uriel, who noticed that something went wrong, left the palace and reported the news to Adrian.

It was said that Pedro Reese, who lived nearby, used that as an excuse to leave and take care of Apollonia.

“That was close.

Uriel…No, when Sir Uriel arrived, both Her Highness and His Highness were unconscious and the building was completely ruined.”

“I think I heard the assassins’ footsteps before I fainted.”

Adrian nodded with barely suppressed fear.

“When we arrived, Sir Uriel… I’ve never seen such a person.”

To be exact, he had slaughtered them.

“It was only a few steps away from Her Highness.

Sir Uriel stood between the assassins and Her Highness.

Eventually, they were all dead before they could touch you.”

While the two moved Apollonia and Caelion, Uriel said burnt all the corpses so there were no traces left.

“His Majesty would think it was done by the grand duke’s knights.

All of them died together.”

Apollonia nodded slowly.

Her mind was still a little dazed and she felt pain in her legs again, but she didn’t faint this time.

“Call Uriel.”


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