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Two-Faced Princess - Chapter 126 - Sleepy Translations

A Proposal (1)

“Your Highness.” Uriel entered the room.

He was fine except for a few stray scratches.

Three days ago, he had watched as Apollonia, who barely escaped the fire, collapsed to the ground.

By the time he realized that the assassins had surrounded her, his sword had already pierced into one of them.

After organizing everything, he managed to move Apollonia and Caelion to Pedro’s house.

Apollonia’s body recovered quickly, but he knew that she would remember the day when she lost Sid for the rest of her life.

“You woke up.” He tried to hide his worries.

However, the moment he saw her crouching on her bed, the expression he tried so hard to control collapsed in an instant.

“Sid died,” Apollonia spoke in a whisper that was barely audible.

She was clearly talking to Uriel, but her gaze was vacant.

“… I’m sorry.”

He said the only thing that came to mind right away.

He blamed it all on himself.

He should’ve arrived before Sid died.

No, he shouldn’t have let them go in the first place.

“What’s the point of saying that now” she muttered to herself, her bright, intelligent eyes painfully dim.

“Now it was clear that there’s no attachment between me and my father.

This time, he used me to kill the grand duke, and he will do it again in the future.”

“Your Highness.”

“When I found the mine in Lishan, I thought victory was near.

But I was too weak.

To the point where I couldn’t even protect Sid.” Apollonia lowered her empty gaze.

As Uriel approached the bed, she turned her head slightly to the right as if trying to hide something from him.

His heart throbbed once more at the sight of her anguish.

Apollonia was crying.

Tears were flowing from those eyes that always glistened beautifully.

It was something he’d never even have imagined.

Perhaps feeling the intensity of his gaze, Apollonia turned her head a little more further to the right.

She hated showing herself crying in front of Uriel.

He walked up to the bed.

He always wanted to help her to achieve whatever she wanted.

If she didn’t want to show her tears in front of him, then he must follow her wish.

He wrapped his right arm around Apollonia’s shoulder ever so softly.

His gentle touch made her flinch, yet she didn’t push him away.

As soon as he felt her weak tremble in his arm, he leaned into her and pulled her in his embrace.

“I didn’t see anything,” he whispered.

Her trembling shoulders and quiet sobbing upset him even more.

At that moment, Apollonia’s both hands grabbed his shoulders, leaving her arms dangling weakly.

“I want to stay like this for a while,” Uriel once again whispered gently.

And at that moment, she grabbed Uriel’s shoulders.


Thinking that he couldn’t see her face eased her tension, and Apollonia eventually sobbed quietly.

She buried her whole body in his chest like a child.

Uriel’s heart was about to shatter.

The two stayed like that for a long time.

Apollonia’s breathing gradually found its pace.

She pushed him back gently and raised her head to look at Uriel.

Her tears were gone, but her eyes were still out-of-focus.

“Uriel….what should I do” Her voice was hoarse.

“Should I escape through marriage But I don’t want to be a queen of a foreign land.

Even if I get married, my spouse won’t be able to fully support me.

As long as I remain in the empire, my aunt will always keep me in check.” Her eyes were swollen.

It was saddening to watch her fall into deep sorrow like that, but even this appearance exuded a different kind of beauty.

Her lifeless lips and pale cheeks were still enticing in his eyes.

“Do you want to live” Uriel asked.

His light tone was very carefree, yet his eyes bottled up some regret and longing.

“Would you be happy as long as you could live What if there’s a way for you to obtain a happy life without becoming a foreign queen”

After a row of questions, the two remained silent for a long time, looking straight into each other’s eyes.

Apollonia knew exactly the meaning behind Uriel’s words; He was going to take Apollonia away.

He wanted to take her away from her biological father.

Just as her mother, Princess Elenia, once dreamed of.

Apollonia, however, shook her head slightly.

Leaving the imperial palace, the place of her birth and childhood, and staying hidden forever.

It was something that never crossed her mind.

Her eyes were always set on the throne, whether consciously or unconsciously.

“It’s no different from dying.”

The faint hope gleamed in his sea-like eyes for a moment and vanished.

What am I hoping for Is there a reason why she would want to live with me

Uriel smiled bitterly.

 “I just asked because I want you to look into your heart, Your Highness.”


“Your Highness.” He removed the wistful expression that he had a while ago.

“If you don’t want to get married, find a way to evade it.

If you’re weak, build your strength.

If you’re worried about your aunt keeping you in check, then avoid her at all costs.

Kill Petra Leifer, or use something else to divert her attention.

It’s that simple.” He blurted out his words quickly as if he were scolding a spoiled child.

Earlier, he was swept along in Apollonia’s grief, but there was no trace of sadness in his face now.


“Sid is dead.

Nothing can be done about that.

His fate was sealed the moment he swore loyalty to Your Highness.”

Apollonia listened to his lecture with a blank expression.


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