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“It’s the most natural way to absorb your power, and it’s also a way to combine our legitimacy and use it against Paris.

You and I are both members of the imperial family with the blood of Apollo.”

It was a proposal without romance.

Whether they liked it or not, their fates were already intertwined.

Now that it came to this, Apollonia wanted to tie them up firmly to the point of no escape.

In an empire where the imperial family was valued greatly, the union of the two will gain everyone’s support.

“We’re not going to live as a married couple.

When my father and the Leifer family are removed, you should step down from your position to manage the grand duchy.

You will continue to carry your grand duke title and live your life freely.” She spoke gently for the first time.

She herself realized that she put an excessive burden on Caelion, the young boy who hadn’t even had his sixteen birthday.

“What do you think’

Caelion still had his eyes wide open.

A few seconds later, he finally understood her proposal.

“I already gave you the answer earlier.”

His answer was surprisingly calm.

“I will give you my everything, Your Highness.”

Surprisingly, he smiled.

It seemed painful since the wound on his face hadn’t healed yet, but it definitely was not a forced smile.

He gently took her fingers and put them on his forehead.

“…One day, I’ll give you the best jewel in the grand duchy as a wedding ring.”

He was incredibly composed for someone who lost his family and subordinates three days ago.

It was likely his natural disposition.

“You should rest now.

Let’s talk again tomorrow.” Apollonia put down his hand and left.

She could feel his gaze following her until the end.

“Your Highness,” Adrian, who was waiting outside the door, greeted Apollonia.

“Have you prepared what I asked you two days ago”

Knowing that she could no longer force Apollonia to rest, Adrian sighed.

“If it’s about make-up techniques, I did my best to learn it.”

“That’s enough.

You’re naturally good with your hands, and your father picks things up quickly by just watching.”

Apollonia stroked Adrian’s head once and calmly returned to the room.

She will once again deceive the emperor and Petra.

And this time, neither of the two would be able to focus on her.


“It’s a miracle, Your Majesty!”

Pedro Reese reported to the emperor.

They gathered at Apollonia’s bedroom.

It was the first time the emperor entered his daughter’s room in years.

There were also several noblewomen who stayed at the imperial palace, the maids, and Pedro Reese.

“Her Highness suffered burns on her arms and legs, but nothing else was injured.”

“The burn scars are still there”

The emperor asked as if it was strange.

He couldn’t believe she still had burns on her resilient body.

“I’m afraid that the scar is permanent.”

Apollonia bowed her head with a sad look.

Then, the emperor approached her.

“Roll up your sleeves.”

She rolled her sleeves as ordered.


Just as Pedro Reese said, there was an ugly wound on her wrist.

Even if a few years went by, it wouldn’t be able to completely heal.

The emperor’s mood had been in shambles that day.

When he heard that the mansion in the forest was burned down in a fire and all the people in it would’ve died, he was happy to finally get rid of his obstacles.

Although it bothered him that all of his personnel died, he believed that it must have been because of Sid Baian and other prominent knights.

But Apollonia came back alive and returned to the palace without any escorts.

At that moment, the emperor frowned as he reckoned that some of the imperial family were

gifted with fire durability.

‘Don’t tell me Apollonia is…’

However, looking at her burn marks eased some of his worries.

The imperial family was known as a descendant of the God of Sun Apollo And some were gifted with durability against fire.

If it reached people’s ears that she got permanent burn scars, the little influence she had would completely disappear.

The princess who had permanent scars on her body was no longer fit to rule.

“How did you get out of there” He asked worriedly.

Holding the emperor’s arm weakly with a pale face, Apollonia muttered, “When I couldn’t breathe in the midst of flames…”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“The little grand duke Evinhart saved me.”

When she finished speaking, the emperor’s face was cold.

The gaze that seemed gentle at first glance turned sharp.

“Did he…come out with you”

“He was really incredible.” Apollonia exaggerated her story as she was looking at everyone around her.

“He walked through flames as if he weren’t affected by them.

He didn’t seem to be in pain either.”

Surprised, everyone in the room widened their eyes and started buzzing.

“If he walked through flames… don’t tell me…”

“You saw him in the hunting competition, didn’t you He must have a body that doesn’t burn.”

“I thought it was only a legend, but there are really people like that among the royal family.”

“People who were born with such physique usually become an emperor…” A noble lady muttered before closing her mouth abruptly.

She could feel the emperor’s cold gaze at her.

“Try to remember carefully.

Did he really walk through flames A distant family with unclear lineage cannot have an ability that is only possessed by the pure blood of the royal family,” he growled through his gritted teeth.

Apollonia widened her eyes and nodded innocently like someone who couldn’t read the room.

“It’s true, Father.” As if touched, tears welled up in her eyes.

“It was like… it was like I was seeing Lord Apollo.”


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