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Under Apollonia’s instructions and due to his hard work, Lishan was no longer a crime site.

Bella and the citizen were able to live comfortably without restriction, and the people become richer due to the contribution of Idena Company.

However, rumors are still going rampant that Mt.

Calt in Lishan was cursed.

This was induced by Apollonia to prevent unnecessary rumors.

Apollonia only informed a small number of people about the jewels produced in Mt.Calt, and the mining and producing was also conducted secretly.

“Do you have any report about the business Ben and Lun were in charge of southern business, right”

“Everything is a huge success.

There is no one in the south who does not know Eileen Idena and Idena Company.

Even the Luwan Company owned by the Leifer family did not have any influence over there.”

Adrian nodded her head.

Ben continued to explain.

“For the jewelry business, it has already surpassed the Luwan Company.

Due to the ongoing war, they began to manufacture weapons.

Had they not released that rare item, they would have been ruined much earlier.”

“We’re also manufacturing magic products on our end, but we haven’t been able to keep up with the production pace yet.”

“Here’s a list of our newly researched products.”

Ben handed Adrian the letter that he kept so dearly in his arms.

“A medicine that protects your body from monsters, a key that returns to the owner’s pocket….I see that all the products were released by Luwan Company first.”

Adrian looked up after checking the list.

“Good job.

It’s exactly what Her Highness told you to do.”

Eileen Idena and Idena Company.

It was another name for Apollonia and her business.

In addition to the Dharmayu tea business which had been operating for five years, the Idena Company had risen as the best brand on the continent by assembling enormous funding to succeed in numerous businesses, including jewelry and dresses.

Apollonia started its business with confidence that it could beat the Luwan Company within five years.

But the plan was only half successful.

The moment she was able to gain an upper hand in jewelry and valuables-related businesses, Luwan Company began to launch rare products that had never been sold before anywhere.

From scarves that could change color and design from season to season, potions that made hair grow fast, and accessories that change according to your clothes.

The nobles were enthusiastic about the products.

They also compete with each other to get mystery products that no one ever had before.

The products were produced in small quantities but sold at a high price.

The Empire strictly regulated the sale of magic items.

However, the Luwan Company had the Emperor on their back, so they just asked him to adjust the laws to solve the problem.

So they sold the rare items as much as they could.

No one knew who invented such products.

Many people speculated that Bella would have made it, but nothing had been clear so far.

“It’s not as good as what Luwan Company produces, but it’s not difficult to imitate the products that already exist.

The ones we’ve previously imitated and released are gaining considerable popularity.” Ben said.

“The Duchess may be pulling her hair out by now.”

It was only a brief moment, but a cold smile crossed Adrian’s mouth.

After hearing about the new products that the Luwan Company launched, Apollonia thought for a long time and found a way to counter it.

If it is difficult to find different products that can surpass their launch speed and quality, let’s make them as similar as possible and release them to the market.

The operation was an unexpected success.

At Idena Company, similar items were produced and sold in large quantities instantly.

Occasionally, they added existing products to make it different.

Tanya, her family, and the Bellas who lived in Lishan became key people at Idena Company.

There was no one who could surpass the genius in Luwan headquarter, but the business went well because Idena Company exceeded them in manpower.

It was difficult to create new things, but it was easy to imitate things that already exist.

The nobles showed a strong response to the products launched by Luwan Company, but then some of them quickly switched to Idena Company.

Some even threw away the item they bought, saying that the rarity value had gone.

“Of course, this won’t affect the Dukedom badly.

As long as they have that person.”

Neither Apollonia nor anyone else had identified this mysterious sorcerer.

However, Apollonia often got lost in thought every time they were talking about this mysterious person.

As if she was reminded of someone in the past.

“We will also work hard.

I hope there will be a day when we can finally surpass them.”

Adrian nodded quietly.

The Bellas in Lishan were already a great help to establish and run the Idena Company.

Apollonia once said that she would never find a group of people with that level of ability and loyalty anywhere in the world.


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