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With a loud door sound, Ronald and Latea entered the room.

“If you already brought the contract….”

But as soon as she looked up, there were five people instead of two.

Aside from the couple, three bulky men also made an appearance.

They had pretty grim faces.

“What’s the meaning of this”

Apollonia asked coldly.

Latea answered her with a smirk.

“Well, we’ve been thinking…it’s good that we managed to sell Lu, but we feel like it’d be impossible for a young lady to carry over 250 gold coins around.”

The three men glanced at Apollonia and smiled menacingly.

She got a clue what the situation had turned into.


“Well, you see, it’s not every day that people like us get to see that much money.

It’s my belief that when an opportunity presents itself, you’d better seize it.”

Latea’s tone of voice had changed all of a sudden.

She no longer saw Apollonia as her guest.

“To keep it simple, rather than making a contract with the young lady, it’d be better to rob everything you have right now and sell or kill you.”

Ronald, who had always been honest, revealed with confidence.

But this time Latea did not scold her husband.

She thought Apollonia would not be able to put up a fight anyway.

“Sell me or kill me, huh”

Apollonia repeated his words wryly.

“Who in the world carries around gold coins and diamond bracelets You’ll only be a perfect target for crimes!” Ronald added eagerly.

“What about my people”

“They must be drinking in the next room while completely clueless about what happened.

They can’t hear your scream.

I’ll just wait until they get wasted and sell or kill them along with you.”

He answered each of her questions while scratching his head.

“Humans can be so disgusting.

 I’ve seen a lot of people like that, but you guys are very special.”

“Don’t hate us too much.

At least, you will be sold in a good place thanks to your pretty face.

Well, I can sign you up for a job somewhere.

You can run away with the money you earn and do whatever you want.”

Latea smiled and beckoned to the three men.

 Little by little they walked towards the table where Apollonia was sitting.

 It was the moment when the man in the front reached out to Apollonia.


The door in the hallway split open, and Ben, Tan, and Run bolted into the room.

Each of them threw their hidden daggers at the three men who approached Apollonia.

Bang! Thud! Bang!


They grabbed their stabbed shoulders before collapsing almost simultaneously.

Soon after, the three brothers jumped to grab Latea and Ronald’s shoulders and pin them down to immobilize them.



They both screamed at the same time and knelt down due to the strong pressure.

“It’s a big mistake to overlook your opponent,” Ben said with a smirk.

“I heard your skill has improved a lot.

So it’s true.

Apollonia rose from her seat with a smile.

The three brothers and Tanya learned proper martial arts training after receiving hard blows from Uriel a few years ago.

Oddly enough, they were certainly good at memorizing rather than holding a sword or bows, but their skills grew rapidly thanks to their nimble bodies.

“How about Tanya”

“Don’t get me started.

She’s the fastest and the most precise among us.

If she had come with us today, she’d have taken them out all by herself and left us watching on the sidelines.”

“She can’t come because she’s still young.”

As if the five people groaning in pain were invisible, they leisurely give updates about each other’s lives.

“What about Lu”

“Over there…I was going to leave one person by her side, but I was afraid that Your Highness was in danger.”

Ben pointed to the broken door.

Lu stood behind it with eyes wide open.

“What on earth is this…”

“We won’t take long, so can you wait calmly over there”

Apolonia said with a smile.

Lu looked at Ronald and Latea with a dazed expression before nodding reluctantly.

But it was Latea and Ronald who was the most shocked.

“Wh-what the hell….”

When Latea stammered as if she couldn’t quite grasp what just occurred, Apollonia and the three brothers finally shifted their gazes on them.

“Oh, I feel something was off.

The bracelet I wore can send a signal to a person who’s quite far from me, you see.” She said, fondling her turquoise diamond bracelet.

Tan chuckled small as he was the one who created the bracelet.

“There’s no way I came here without this much preparation.

As you said, I was an easy target for crime.”

The couple’s faces stiffened upon hearing Apollonia’s words.

The other three men were still groaning on the floor.

They appear to have been paralyzed, perhaps because the dagger was coated with poison.

“Y-You’re mistaken if you think you can walk away from here scot-free!” cried Latea.

Perhaps she thought someone outside would listen to her scream and come to her rescue.

“I have no intention of walking away from here, so don’t worry about it.” Apollonia retorted with a smirk.


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