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“Idena company already pays a huge amount of taxes each year.

They play a big part in the empire’s economy.

They also have a good reputation for helping the poor and the needy, and more importantly, they’re loyal to this country.”

“There’s no such thing like loyalty in a business.”

“That’s how they built their reputation.

Eileen Idena supplied the war with the finest weapon for free.”

Petra nervously bit her lips.

The Emperor had already set his mind to reject her even before she entered his parlor.

Although it was indeed a ridiculous request, it was almost the first time that he showed such a strong refusal.

She remembered one factor that could touch the emperor’s heart.

“Your Majesty….didn’t you hear rumors that Idena company was supporting Prince Evinhart”

At her careful remark, the Emperor remained silent.

“People have seen Eileen Idena and Count Biche together.

If that was true….”


The Emperor cut her off firmly.

Petra was stunned for a moment.

“Unfounded rumors couldn’t shake off a big company.”

He said, looking straight at Petra.

“Rather, it’s dangerous to touch them because of those rumors.

That bastard Evinhart has made a name for himself that we can’t touch him easily now.”

Petra clenched her fist.

The Emperor was right.

The Grand Duke Evinhart survived and grew up well despite her countless attempts to murder him.

It was such a painful failure.

“Can you handle the consequences of blatantly touching the Idena company Their company was sponsored by Grand Duke Evinhart, countless nobles and other kingdoms.

If things go wrong, a rebellion will quickly rise.”

‘That’s why we have to stop them now.’

Petra wanted to refute, but she kept her mouth shut in the end.

The Emperor continued.

“Wealth is important, but we cannot prioritize competition between companies over everything else.

The Luwan company is still competitive in the market anyway.”

The Emperor turned the paper upside down and placed it on the table as if he detest it.

Petra’s lips slightly trembled and her golden eyes flashed with anger as she watched him.

Her sharp gaze then turned to Seta, who was sitting quietly on his side.

“I heard that dancer is working for Eileen Idena.”

“What are you trying to say”

“Your Majesty…”

“Enough talking.”

At last, Petra didn’t have a choice but to shut up.

Eileen, you damn wench!

After trying to impress the emperor for the past few years, Eileen Idena finally found the perfect gift for the Emperor.

That fake Satin Arietta was able to earn the Emperor’s heart in just a few days.

But Petra wasn’t busy blaming others.

She realized that it was a little extreme to suppress your competitor using baseless law.

Yeah, there’ll be another way.

Because the Emperor was still the same.

The bond between the two which had been strengthened until now, remained unshakeable.

“Alright, Your Majesty.”

She sat at the table obediently.

Meanwhile, Seta just sits quietly without making eye contact with her.

“The tea seems to have cooled down.

I’ll pour it for you again, Your Majesty.”

Petra picked up the Emperor’s cup and tried to pour the tea to the empty cup next to it.

But for the first time in her life, the Emperor blocked her hand.

“…Your Majesty”

“I want to drink the tea that Seta poured.”

Seta sat there without a change in expression while the Emperor gently gazed at her.

Petra’s heart sank as she watched the scene.

* * *

“Your Majesty, the Duchess must have been upset.”

That night, Seta muttered anxiously as she helped the Emperor to change clothes.

“It’s not something you need to worry about.”

The Emperor replied with a smile.

Someone who was known as a tyrant was being perfectly gentle in front of Seta.

“Please rest early.”

“I don’t want to be apart from you.”

The Emperor wouldn’t let go of her hand.

“You don’t have to do anything, Seta.

Just stay with me.”

The Emperor sat on the bed as he persuaded her.

Seven days had passed since the two met, but they’ve never slept together.

Seta hesitated as she recalled Apollonia’s order not to sleep with him, but the Emperor who noticed her anxiety was trying to be considerate of her.

“I don’t mind even if you refuse to do it forever.”

Apollonia was right when she said bed duty could be avoided.

The Emperor, who gently took her hand and hugged her, was extremely fragile in front of her.

“Your Majesty.”

But ‘Seta’ had her own mind.

It was her conclusion after days of ruminating.

Seta admired Apollonia and did not intend to disobey her instructions, but it was different in this case.

Seta could read people’s minds.

Apollonia told her to avoid making love, not because it was the best method to approach the Emperor.

After seeing her being tormented by Latea and her husband, Apollonia decided not to put her in a similar situation ever again.

Such compassion made Seta obey Apollonia more seriously.


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