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“I just hope the seventh will show up a little later.

He’s in the way when it comes to my business.”

“Despite people getting in your way, you still emerged as the richest woman on the continent.

Lady Idena.

You’re even richer than the Emperor!”

Apollonia was forced to laugh after him in agreement.

Due to her large investment in her various businesses, her wealth had increased tenfold since the last time she visited the crystal mine a few years ago.

Her finances weren’t the only thing that increased.

In this war, her free supply of top-notch weapons in this Empire gave her other persona, Lady Idena, a higher position in politics.

Both aristocrats and the Emperor’s subjects admired Lady Eileen Idena.

She was even praised for her loyalty to the Empire.

“You were a great help, too.

You’re naturally talented.”

Caelion smiled instead of answering her.

He was good at business and politics because Apollonia had provided him with the best teachers and books to teach them well.

Caelion grew her business even further while replacing the upper management at the same time.

“Don’t you think I’m as good as Uriel Not only noblewomen but also the other country’s royal daughters tried their best to become Countess Viche.”

Meanwhile, Uriel, who studied the same thing as Caelion, used the knowledge to develop his properties and made himself stinking rich.

Count Viche, who had no inheritance, bought land and built an estate for himself a few years ago.

Since then, he gradually bought more and more land around it and now he had one of the most coveted estates in the Empire.

“I’m proud of you both.”

Caelion’s sparkling eyes dulled from Apollonia’s words.

Did she have to sound like she was praising him as if he was a brother she raised so well

“Now that we’re done talking about how we’re doing, shall we get down to business”

Apollonia pulled up a chair, and urged Caelion to sit.

He jokingly tried to get back up, but when Apollonia crossed behind the desk and sat down, he just tilted his head back and laughed.

“Tell me what you know about Princess Evangeline.”


Caelion seemed to be choosing his words carefully.

“What kind of person is she You’re the last one to negotiate with them, aren’t you You’re the one who took her as a prisoner.”

“She’s… She’s not normal.”

“Is it true that she cavorts with the devil Or was that just a smokescreen to hide the existence of Milon’s eyes”

Caelion shook her head.

“I’m sure she’s insane.

When I looked around their castle, I went into her room and it smelled worse than a country stable.

White-eyed bats flew in every corner and I saw her treat the giant winged monkey like a close friend.”

“What I heard it’s almost impossible to catch a winged monkey.”

Despite its ugliness, the black-winged monkeys were so intelligent yet so sneaky that they were hated as much as devils until recently.

However, in recent years, these guys, who had about the size of a finger, have appeared across the continent and started visiting private houses often.

Their somewhat cute appearance compelled people to catch them and raise them but no one succeeded yet.

It didn’t help that these winged monkeys could fly swiftly and could camouflage if need be.

Catching little monsters that were barely visible was an almost impossible feat but sometimes, if successful, the winged monkeys would die in less than a day, so people gave up on raising them and just treated them well by feeding them occasionally.

“Well, according to the princess, these winged monkeys could just be friendly to her.

Still, I notice that these creatures can clearly understand what she was saying.”

“What about the one-eyed raven I heard it followed her during the victory march.”

“I think I saw it in her room, too.

Several of them.

I’ve never seen them so calm in front of people.”

Unlike winged monkeys, the one-eyed raven was a demon that people wouldn’t have welcomed at all.

They remembered the people who hurt them and chase them all their lives for the sake of revenge.

They were quite adaptable and persistent, and even if their objects of revenge had moved to the other side of the continent, they would find them somehow and launch a surprise attack.

Even excellent hunters avoided provoking the one-eyed raven.

“It felt like the monsters saw her differently from the normal ones.

The more bizarre, the more it tended to approach instead of avoiding her.

She’s weird.”

“What about ‘Milon’s Eye’”

“I didn’t see it myself, but I’m sure it’s her.

When I took her as a prisoner, the king looked as if he had lost the world.

He soon agreed and gave her up, though.

She certainly knew a lot about me, about Uriel, and about the secrets of the Imperial Army.”

“Paris was no match to her in the first place.”


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