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Calt was not just a legacy.

It was the last test from the emperor, who put all sorts of dangers into it.

Whether she was really resistant to fire, or had the drive and boldness to come all the way to Lishan, or had the ability to confront the monster, or had a subordinate who would die for her instead.

“If I fail and die, another descendant who doesn’t burn will appear someday and find this place.”

Once again, in the midst of a glittering expanse of diamonds, Apollonia laughed bitterly.


Sid was furious when he saw the appearance of two people who returned after nightfall.

Ironically, his appearance looked like the raging Mt.


“You should have me escort you if you go to such a dangerous place! What would I have become if Your Highness died before me!” he screamed, finally calming down a little after Apollonia finished her story.

“It’s just like His Majesty the Emperor.”

Having been informed of the whole situation, he had a considerably short opinion.

“You don’t seem surprised.”

“He was a realistic and cold-hearted person.”

“Did he doubt my father”

“He doubted everyone.

But he somewhat believed the current emperor.

Although I’m sure he had prepared for any situation.”

Sid spoke more calmly than expected.

It caught Apollonia’s attention.

“My grandpa appointed you as my escort before he died.”

“That’s right.”

His gray eyes met Apollonia’s and he let out a smile.

“He ordered that if I lived well, I’ll have to come to Lishan with Your Highness and die.”

Apollonia bit her lips as she could feel the sincerity in his words.

“I’m different from grandfather.”

There was a slight crack in Sid’s expression.

He smacked his lips a few times before managing to answer.

“But Your Highness, I’m your knight.”

It was a soft and gentle way of speaking.

She knew that Sid was the most serious when using that tone.

“What lies ahead for Your Highness is dangerous, and you must get through it no matter what.

That’s Your Highness’s calling.”

“I know.”

“My calling is to walk that path together and die protecting Your Highness,” he said solemnly.

“Not now, but one day.”

Apollonia left the hut-like house.

Uriel, who was guarding the room, quietly followed her.

It was so shabby that it’s embarrassing to call it a village.

Abandoned land where only gypsies and bandits live.

However, what appeared after a few steps through the chilly air was the clear sky ornamented with thousands of stars.

She took off her robe and her bright, sunlight-blonde hair shone under the stars.

“Did you hear the conversation earlier”

He couldn’t have sensed anything, so he probably only predicted whatever he was thinking from her behavior.

He came closer.

“Sid Bian said, ‘If you have no orders, stand by Her Highness and watch her every move.”

“You said you were going to die protecting me in the mountain.”

“You said you’d kill me right away if I didn’t.”

“I did say that,” she admitted easily.

“But I got to know the real weight of those words today.” She turned slowly and faced Uriel.

Her voice was soft.

“When I get back, I’m going to make Sid retire.

Maya, too.”

“Grandpa told me to sacrifice the cattle for the greater good.

But wouldn’t it be possible to replace them with money”

“You seem to have something else you want to tell me.”

She sounded fine, but there was some hesitation.

At his question, Apollonia nodded.

“Will you do that, too Do you want me to give you one more chance If you leave now, I probably will never find you.” Her golden-red eyes held a bittersweet warmth.

Uriel could read her eyes, and he knew that she must have been scared.

The fact that she almost lost Uriel made her nervous.

It gave him a strange sense of satisfaction.

At the moment, Uriel had a twisted desire to provoke the feelings of this unapproachable noble girl even more.

It might be a form of bitterness to Apollonia, who insisted on going alone despite being tired both physically and mentally.

“Well,” Uriel answered softly and took a step closer.

“If you don’t want to see me for a long time, you can just kill me now, am I right”

The gap between the two narrowed to a handspan.

Apollonia raised her face to make eye contact with him.

It was faint, but the blush on her cheeks betrayed her nervousness.


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